Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Wave Of Geniuses

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Clap clap clap!

The applause continued as Lu Zhou walked down the stage.

The female dancers that just performed sat in the audience as they started to discuss in excitement.

“Wow, he’s only a second-year student?!”

“Oh, you didn’t know? He’s famous in our school! He was the one that blew up on Weibo! Ah, I guess his success is well-deserved as I see him at the library all the time. He would probably live at the library if it stays open the whole night!”

“Don’t know if he has a girlfriend.”

“Probably not, why? You interested?”

“Haha, you’re not?”

“I have a boyfriend! Well If he comes after me, maybe I’ll reconsider.”

“Vo vomit.”

“F*ck you, little sl*t, you wanna fight?!”

Not far away, at the student union seats

Minister Lin Yuxiang stared at the podium and clapped while her eyes sparkled like she was thinking about something.

Sitting beside Lin Yuxiang was the student union secretary. She was a first-year student, and she was also looking at the award-winning Lu Zhou with respect. Suddenly, she thought of something and turned around to ask, “Sis, I heard that Lu Zhou was your teammate in the competition, is it true?”

Lin Yuxiang’s mouth perked up, “Yeah.”

The schoolgirl asked excitedly, “What kind of person is he? Is his lifestyle different than normal people?”

Lin Yuxiang smiled and looked at the host on stage. As she tapped her finger against her lip, she said, “Um Not really different from normal people. He just gives off a calm and reliable vibe? But he doesn’t know how to take care of himself, he always forgets to eat and needs people to bring him food You can’t stop worrying about him, something like that.”


The girl’s eyes shined like the stars as she looked at Minister Lin like she was her idol.

This is your relationship with the male god!

No wonder you’re a minister.

Maybe you’re the legendary goddess!

Sat a little further away was the leaders of the University of Jin Ling.

Of course, it was not just the school leaders. There were also special academic guests that attended the ceremony.

For example, Professor Ren, who sat next to Dean Qin.

Professor Ren cared greatly about the young talent in the University of Jin Ling.

This was his second time this year coming to the University of Jin Ling.

He had not spoken since Lu Zhou’s speech. He waited until the applause ended before saying, “The University of Jin Ling stepped in sh*t.”

Dean Qin smiled and said, “Haha, jealous?”

“Look at how proud you are,” said Professor Ren Changming as he glanced at his old friend. He added, “I think you won’t be happy for long. This type of once in a generation genius won’t stay at Jin Ling for long.”

Dean Qin smiled and said, “Ah, you don’t have to worry if he’ll stay at the University of Jin Ling or not. Regardless, he is still a graduate of the University of Jin Ling. If this kid wins a Fields Medal, he is still in the University of Jin Ling’s Hall of Fame, so what’s it got to do with you?”

The old professor cursed and said something in the lines of “shameless old man” before he crossed his legs and ignored his old friend.

Dean Qin smiled and did not say anything.

He looked at his old friend’s face and knew that he was actually jealous on the inside.

The people from Jin Ling really were talented.

Once Lu Zhou finished his speech, he watched the ceremony from aside.

The people from the other departments had also won the annual person award, and they were almost as impressive.

For example, that genius from the computer science department. He was even more powerful that Lu Zhou’s teammate in the competition.

He had an average of 97.8 percent in his exams. In high school, he took the silver medal of the Information Science International Olympic Games and was directly offered a spot at the University of Jin Ling. During the summer of his second year, he trained at the University of California and solved the open problem raised by Graham, the famous network information security expert. He also presented his thesis in the computer science conference – STOC.

This guy was above the other award winners. Even Lu Zhou had not attended a foreign conference yet as his Princeton conference was in the future.

Of course, since Wang Xiaodong was a third-year student, Lu Zhou still had a year to catch up to him!

The genius from the liberal arts department also opened Lu Zhou’s eyes. He had always thought that liberal arts were about writing, poems, and words related subjects. He did not realize that liberal arts students were as impressive as students in quantitative departments.

For example, this guy, in his three and a half years of university, had won a total of nine scholarships which includes scholarships such as the “Good Reading” scholarship and the Academic Excellence Award. Not only that, but he was also proficient in seven languages and had participated in six SRT projects across multiple disciplines. In his second year, he went to the University of Oxford and the University of New York for summer training. During his training at the University of New York, he participated in social science research projects such as “The transformation of self-employed enterprises in China”.


Lu Zhou clapped his hand as he could not help but feel respect.

However, even though there were a lot of nutty people here, Lu Zhou looked around and could not find anyone as nutty as him.

After all, his aura of world-class mathematics problem was too strong. This achievement alone was able to crush his competitors. The Higher Education Society Cup gave him even more credit, especially in the field of applied mathematics.

As for the three SCI core theses and the nine computer science theses, even though their value was high, they were like embellishment.

The last student to go on stage was a national defense student. After the award acceptance speech, all of the annual person award winner went on stage and together, they read the [Oath of a New Era].

After that, Principal Xu took the stage and presented the honorary certificate for “2014 University of Jin Ling’s Student of the Year” and “2014 Dongliang Special Scholarship Winner”.

Lu Zhou thought that he would receive a medal or something, but it was just two thick certificates.

Finally, everyone stood in a row with a principal in the middle and took photos.

All of the students stood up and took an oath to look forward to the new year and to pursue their goals and dreams. Finally, the award ceremony came to an end

After the curtains fell, Lu Zhou returned to his backstage room with his two certificates. He hung his suit that was on a loan on the hanger before he changed into his velvet trench coat.

Even though Jin Ling did not snow during January, it was still piercingly cold.

At this moment, Lin Yuxiang came over and asked with a smile.

“Are you free later?”

“Why?” asked Lu Zhou.

“The school organized excellent students to have a meal together, at the top floor of the cafeteria building.”

The top floor of the cafeteria building?

The legendary place that has the best food probably?

Lu Zhou had never been there. Apparently, it was closed to students. It would only accept advanced reservations, and mainly for teachers and school leaders. Apparently, the student union could get a table there. However, it was expensive so they usually went to a restaurant.

After all, eating in the cafeteria was not as exciting as a restaurant.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, “Okay then, I’ll go later.”

He was about to go to the bathroom but Lin Yuxiang suddenly stopped him.

“Wait a second.”

Lu Zhou turned and asked, “What?”

Lin Yuxiang looked at the floor and blushed. She smiled and said, “Nothing, I just wanted to tell you that you look pretty handsome in that suit.”

This move was a male killer.

Males would never know what the female’s intentions were.

Sure enough, as she expected, that genius was too “shy”.

Lu Zhou coughed and smiled. He was embarrassed. “Really? I think so too.”

Lin Yuxiang: “?”