Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Thesis Submission

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Just when Lu Zhou finally thought that he could return to his normal campus lifestyle, the thesis for his twin prime conjecture was published in the latest Annual Mathematics journal.

The publication of this thesis finally gave his efforts an ending.

Soon after, he was reported by the news.

It was Huaguo Youth Daily that reported this incident.

The title was filled with information.

[Young scholar Lu Zhou won the Best Young Speaker Award at the Princeton Academic Conference and solved the world-class problem of the prime number conjecture]

It was a miracle that the article writer was able to come up with such an eye-grabbing title.

Huaguo Youth Daily also cited the evaluations of Lu Zhous thesis.

[This is an outstanding achievement. Now we can say with certainty that the twin prime numbers are infinite Pierre Deligne.]

Also, the article mentioned that Lu Zhou was selected as the younger member of the Ten Thousand People Initiative.

This immediately caused a sensation on the internet.

[F*ck, isnt a PhD the minimum threshold for the Ten Thousand People Initiative?]

[But how many doctors are as nutty as Lu Zhou?]

[Mathematics is really the field of geniuses]

[I wish I can get in]

[This study god is amazing!]

[Brother Lu defeated the Strongest Genius Student!]

[Save some for me]

Not only Weibo, but forums from major universities were also discussing this matter.

The University of Yans forum

[I just had a number theory class, and the lecturer told us about this guy. I wish I was there to watch him solve the conjecture]

[This qualification alone is worth a PhD right?]

[Correct, but hes too young. You cant just hand doctoral degrees out like candy.]

[F*ck, he must be a genius.]

[Even geniuses have to learn. But he doesnt learn the same way as you. I heard that the University of Jin Ling gave him a special talent training program so he could get double PhD degrees within the next three years.]

[Im so jealous.]

[This guy will probably receive the 2018 Fields Medal. Theres no point being jealous. Just switch to financial mathematics, pure mathematics is a dead end.]


In addition to major media, we-media also reported on Lu Zhou.

[Shocked! The twin prime number conjecture was proved by him!]

[He was going to make a presentation, but he was inspired and shocked the world!]

The reports on the Internet were overwhelming. Lu Zhou skimmed over them before deciding to lock himself in his bedroom and work on his graduation thesis.

He thought that if he went to the library, the people around him would not be able to focus.

Therefore, he decided not to make other students feel bad. Instead, he studied in his room.

He planned to go to the library after he finished his thesis. He was too busy to do the system mission at the moment.

However, he was not completely stuck in his dorm over the past three days. He went to Mrs. Yangs house on Sunday to help Han Mengqi with her math problems.

He did not go for the money. It was more of a way to relax his brain and think about simple problems.

Of course, he did not refuse the raise that Mrs. Yang offered.

It was still a sense of accomplishment.

His student turned from a dumb student to a genius, like she was a plant that he watered every day.

Of course, this was also due to Han Mengqis own talents. Anyone else would not have improved so quickly.

Lu Zhou previously thought that girls had a natural disadvantage in science and logic, but now it seemed that he was incorrect.

At least, Menqi improved her mathematics score by 20 within a semester. That was no small feat.

If it was not for the system, Lu Zhous own talent abilities would have been around the same as this little girl.

Regardless of what the media says, Lu Zhou always viewed himself as a hardworking person, not a talented person.

The reason he managed to get into the University of Jin Ling had nothing to do with whether or not he was a genius, but it was because of sweat, blood, and tears.

After the tutoring session ended, Lu Zhou wore an apron and went to cook in the kitchen. He made a dish of green pepper fried meat, and the girls favorite mapo tofu. This counted as an award for the girls test results.

Mrs. Yang had not returned from work yet, so the pair ate by themselves.

Lu Zhou started to chat with her about her studies.

Ive already reviewed the mathematics and physics textbook for you, and I pointed out the topics you need additional work on. I cant teach you much else. By June, you wont need me anymore.

She had to study by herself and further solidify her knowledge.

Han Mengqi whispered, Will you study abroad?

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Probably next year. The university plans on sending me to Princeton for a PhD, to allow me to go on a higher scientific research platform.

By next year, he would have earned a masters degree. The University of Jin Ling did not have much else to teach him.

It would be necessary for him to go to a higher education platform.

Han Mengqi looked a little sad as she asked, Oh, I see. Then, will you come back?

Lu Zhou joked and said, Of course, Ill probably come back as a professor.

Han Mengqi looked up and said, Really? Ill be a uni student by then. Can I be your masters student?

Lu Zhou was surprised, My masters student? You want to study pure mathematics?

Pure mathematics was not a good major, especially for girls.


Her family was wealthy, so it did not really matter.

Han Mengqi nodded energetically and said, Yes! I love pure mathematics!

You sure?

Im sure!

Lu Zhou placed his chopsticks down and said, Okay then, but I have to tell you, its not that easy. Youll have to get into at least a Top 40 university.

Han Mengqi said enthusiastically, Ill try my best!