Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Party Of The Mathematicians

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Luo Wenxuan stood in front of the door.

The two planned to go to the party hall together.

“The party is about to start, how long do you need?”

“I’m ready.”

Lu Zhou fixed his tie and unplugged the room card as he walked out of his room. He then asked, “What do I do at the party?”

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, “Take the elevator downstairs, then take a glass of champagne from the waiter’s tray. Go talk to people you’re interested in. Relax. Don’t worry about other’s opinions of you, I’m sure there are a lot of people who will be interested in you.”

Thanks for the compliment.

Although I know I’m handsome, we should still be humble

Lu Zhou smiled embarrassedly.

Luo Wenxuan walked with Lu Zhou to the elevator and gave him some important advice.

“ If you’re researching something interesting, you can try to find a genius in that field and talk about it with them. If they become interested in your research, you can choose him as your academic editor when you submit the thesis. Your chances of a successful submission will be much higher. If you’re planning on studying a PhD, you can also try to find a mentor in your field, talk to them, get to know them.”

The two walked into the elevator and saw two other people inside.

Luo Wenxuan paused for a second before he enthusiastically extended his right hand. He said to the old man, “Professor Wang, what a coincidence!”

“Haha, Wenxuan,” said Professor Wang as he reached out to shake Luo Wenxuan’s hand. He continued, “Long time no see This is?”

“Lu Zhou, a proud student of Professor Tang,” said Luo Wenxuan as he patted Lu Zhou on the shoulder and smiled. He then said, “Lu Zhou, this is Professor Wang Yuping from the University of Yan. He’s at the forefront of the country’s algebraic number theory research.”

“Professor Wang, nice to meet you!”


Lu Zhou had once seen the professor’s name in the news, and he was fully impressed.

Professor Wang was not as famous as Lu Zhou because he was a lot more low-key. Another reason was that most of his mathematics research was done when he was younger, and there was no internet at the time, only newspaper

Professor Wang had accomplished countless academic achievements. Included among his achievements was the solution of the Hualin problem raised by Mr. Hua Luogeng’s whole-value polynomial, which proved that the famous combinator Ballobas was an important part of the limited Abelian group.

These solutions were not as good as Zhou’s conjecture, but they were still of decent value.

Mr. Wang was one of the strong number theory figures at the University of Yan.

“You don’t need to brag for me,” said Mr. Wang Yuping as he shook Lu Zhou’s hand. He said with a kind smile, “Student Zhou, I’ve heard Professor Tang mention you before. You’re quite amazing. The future of China’s mathematics depends on you!”

Awe-inspired, Lu Zhou said, “Professor, you’re too kind.”

“Speaking of which, you should learn from Professor Tang instead of Dean Qin,” said Wang Yuping with a smile. He then introduced Lu Zhou to the young man next to him, “This is my student, Wei Wen.”

Wei Wen reached out his hand and lightly smiled, he said, “Hello, we meet again.”

“Hello, hello,” said Lu Zhou as he shook his hand and smiled. He did not recognize him.

We’ve met before?


I don’t remember anything

After some small talk, Professor Wang and his student left.

Luo Wenxuan then patted Lu Zhou’s shoulder and wished him a “fun night” before he left as well.

As Lu Zhou looked at the people in the venue, he squeezed the champagne glass in his hand and could not help but feel nervous.

Who said that geniuses aren’t good at socializing?

It seems that I have to improve my social skills.

When Lu Zhou walked around the venue, he originally planned to find Professor Deligne for thesis review. However, when he saw the man surrounded by a crowd of people, he hesitated.

His English skills were not the best.

When he finally made up his mind

The man had already left.

In the end, Lu Zhou sat down on a sofa.

Just like when he was at the school cafeteria, he would always choose the quietest position to sit at.

Lu Zhou shook his head and took out a notebook from his suit pocket. He then began to study the problem that he was stuck on.

However, someone suddenly sat down across from him.

When Lu Zhou looked up, he did not recognize her.

Her thick eyebrows were like the girl from the Harry Potter movies.

She wore a black dress with a white necklace, forming a sharp contrast. It was mysterious, a Victorian style of fashion.

Lu Zhou looked down

Okay, I guess not all white people have big boobs

It was rude to stare for too long, and Lu Zhou was preparing to say hello, but she spoke first.

Molina, “You’re not dancing?”

“Nope, it’s too crowded over there, not suitable for me” said Lu Zhou. He continued, “Fine, actually I don’t know how to dance, you?”

Molina smiled and said, “Me too.”

Surprised, Lu Zhou looked at her and said, “I thought the French are all dancing masters.”

“To each their own,” said Molina with a smile. She then said, “When I first came to the United States, I thought you Chinese people all knew Kung Fu.”

“This is a bit of a misunderstanding,” replied Lu Zhou.

“I’m very curious.”

“Curious about what?”

“How can you still concentrate on mathematics questions with a beautiful lady sitting across from you?”

The f*ck?

What’s she talking about?

Are westerners really like this!

Lu Zhou looked at Molina and he did not respond. Instead, he asked, “ Why do you say that?”

Molina looked at Lu Zhou and grinned as she said, “I can tell a lot from your body language.”

“ Fine, I guess my body language is too revealing.”

Lu Zhou coughed.

He was actually thinking about mathematical problems.

Even now

The conversation went into a short period of silence while the two sat quietly together.

As Lu Zhou looked at the people on the dance floor, he tapped his fingers on the table while he followed the beat.

Inspiration was always something metaphysical.

The truth buried in the numbers could slip away from his fingertips.

This was why he had to use the system multiple times as a last resort.

However, the system would not give him any advice as to which problem to solve. It would only solve the problem when asked.

Unfortunately, he did not have enough points to solve the twin prime number conjecture.

He was always a little bit off from solving it

Lu Zhou squeezed his fists.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head. He remembered the twenty-four hours of inspiration time the system had. He then stood up from his chair.

Molina looked at him strangely, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and said, “I suddenly thought of something important.”

Molina raised her eyebrows, and she asked jokingly, “Is it more important than eating dinner with a French lady?”

“It’s more important than having dinner with the Virgin Mary!”

Lu Zhou quickly ran to the elevator.