Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Imitated?

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On the colorful stage

Wu Yan looked at the whiteboard silently. In his hand, he was holding a pen and after a while, he started to write on the whiteboard.

The light on stage gradually became a cool blue color, representing his calmness.

The German team Tiger had already completed the proof for number 246. One of the members looked at Wu Yan.

The camera zoomed into Wu Yans face.

The professor from Stanford University frowned and said, Vinogradovs three prime number theorem! Hes challenging the form of K=1!

The professor from Singapore exclaimed, Unbelievable! Hes going to solve the twin prime number conjecture!

The vibe on stage was ignited.

The female hostess said, I cannot believe that Wu Yan is going to challenge this world-class mathematics problem! Will he succeed?

The audience was quiet.

Both the teammates and his opponents went silent as well.

The audience clenched their fists as they held their breath.

The background music started to be increasingly faster.

The live stream comments were going crazy.

[F*ck, is Dr. Wu going to challenge this conjecture?]

[My male god is so handsome~~~]

[Is Dr. Wu going to earn a Fields Medal?]

[I love smart boys~~]

[I want to marry a guy thats good at mathematics!!!]

[Wait a minute, why does this scene look familiar]

This scene was exactly the same as the one from the Princeton Academic Conference.

The only difference was that Lu Zhou used six whiteboards while this guy only used one large whiteboard.

Some people started to notice.

A small group of people noticed the resemblance and posted Lu Zhous video to the comment section.

A lot of people watched the Youtube video and started to complain.

[Is this plagiarism?]

[They just changed the person and added some background music, plain plagiarism.]

[How can they do this?]

[Im a female PhD mathematics student at Berkeley. Ive watched the video you linked. He was proving Zhous conjecture in the video, not the twin prime number conjecture. The twin prime number conjecture is a lot harder than Zhous conjecture! ]

[Yeah youre right, its not the same question. Dont you guys know that the twin prime is different than Mersenne prime?]

The comment section became more aggressive.

Finally, the moderator banned some people and the comment section quieted down.

At the same time, the two judges stood up and looked at the whiteboard.

He did it!


Wu Yan quietly dropped the pen. He then turned around and left the whiteboard.

The audience exploded and they started to applaud loudly.

The audience could finally.

They released their tightened fists and released a sigh of relief.

However, not everyone was relieved.

Backstage of the Strongest Genius Student show

The production team of the show was ecstatic at the ratings and popularity of the show.

They made it.

Wu Ping, who had just been promoted to planning team leader, was reporting to the director of the show.

Our platform search numbers have increased by 43%!

Zhang Yuanjie frowned and said, I know about the popularity Whats up with the plagiarism?

He was happy with the popularity of the show as it would probably result in his promotion.

He had successfully created the character of Wu Yan.

There was a debate within the production team if making a celebrity academician was possible. He had successfully ended the debate.

The only thing he was worried about was the plagiarism accusations from the comment section. However, the public relations department of the TV station managed to control the situation.

Heres the thing, we looked at the video from Princeton. The video was about Mersenne prime while the thing we presented was about twin prime numbers. Theyre not the same thing. We specifically downloaded the Princeton conference presentation schedule and checked it.

Wu Ping did not actually fully understand it, but he trusted the expert.

Director Zhang said, Nicely done. But this Wu Yan guy is really impressive. I cant believe he solved a mathematics problem of this caliber.

The show did not care about the criticism too much. After all, there was no such thing as bad publicity.

Director Zhang was happy about his plan.

Who cared if he plagiarized? It was not as if Princeton was going to sue them.

The blind filled Sudoku and 100 questions were prepared beforehand, but the twin prime conjecture was not.

Therefore, when Wu Yans manager proposed the idea of solving the twin prime conjecture on stage, Director Zhang immediately gave the go and modified the script.

As expected, the ratings of the show blew up.

The comment section also blew up.

Wu Ping said, After all, he is the youngest PhD student at Auckland University, so hes pretty skilled.

Even the extras on the show were from prestigious foreign universities.

Who said that science reality shows cant make stars famous? Looks at us! said Director Zhang with a smile. He then added, One more episode and this season is over! Ill pay the production team a bonus when this is over.

Thank you, director! Wu Ping said with joy.