Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Arriving At Princeton

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After returning from Shanghai, Lu Zhou spent all his energy into preparing for the academic conference next month. He revisited that thesis on the distribution of the Mersenne prime and reviewed the theorems countless times.

After all, he represented the school’s honor. The University of Jin Ling was extremely supportive of his Princeton trip. Not only did they pay for his plane ticket, but they also gave him $2000 USD for his expenses.

Also, Dean Qin said that if the $2000 was too little, Lu Zhou could bring the receipt back and get reimbursed.

However, Lu Zhou felt that $2000 was definitely enough for his spending level.

Since the accommodation and meals were settled by the organizers, Lu Zhou could not think of any other expenses other than transportation costs.

Just like this, the time passed, and it was finally the 29th of January.

Professor Tang personally drove Lu Zhou to the airport.

“Remember to stay safe there, and don’t go to dangerous places. Don’t go to the ghetto areas, don’t talk to people wearing strange outfits”

During the entire trip, Professor Tang kept talking about safety issues with Lu Zhou. It was almost as if Lu Zhou was going to Africa instead.

Even though Lu Zhou knew that the professor had good intentions, he felt kind of annoyed by the constant reminders.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “I understand, professor. I’ll come back alive!”

The moment the words came out of Lu Zhou’s mouth, he instantly regretted it.

Wait a minute, did I trigger him?!

“What do you mean alive? What are you talking about?” said Professor Tang angrily. He tapped Lu Zhou on the head and said, “Listen to me, I’ve already greeted the PhD student over there. His name is Luo Wenxuan. After you get off the plane, take the bus route I told you. After you arrived at Princeton, he’ll pick you up from the bus station!”

Lu Zhou scratched his head and said, “Professor, you know students from all around the world.”

“Haha, kind of.”

Professor Tang smiled.

It was obvious that the old gentleman was quite proud.

They quickly arrived at the destination.

Lu Zhou then dragged the suitcase into the airport as he waved goodbye to Professor Tang. He then turned and went into the security checkpoint.

The plane left a white line across the blue sky and gradually drifted away.

Just like this, Lu Zhou embarked on his North America trip

Located between New York and Philadelphia, Princeton was a unique rural university.

It was quiet and elegant, a good place to learn At the same time, it showed the features of New Jersey, which was horrible transportation.

America used their driver’s license as an ID card, so most people had their own cars. This was why traveling in this country without a car was almost impossible.

Professor Tang told Lu Zhou to take the train from Philadelphia to Princeton, and Lu Zhou had to transfer trains twice.

On the plane, Lu Zhou had looked at the map and he tried to study the long route. However, in the end, he gave up and took a taxi instead.

After all, the school would reimburse his travel expenses.

Bearing this in mind, Lu Zhou was too lazy to study the route, so he took a nap on the plane instead.

After nearly 25 hours of flying, he finally arrived at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Due to the time difference, the sky was shining bright when he arrived.

Lu Zhou walked through the bustling crowd and took his suitcase. He then quickly left the airport after he found a taxi.

Coincidentally, the driver was Chinese. His Mandarin had a Jiangcheng accent.

The driver’s eyes lit up when talking with Lu Zhou.

Even though they were from different cities, they were still happy to see a person from their own race in this foreign country.

The driver enthusiastically helped Lu Zhou to put his suitcase in the trunk. He then sat in the driver’s seat and asked with a smile, “Coming to study? Where are you going?”

Lu Zhou did not explain much and just said, “Princeton University, can you go there?”

“Ahh, I wouldn’t drive that far for anyone else, but for you, I will,” said the driver as he laughed and activated the meter. He reminded Lu Zhou to wear his seatbelt before he started the engine.

Probably because Lu Zhou was from China as well, the driver had lots to say to Lu Zhou. They talked about living in America and safety issues.

“ It’s actually not as dangerous as what your professor described. Princeton is in a rural area, so it’s a lot better than the city. But still, don’t walk alone at night, especially since you don’t have a car, you might become a target. If someone tries to rob you, just hand over your wallet, not a big deal. But if you encounter a creepy person”

Lu Zhou smiled, “I’m a guy, I don’t have to worry about this. What kind of girl would sexually assault me?”

The driver laughed and said, “Oh, it might not be a girl.”

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

What the hell?!

Are westerners really like this!

The way he said: “”

I feel like this guy has a story

After an hour of driving, they arrived at Princeton.

The driver seemed to have driven here many times as he casually drove to the entrance of the university.

“My name is Zhang Hai, and this is my business card. If you need a taxi, you can call me.”

He then helped Lu Zhou with his suitcase before he left.

Lu Zhou dragged his suitcase and stood at the front gate of Princeton. He felt like he forgot something.

After he thought for a while, he suddenly remembered that Professor Tang’s PhD student was still waiting for him at some train station.

Lu Zhou’s suddenly had an awkward expression. He took out his phone and inserted his temporary sim card. He then quickly called Luo Wenxuan to apologize.

Fortunately, when Luo Wenxuan received the call, he had not got on the car yet.

Lu Zhou then hung up the phone and looked at the Princeton gate again before he looked at the surrounding streets.

“The hotel arranged by the organizer seems to be called Princeton Hotel? Where is it?”

The hotel address was written on the invitation letter, but the letter was in his suitcase.

Should I open my suitcase here?

Seems kind of troublesome

While Lu Zhou was looking around the school gate, a blonde girl wearing a gray trench coat and a red scarf walked by.

When she noticed Lu Zhou’s suitcase, she raised her eyebrows before she opened her mouth and asked, “New student?”

“Oh, no. I’m not a student from here,” replied Lu Zhou with a smile. He asked, “I’m here for the mathematics conference Where do I go?”

The girl stared at Lu Zhou and asked, “Name?”

“Lu Zhou.”

“The mathematics conference by the Federal Mathematics Society, right? You’re in the wrong place,” said the girl. She smiled and pointed across the street, “The accommodation is not inside Princeton University. It’s the hotel opposite Palmer Square.”

Lu Zhou, “Opposite Palmer Square? Thanks.”

The girl smiled and said, “You’re welcome. Speaking of which, Lu Zhou I’ve read your study on the Mersenne prime distribution law. It’s a very elegant theorem. Even Professor Deligne approved of it.”

Embarrassed, Lu Zhou smiled. “It’s just a coincidence.”

The proof of Zhou’s conjecture was given by the system, so obviously, Deligne would approve of it.

However, Lu Zhou owned the system and he digested the information himself. He also did all the calculations himself. So the credit should be his?

Anyway, his mathematics level was rising. It was just a matter of time before he could prove this level of a conjecture by himself.

The girl said, “Don’t be so humble, I look forward to your speech. I’ve already prepared some questions. I’m walking the same way, I’ll send you there.”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Thanks Also, what is your name?”

The girl flicked her blonde hair and said in a relaxed tone, “Molina Abel. I don’t really like my last name, so you can just call me Molina.”