Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 125

Chapter 125 I Only Want To Sleep

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Everyone in the audience was stunned.

It was dead silence in the lecture hall.

An old man broke the silence.

He stood up and began to clap.

Clap clap clap

The applause gradually became louder.

It went from the sound of light rain into a thunderstorm.

Clap clap clap!

It was not just the applause.

Some students stood up and began to cheer and whistle.

Everyone in the lecture hall, from Princeton students to conference participants.

At this moment.

They all witnessed a great moment!

A question mark in the Hall of Mathematics was solved.

At the same time.

A genius rose.

The entire lecture hall was filled with applause.

The applause sound floated outside the lecture hall.

The staff member that stood next to the podium could not understand the proof process on the whiteboard, but he could not help but clap as well.

The colleague next to him rubbed his arm and spoke.

“If you interrupted his thought process, your name would be in the history of mathematics.”

“What name?”

“The terminator of inspiration. Interrupted at the Mathematics Society, killed a math genius with his own hands.”

“Oh, not like this. Mr. Francis would kill me.”

Francis was the chairman of the Federal Mathematics Society. He was a handsome old man who spoke slowly.

He was also a ferocious man.

The conversation between the two was buried by the applause.

Below the stage

Wei Wen listened to the sound of applause and as he looked at the whiteboards, he could not believe it. He asked, “He solved it?”

This was his opponent?

This was the guy that he was up against in the US Competition?

The US Competition was in February. Right now, he should be fighting his opponent. However, at this moment, his heart was in shock.




A bit.

It was like his opponent was on another level.

Whether it was the college entrance examination champion or the gold medal of the international Olympic mathematics competition, or the worship of students, nothing could fill the void in his heart.

He lost to a respectable opponent.

It was not just because of the outcome.

He was humiliated.

When Professor Wang Yuping heard the student’s question, he nodded slowly.

The old gentleman said, “Well, he solved it!”

The young are surpassing us

The old man made up his mind.

Once he returned, he would write a recommendation letter for Lu Zhou to compete in the Ten Thousand People Initiative!

He would write it as soon as he returned to the hotel.

Not only that, but he would also get Professor Tang to sign the letter together.

There were no problems regarding Lu Zhou’s age or academic qualifications. Besides, how many PhD students could do what he just did?

China needed a Fields Medal winner.

Professor Wang saw hope in Lu Zhou.

The things on the whiteboard had been engraved in Lu Zhou’s mind, and he would never forget them.

As for whether or not it would be plagiarized?

There were at least two editors of the annual mathematics magazine sitting in the lecture hall, so no one would dare to plagiarize.

Once Lu Zhou finally solved the question, he did not want to do anything else other than sleep in his hotel room.

However, he underestimated his own behavior. He did not realize how cool he would appear to the mathematics students at Princeton.

The second he was out of the lecture hall, he was caught up by the people chasing him.

The crowd surrounded him like he was at the Superbowl. Lu Zhou thought he would be thrown into the sky.

“Wow, bro, nicely done! The way you wrote the last step was so cool! Can you do it again? I want to take a photo!”

“Handsome boy, do you have a number? You can write it on my hand.”

“Wait for a second! Let me take a photo! I want to tweet it! Thanks!”

The noisy voice suddenly dispelled Lu Zhou’s sleepiness.

Honestly speaking, Lu Zhou was almost scared of these people’s enthusiasm.

Some people even gave him a hug.

A passionate young Latino girl took a photo with him, then kissed his cheek.

This was not the main problem.

The young ladies after her were even more daring, so Lu Zhou started to panic.

The most annoying thing was that these people were not polite at all!

The crowd became more and more energetic.

Lu Zhou desperately tried to escape.

Thank god he was able to keep his kissing virginity.

It was important to him.

It would be a tragedy if he lost it here!

Lu Zhou left the school and quickly walked through Palmer Square. As he was taking the elevator, a person suddenly appeared behind him.

Lu Zhou looked at her.

Lu Zhou coughed and said, “Oh I don’t mind taking a photo. Just don’t touch me, please?”

Molina crossed her arms and ignored Lu Zhou as she said, “I’m at Room 707. Where are you going?”

“Three Oh, can you press the third floor?” replied Lu Zhou.

He nearly revealed his room number.

“The third floor?” said Molina as she looked at the floor dial. She then looked at Lu Zhou and said, “We’re past the third floor already. How about you come and chill in my room for a bit?”

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, “It’s okay, I just want to sleep.”

Molina: “”

When the elevator reached the seventh floor, it stopped.

Lu Zhou reached down and pressed the third-floor button.

Molina looked at Lu Zhou trying to leave and sighed, “Are all Chinese guys so boring?”

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, “No, I just don’t want to think about math problems right now.”

Molina was surprised, “How did you know I was going to ask you math questions?”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Because I can tell from your body language. You taught me this. Am I right?”

She did not reply.

Molina noticed Lu Zhou’s face and did not insist. She then took a bag of wet wipes from her purse and threw it at him.

Lu Zhou asked, “Wet wipes?”

Molina smiled and said, “There are three lipstick prints on your face. Do you need a mirror?”

The f*ck?

Lu Zhou quickly took the wipes and cleaned his face.

As expected, two red marks were visible on the wipes.

“Have a good night’s sleep. Remember, don’t miss the closing ceremony and party tomorrow night,” said Molina as she looked at Lu Zhou wiping his face. She then licked her lips and said, “You’re the main protagonist.”

She did not wait for Lu Zhou to respond before she left.