Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Equilibrium Problems In Hilbert Space

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They had not even finished their dinner and two people had already passed out. They were planning to go singing, but now it seemed impossible.

Lu Zhou took the check for Shi Shang. After that, he and Huang Guangming carried Liu Rui back to the dorm room.

As for Shi Shang, he had his girl to take care of him

After they arrived at their dorm, the two single guys laid Liu Rui down in his bed and called it a night.

After Huang Guangming climbed up the ladder and laid in his bed, he said, Im not feeling well, Zhou.

Lu Zhou did not drink much, and he was basically sober. He was about to prepare his graduation thesis topic when he replied, Why not?

Ah, even Brother Fei got a girl, dont you have any plans?

What plans?

Huang Guangming sighed and said, Forget about it, I cant talk with you.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

They did not speak again that night.

The next morning, Shi Shang had not returned yet.

Lu Zhou climbed down the bed and went to wash his face.

When he came back, he saw Liu Rui and Huang Guangming climbing out of bed.

Lu Zhou asked curiously, Why are you so diligent today? Studying?

Huang Guangming yawned and replied, Why not?

Lu Zhou had a weird expression on his face.

I guess so?

Lu Zhou ate breakfast at the cafeteria before he slowly walked to the library.

By then, the main entrance of the library was already packed with people.

There was a new cohort of students preparing for the graduate entrance exam. Lu Zhou did not even have to do the exam. He was already considered a graduate student.

Ah, life is so difficult. Why are there so many people here?

Lu Zhou walked into the library and found a remote location to sit down. He then opened up a blank word document and started to write his thesis.

He had already prepared the topic for his thesis.

Mathematics was a scientific research tool, so it was useful to sharpen this tool. If one never used this tool, it would be a waste.

Lu Zhou had already decided to get into mathematical physics, so he decisively chose functional analysis as the direction of his graduation thesis. However, this time, it was not about Fouriers transformations. It was about the unpredictable Hilbert space.

In quantum mechanics, there was an infinite number of states. So the inner product space dimension was infinity. This created the problem of convergence. When some parameters were infinite, in order to prevent any physical states from running out of space, the mathematical limit of any sequence had to be completed.

The Hilbert space met the requirements needed for quantum mechanics.

A physics system could be represented by a Hilbert space, and the vector was a wave function that described the possible states of the system.

Although Hilbert space-related concepts had been introduced in undergraduate functional analysis, they only briefly touched on the topic. In the cutting-edge of mathematics, the Hilbert space was a greatly researched topic.

Lu Zhou used this as a practice for his thesis writing.

He placed his hands on the keyboard and quickly typed a line of words.

[A viscous approximation method for equilibrium problems and finite non-extension maps in Hilbert space.]

Lu Zhou did not have to use general points to solve this thesis. He already had an idea of how to solve this.

Lu Zhou picked up his pen and started to write on the draft paper.

[H is the complex Hilbert space given to the inner product, and L(H) is the bounded linear operator, TL(H), then the numerical field of the operator T is defined as the following set: W(T)={ |xH,||x||=1}]

Time slowly passed by, but Lu Zhous thought process was very smooth. Soon, the draft paper was filled with his writing. He then reached for another piece of draft paper.

It seemed that his guess was correct. The higher his mathematics level, the better he got at solving mathematics problems.

Did my brain develop further?

What else could it be?

In short, he could feel the changes that were happening to his body.

Ill finish this thesis in a couple of days before I bother with the system mission.

He stretched and looked at the other students studying and gained motivation.

It feels pretty good to study in the library. I can level up my subjects, learn new things. Im enjoying this.

Lu Zhou did not know since when he started to like studying

Back at the dorm, unsurprisingly, Shi Shang was bulls*tting again.

However, the guy was not talking about his first time or anything private like that He was teaching the two loners about life experience and what the girls had It pissed them off!

Huang Guangming turned on a reality show and Liu Rui wore his earphones as they both ignored Shi Shang.

Hey, Zhou, youre back from studying?

How did you feel about yesterday? My girls dorm room has some good quality meat, right?

Did you get their WeChat? Stop being so ashamed. Tell me if youre interested, and I can help you.

Lu Zhou sighed, Brother Fei, youre insane.

Shi Shang asked, Insane? Why?

Lu Zhou, You still think its the new year.

Shi Shang, New Year? Why?

Because what you just said sounded exactly like what my relatives said during the new year.

Shi Shang:

Lu Zhou placed his computer on the desk and was about to go wash his hands when he saw the reality show on Huang Guangmings computer. He then asked, Strongest Genius Student?


Not bad, maybe I can finally have a conversation with this guy.

Lu Zhou looked at Huang Guangming and started thinking.

It seems that the loner squad of Dorm 201 lost another member.

Liu Rui stopped studying and came over to ask, What are they doing?



Lu Zhou saw a calm young man on stage and had a moment of realization.

Thats the genius called Wu Yan?

He did not know why, but he suddenly felt competitive against this genius.

Lu Zhou wondered if the guy was better at mathematics than him.

Suddenly, the people on the stage moved.

Lu Zhou was shocked.

Blind Sudoku?!

Huang Guangming smiled, Not bad, right? Can you do it?

Lu Zhou, I dont know.

Dont the players have to look at how much time they have left?

This is too scary.

Next was the one hundred science questions. The topics were physics, mathematics, and biochemistry. Lu Zhou was able to understand most of the questions, but Liu Rui and Huang Guangming were muddled.

However, those two were still watching intently.

Liu Rui asked, Zhou, do you understand this?

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Basically.

He could understand the questions, but he could not solve them as fast as the contestants. Even some professors could not solve the questions that fast.

Is this the level of geniuses around the world? Its multiple-choice questions, so they can guess, but they still got all of them correct!

Lu Zhou subconsciously looked at the four people from the German team and did not see Peter Schultz. He looked at the China team and did not see any familiar faces.

Within 15 minutes, the 100 questions were answered by the contestants. The German team answered 83 questions, receiving 8.3 points.

The total score was 14:15, the German team Tiger was ahead.

A hostess wearing a dress spoke up.

We all know that the great mathematician Euclidean proved the infinity of prime numbers, and the modern mathematician Hilbert used the method of topology to prove it again. The pursuit of mysterious prime numbers in the mathematics community is never-ending.

The next question is a world-class problem.

The great mathematician Polignac proposed a general conjecture. For all natural numbers k, there is an infinite number of prime pairs (p, p + 2k). Our problem today is to make a guess about this conjecture.

Whoever can reduce K to a smaller number will get 3 points!


The three guys in front of the computer were instantly shocked.

Huang Guangming, F*ck? What is this?

Liu Rui, This dude will prove it live? B*llshit

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?