Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Thousands Of People

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Everyone Daily reported that the Strongest Genius Student show would be suspended indefinitely.

People claimed to see the French team at the Shanghai airport.

The French team was sitting at the airport as they waited for their flight back home.

This confirmed that the show was discontinued.

Everyone Daily further reported on the show.

It was not just academic fraud.

Reverse Rubiks cube, blind Sudoku, questions, scripts

Most of the shows segments were faked.

The audience found out that they were lied to.

There were no geniuses. It was just a show.

The several big-name celebrities who were invited to be on the final episode of the show canceled their contracts.

After all, the shows reputation was in the dumpster.

As for the main responsible person, Director Zhang, although he was not fired, he was transferred to the TV stations printing room. The head of the TV station was the one that demoted him.

Anyone demoted by the head of the TV station was done.

It was not just Director Zhang.

Wu Yan had it even worse. Even though he went to New Zealand and escaped criminal prosecution, his degree was revoked and his life was over.

Lu Zhou had not expected this to happen.

He was also surprised about

The Ten Thousand People Initiative selection.

The Ten Thousand People Initiative was one of the 12 major talent projects developed by the government.

Normally, one would have to wait for at least six months to get a reply.

However, Lu Zhou had already received a reply.

The school issued a notice and Lu Zhou started to prepare the materials. The application was based on Professor Tangs Polignacs conjecture suggestion.


The Ten Thousand People Initiative documents inexplicably came through.

1.6 million yuan in research funds also came through.

Although Lu Zhou could not put this money into his bank account, he could use it to purchase flights, travel for conferences, and pay for graduate studies

Of course, Lu Zhou was still an undergraduate student. However, he could still give himself a monthly salary and improve his life a little at a time. He only had to write an expenditure report each year, and submit the progress of his research.

In addition to the research funding, there were other policy supports.

It could even be said that these policy supports were the key points while the funding was secondary.

After all, there were very few people who applied for this initiative for money.

Lu Zhou had not expected the application documents to come so quickly.

When he looked at the documents and the certificate that said Top Youth, he felt a little satisfaction in his heart.

Maybe it was an illusion?

Regardless, he was considered a Young Scholar.

He was probably the youngest.

After Lu Zhou returned to school, he was busy with the Ten Thousand People Initiative application. He had paused his graduation thesis and had only completed 1/15 of the system mission.

I cant keep doing this.

Lu Zhou looked at the Ten Thousand People Initiative certificate in his hand and shook his head.

I have to be more diligent.

Ill finish the thesis first.

It was too late to go to the library, so Lu Zhou pulled out his laptop and started writing on his desk in his dorm room.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open by Huang Guangming.

Shi Shang, who was tuning his guitar, looked at Huang Guangming and asked, Whats wrong with you?

Huang Guangming sighed and placed his backpack down. He had a sad expression on his face as he said, Nothing, its over.

Liu Rui was gloating when he added, Qian Hua?

Huang Guangming nodded heavily and sighed, Yeah, we were going to study together, but the results were unpleasant. I left.

Lu Zhou coughed and spoke.

Is it because of me?

Huang Guangming shook his head and said, No, I cant accept someone that bashes my friend

He smiled and continued, Who cares. Its not like anything substantial happened Shes a bit annoying anyway.

Shi Shang sighed and said, Wow, I think that your future relationships will be successful!

Huang Guangming felt a little better and he said, Thanks, Brother Fei, you always speak kindly.

Do you want me to play a song for you?

Huang Guangming quickly waved his hand, No, no, no, thats not necessary.

On the other hand, Lu Zhou felt bad.

He always thought that Qian Hua and Guangming was a good match.

They were both the optimistic type. Although they both had shortcomings, who did not?

Still, he was happy that his friend defended his research results.

Lu Zhou said, How about I buy you some food?

Huang Guangming immediately nodded and said, Sure.

Lu Zhou was surprised by the speed of his response.

Wow, he agreed quickly

Lu Zhou felt like he was being tricked