Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Three Seconds

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Lu Zhou would usually refuse to eat with strangers.

However, since he did not have to pay for the food, he decided to accept the invitation.

Okay, just kidding.

Shi Shang finally got a girlfriend, so Lu Zhou had to give him some respect and attend the dinner.

After leaving the dorm, Lu Zhou, Huang Guangming, and Liu Rui all reached a consensus with their eyes.

Were getting wasted!


Shi Shang ordered a table at the fish restaurant.

The guys from Dorm 201 arrived, and soon after, the girls from Dorm 406 also arrived.

Everyone sat around the table. They were all nervous in the beginning. However, soon after, everyone opened up and started to chat happily.

Especially Huang Guangming and Shi Shang. They were getting more and more talkative as time passed by.

The quality of girls at the School of Foreign Languages was indeed high.

A girl with long hair named Xiao Yunyun sat next to Lu Zhou. Sitting next to her was a girl named Qian Hua. She had short hair and was watching something on her phone with her friends. Deng Le sat next to them, and she was wearing round-rimmed glasses. She looked very delicate.

Huang Guangming might have been interested in one of the girls, so he asked, What are you guys looking at?

Qian Hua looked at Huang Guangming like he was an alien before she said, Havent you seen Strongest Genius Student before? Its really popular! Geniuses form a team for subjects such as mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry. You are obviously a dumb student if you havent seen this before.

Then these six teams are from different countries? asked Lu Zhou.

Qian Hua looked at Lu Zhou and asked, Youve seen it?

You could say so

Lu Zhou smiled and looked away.

He actually had not seen it before. The shows production team wanted to hire him, but he rejected them. He was disinterested in performing on stage, plus the pay was not enough for him to sell out.

Huang Guangming was unhappy to hear himself being described as an idiot student and he said, What kind of a reality scientific show is that? I bet the students on the show arent as smart as Zhou!

Pfft, no way hes smarter than Wu Yan!

Huang Guangming asked, Who is Wu Yan?

You dont even know Wu Yan? The youngest Chinese PhD student at the University of Auckland! MVP of his team! Genius mathematician!

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Genius mathematician?

So me?

After that, the two started to argue whether or not Lu Zhou was smarter than Wu Yan.

Lu Zhou did not really care who was smarter. He just thought that these two were unexpectedly well matched as a couple.

Both the teasing type?

Suddenly, Lu Zhou realized a very serious problem.

Wait a minute. If this continues, the number of single guys in our dorm will become fewer and fewer?

What if I become the only guy without a girlfriend

Liu Rui noticed that Lu Zhou was staring at him, so he asked, What?

Nothing said Lu Zhou as he shook his head.

Thank god, hell definitely stay single with me.

I dont have to worry.

Liu Rui: ? ? ?

Soon after, the food came.

The boys of Dorm 201 had not started eating yet, so they asked the waiter for some beer.

Huang Guangming opened two bottles of beer and placed them on the table. He then poured everyone a glass before raising his glass to the dorm leader.

Huang Guangming, Brother Fei, thanks for remembering us, toast!

He did not sound very sincere.

However, Shi Shang did not care. Instead, he raised his cup up and said, Toast!

Liu Rui went on and said, I hope you two stay together forever!

Liu Rui then said, Toast!

Up next was Lu Zhou, and the girls looked at him with interest.

Lu Zhou wanted to say Toast as well, but he realized something, so he stopped himself.

Shi Shang thought that Lu Zhou did not want him to get too drunk, so he said, Zhou, youre too nice. I can still handle my alcohol!

Wang Jingya said with a distressed voice, Take it slow with the drinking.

Shi Shang waved his hand, Its okay!

Lu Zhou said, Then Toast!

Shi Shang and Lu Zhou touched glasses.

Lu Zhou thought, Why do the two girls next to me look disappointed?

The food came and everyone was drinking and eating. Huang Guangming and Liu Rui had an agreement to attack Shi Shang, and they wanted to get Shi Shang wasted.

Xiao Yunyun poked Lu Zhous arm and asked quietly, Why do you guys call him Brother Fei?

Before Lu Zhou could speak, Liu Rui asked, Do you want to hear why?

Liu Rui had a strange smile, so Xiao Yunyun quickly shook her head.

Lu Zhou said in his heart.

You cant converse for sh*t, youre going to be lonely forever.

Everyone was having a great time, especially Huang Guangming. He even got Qian Huas number.

Even though nothing would happen, his gains were still greater than Liu Rui.

He looked at Lu Zhou and thought the same.

In the blink of an eye, the two bottles of beer were empty.

Lu Zhou was not worried about Huang Guangming, but he was worried that Shi Shang could not keep up.

Shi Shang was downing glasses left and right.

This was the first time Lu Zhou saw him drinking this much.

Lu Zhou was really worried, and he was about to discourage him.

However, at this moment, Liu Rui suddenly slammed his head on the table.

F*ck, Liu Rui, what happened?

Huang Guangmings eyes widened and he stopped drinking to check up on Liu Rui.

Shi Shang was drunk. He smiled at his girlfriend and said, See, I told you, Im not going to be the first one to pass out!

Three seconds later.

Shi Shang collapsed as well.