Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Blatant Academic Fraud

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At this moment, Lu Zhou only felt despair.

The TV show clearly copied his proof steps, and it was not even a good copy.

A random scrub copied his own academic achievements.

Lu Zhou was furious and he immediately logged onto Weibo. He was about to make a post when he found out that he was being attacked.

[This is the genius student Lu Zhou you guys talked about? Only 300k followers, not even verified. Bot followers? How dare you compare Dr. Wu to this noob.]

[All you did was prove Zhous conjecture, Dr. Wu is way better than you! Shameless!]

[Wu fans, lets all report this guy and get him banned!]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

I havent even posted anything yet!

He saw these baseless accusations and nearly fainted.

What do you mean Im shameless?!

Liu Rui noticed Lu Zhou was acting weirdly. He could not help but ask.

Zhou, whats wrong?

Lu Zhou said angrily, Motherf*cker, I was plagiarized.

Shi Shang was playing the guitar when he asked, What? Who copied you?

Huang Guangming looked at Liu Rui, and he stopped looking at the show.

Huang Guangming was the last to speak, Maybe You also proved this twin prime number conjecture?

What do you mean also!

I was the goddamn one that proved it!

Speaking of which, he did not tell his friends about his Princeton trip.


Lu Zhou had not expected that someone would have the balls to plagiarize his research results. This was blatant academic fraud!

How did someone like this get a PhD?

Does he not follow the academic conduct?

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and opened his laptop.

There was no use being angry.

What happened had already happened. Now, he had to collect evidence to protect himself.

Normally, in order to prevent someone from being plagiarized, that person would submit his or her thesis onto a website called arXiv, while his or her thesis was still in the review process. This way, that person could prove that he or she came up with the thesis first, and no one could plagiarize him or her while the thesis was in the review process.

However, Lu Zhou did not do it because he had already publicly published his research results in front of the public. He did not need to take preventive measures.

Also, at most of the academic conference, they had people recording the presentations.

Even though the reality TV show did not submit a thesis, they obviously violated the copyright of Lu Zhous thesis.

Lu Zhou placed his hands on the keyboard and began to think. He wrote an email and sent it to Mr. Francis. In the email, he politely asked for a timestamped proof of his conference presentation.

The people at the Federal Mathematical Society were busy, so they might take a while to respond.

Lu Zhou hit Send and sighed in relief.

There was no reason for him to worry. As long as the proof of his conference presentation was sent over, everything would be cleared up. He just had to wait for his thesis to be published in Annual Mathematics and he would destroy the plagiarist.

Lu Zhou looked at the posts on Weibo. He was still furious. He then tagged the TV show and posted.

[Why are you guys so f*cking shameless?]

He felt better after insulting them.

Lu Zhou then placed his phone down and threw a towel over his shoulder before he went to take a shower.

Female Dorm 406.

Wow, my husband is so handsome!

Qian Hua held her phone and rolled around in her bed.

She missed the live stream last night, but when she watched the replay, she still felt excited.

She was shaking the bunk, so Deng Le spoke up.

Stop saying husband all day. What did he do?

He solved a world-class mathematics conjecture on stage! He looked so handsome while doing it, said Qian Hua with an exaggerated tone.

Xiao Yunyun sat beside them and asked, Hes that good?

Proving a world-class mathematics conjecture on stage?

Hes too smart

Qian Hua said, Of course, hes a 23-year-old PhD genius! Even the guest judge from MIT was impressed at his talent! Damn it, I think I just raised my standards again. If I find a partner, he has to be at least half as amazing as Dr. Wu.

Wang Jingya smiled and said, Thats easy. The people from the group date yesterday was mathematics major, right? Just pick anyone other than Shi Shang. Ill get their WeChat for you.

Xiao Yunyun was scrolling through Weibo when she added, Oh yeah, didnt that Lu Zhou guy proves some Zhous conjecture? Just pick him.

Qian Hua said, Him? Hes not comparable at all! Didnt you hear the judges comments? Zhous conjecture is only a study of the distribution of the Mersenne prime. Its completely different than twin prime. Dr. Wu, who proved the twin prime number conjecture, is on the road to compete for the Fields Medal! But unfortunately, hes a New Zealander. Otherwise, he could be the first person in China to win a Fields Medal!

Her advanced algebra mark was only 70 something, but she made sense.

Deng Le said, And hes so young She sighed and continued to study.

She was not that fascinated by Wu Yan, but she did like him.

Xiao Yunyun was scrolling through Weibo when she said, What a minute The discussion on Weibo is weird. I saw someone comment that the Strongest Genius Student show copied a Princeton conference video.

Qian Hua said, Pfft, theyre just jealous.

Deng Le nodded and said, Yes, definitely.

Xiao Yunyun had a weird expression as she said, But someone said that the twin prime number conjecture was proved at a Princeton conference meeting one month ago. The Strongest Genius Student copied most of the proof process. The actual prover of the twin prime number conjecture is Lu Zhou?

The dorm went quiet.

10 seconds went by.


Qian Hua was shocked as she said, Must be fake, right?

Xiao Yunyun replied, Nope, the person that posted this is a PhD student from Princeton. He also added the timestamp of the presentation and a signature from the chairman of the Federal Mathematical Society