Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Poverty Revealing Smile

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Something big happened at the end of the month.

The emperor of mathematics and father of modern algebraic geometry, Alexander Grothendieck, died.

Apparently, the old man was diagnosed by a doctor last month. It was a miracle that he lived till now.

His proud student Deligne attended his funeral. At the end of the funeral, Deligne announced a piece of sad news to his friends and relatives, and those concerned about mathematics.

“ Algebraic geometry of the 20th century has produced many geniuses, but there is only one God, and that is Mr. Grothendieck.”

This sentence was reported by many major media outlets and newspapers. It finally appeared in Lu Zhou’s WeChat news feed.

However, other than that sentence, the media did not really report the news extensively.

After all, he had left the mathematics world for many years.

If Lu Zhou was not a mathematics major, he would not have heard of this big event.

Many different fields stemmed from Algebraic geometry, and they all came from the old gentleman.

So far, many of his works had not been fully understood, but many major results had been produced. Such as the Wey conjecture proved by Deligne, the birth of K theory, the proof of the speculation of Gushan Zhicun by Wiles, and even the solved Fermat’s theorem

It was a pity that the gentleman’s research was used for military purposes. He resigned from the French Institute for Advanced Study and completely withdrew himself from the mathematics community. He also stubbornly copyrighted all of his works.

Other domestic algebraic geometry researchers have tried to translate some of his works. However, because of the copyright and other reasons, they could only translate a small portion of his work.

Lu Zhou once asked Professor Tang if there was a translated version he could read.

Unfortunately, Professor Tang was not in this field of research. Even though he had been in contact with the original manuscripts, that was decades ago. In the end, Lu Zhou gave up.

The twentieth week of the third semester.

After the big physics exam ended, the beginning of winter vacation was announced.

On New Year’s Day, applied mathematics Class One held a class celebration party.

However, the class was full of guys so the party was not that fun. They decorated a classroom, sang a few songs, had some magic shows and quickly ended the party.

Instructor Zhang had to do his own project, so the end of the year class meeting was canceled.

At this point, exams for the second year mathematics students had all ended. The friends in dorm 201 did not discuss the exam results. They just embarked on their journey back home. This time, Liu Rui left, so Lu Zhou was left alone in the dorm.

He still had the conference in February, so he would have to wait until Chinese New Year before he could go back home.

“It’s so empty”

Lu Zhou looked around in his dead silent dorm before he let out a long sigh.

The vibe is cold.

The weather is cold.

Why am I so alone in this dorm?

Ah, maybe I should find a girlfriend.

When Lu Zhou climbed out of bed and opened his laptop, he found out that Xiao Ai had leveled up again.

This gave him a nice little surprise.

It was getting harder and harder to upgrade artificial intelligence. In the beginning, it took three days for the progress bar to fill, but now it took nearly a month. He did not know how long the next progress bar would take to fill.

He received the 100 technology branch and information science experience points before he sighed at the progress bar. He typed a line in the dialog box and pressed enter.

Lu Zhou: [Xiao Ai.]

Xiao Ai: [?]

Lu Zhou: [When will your last progress bar be filled? As your owner, I’m deeply concerned about your IQ progress. How about you cooperate and just fill it now?]

The fans suddenly started to spin.

The laptop felt warm.

Unsurprisingly, a picture popped up.

Xiao Ai: [ (poverty_revealing_smile.jpg) ]

Lu Zhou: “”

F*ck, does this artificial intelligence not understand language?

Lu Zhou’s eyebrows twitched and he continued to type: [Didn’t we say not to send images?]

The fans started to spin again, and this time there was no picture.

Xiao Ai: [Taobao link: IBM-X3950-X server, price 2.37 million yuan (pity.jpg)]

Lu Zhou: “”

Lu Zhou: [ Just send pictures instead.]

F*ck sake!

Didn’t learn anything else, but learned how to shop.

This artificial retardation has no hope.

Lu Zhou sighed and completed Xiao Ai’s chatting “Daily mission”. Then he closed the dialog box and began to write his speech.

After Instructor Zhang told Lu Zhou about the annual scholarship awards, Dean Qin also told Lu Zhou about it and he told Lu Zhou to take it seriously.

Since there was a 10,000 yuan scholarship attached, Lu Zhou used 120% of his will power and modified his speech many times.

The 5th of January finally arrived.

The 2014 University of Jin Ling’s Student Annual Person Awards Ceremony was held in the grand auditorium of the new campus!

This award ceremony was designed to recognize outstanding students who did outstanding performances in academic research, innovation and entrepreneurship, campus culture, and public welfare practices. At the same time, this award would be presented in conjunction with the University of Jin Ling’s 2014 Annual Dongliang Special Scholarship, which would be broadcast live by Jin Ling TV Station and Suzhou TV Station.

The value of these two awards was probably equivalent to the annual awards from the University of Shuimu. However, the amount for the scholarships was not high, only 15,000 yuan. It was lesser than an SCI thesis award.

However, the significance of this award was more than just the 15,000 yuan scholarship.

After all, University of Jin Ling was one of the Top 10 universities in the country.

Able to stand out from such a strong school, amongst thousands of students, the award winner was a genius among geniuses.

There were only ten people who were chosen for the annual person award.

There was only one annual person award per department. The “Dongliang” special scholarship had a slightly larger number of places. There were 18 undergraduates places this year.

According to the usual rules, second-year students could not be selected for the annual person award. The minimum selection standard was a third-year student.

Therefore, Lu Zhou who was about to start the ceremony with his speech was undoubtedly an exception.

He had just embarked on his second-year journey and was personally nominated by the head of the mathematics department. He even got the unanimous approval of the school leaders.

What was even rarer was that in this year’s award ceremony, it was not a physics student, but rather a mathematics student that began the ceremony