Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Talk On Stage

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After the number theory lecture, Lu Zhou went to his complex functions lecture. After all, he was still enrolled in this class, plus his roommates were there.

During the lecture, when the teacher saw him sitting there, he asked him to teach instead.

Lu Zhou started talking about the complex plane and the Riemann sphere. Even though he was not very skilled at public speaking, it gradually became smoother.

However, he obviously ignored the abilities of the listeners.

While he was lecturing on stage, the students who were listening were all muddled.

Only a few people could keep up with his stage. For example, Luo Rundong. Others, like Liu Rui, could barely keep up.

the transformation function between -coordinates and -coordinates can be obtained by compounding one of the maps with the inverse of the other and can be obtained by a transformation. The unit sphere and the Riemann sphere are different from the same embryo.

Lu Zhou was constantly writing on the blackboard.

Now, even fewer people could keep up with his pace.

Most people started to feel lost.

For example, even Luo Rundong was staring at the blackboard with a confused expression.

Liu Rui stopped writing, and he whispered instead.

F*ck me, what is this sh*t?

Huang Guangming looked at the blackboard as well.

He was not confused because he was not listening at all.

Guangming, do you understand this?

Huang Guangming shook his head and said, Nope, Lu Zhou doesnt understand how dumb we are.

Liu Rui paused for a second.

He did not know what to say.

When Lu Zhou finished writing on the blackboard, he stood aside to let the students copy the notes.

The students in the first row took out their phones and started taking photos, but the other students did not bother to do anything.

The old professor, who stood aside, smiled and placed his vacuum flask down. He walked next to Lu Zhou and spoke.

Remember, this is in the exam.

The students moaned.

They looked at the blackboard and felt hopeless.

They did not know what to do.

Liu Rui was going crazy and Huang Guangming said to him, Its fine, Lu Zhou is coming back to our dorm anyway, so he can just teach us then.

Liu Rui ignored him.

He was not crazy because of how hard the content was.

It was because

He found out the gap between him and Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou could not attend any lectures, at least not mathematics ones.

After the complex functions lecture, Lu Zhou did not go to class again.

There was nothing that undergraduate classes could teach him. As usual, he went to the library instead.

His experience in the library gradually got better.

He refused a few thesis invitations, and fewer people bothered him.

After all, they had their own matters to attend to.

They could not stalk Lu Zhou all day.

This could also be due to the fact that Lu Zhou chose a low-key spot to sit at.

He devoted himself to his thesis.

Writing a thesis was actually a learning process for Lu Zhou.

In order to introduce Hilbert space into quantum mechanics and use mathematical problems to study the motion law of microscopic particles, he also studied a lot of theses and also attended several advanced graduate lectures in quantum mechanics.

University of Jin Lings theoretical physics department was highly rated, and the lectures were inspiring to Lu Zhou.

Of course, even though quantum mechanics was fascinating, mathematics was still his cup of tea.

Therefore, he used a more mathematical approach to his thesis.

He only slightly touched on the topic of quantum mechanics.

[A viscous approximation method for equilibrium problems and finite non-extension maps in Hilbert space.]

[Abstract: A new iterative format is introduced in the real Hilbert space, which uses the method of viscous approximation to approximate the common elements of the solution set. The equilibrium problem and the fixed point set of the finite non-extension map forms a strong convergence theorem.]

The abstract was the final stage of the thesis.

Finally finished!

Lu Zhou looked at the completed thesis and sighed in relief. He then entered the system space to check his mission progress.

Reward mission: Documents read (13/50).

From the mission completion details, it was clear how much effort he had put in.

Fortunately, he did not have to worry about the thesis.

He only had to hand in the thesis to Professor Tang.

After that, he could start making his PowerPoint presentation for the oral defense.

As for the submission, he planned to submit it to the [Advanced Theoretical and Mathematical Physics] journal.

This journal focused on physics and mathematics. It had an impact factor of 2.3, which was not high. However, he chose it because this journal was a core journal and was quite famous.

After completing the graduation thesis, Lu Zhou went to Professor Tangs office. As a second year, he handed over his final undergraduate assignment.

Inside the office

Professor Tang skimmed through Lu Zhous thesis and said, Your thesis puts forward many good points. There are many overlaps between the research on the real Hilbert space and my own research field, but I wont ask you technical questions. Just do well in the oral defense.

Lu Zhou nodded humbly and said, Thanks, professor.

Professor Tang smiled and said, Oh, youre afraid of my questions? Remember to work hard on your PowerPoint presentation. Theres quite a lot of judges that want to ask you questions.

Lu Zhou coughed and said, Professor, please have mercy.

I will, I will, said Professor Tang as he waved his hand and smiled. He continued, Dean Qin and I will give mercy, but the other two professors might not.

Lu Zhou carefully asked, Can I ask who are they?

Professor Tang said, Sure, one is academician Lu Shenjian from our school. The other is Xiang Huanan, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The fuck?

Even though Lu Zhou had not heard much about Xiang Huanan, he knew that he was a deputy director of the Mathematical Society. In short, the guy was famous in the field of algebraic group and functional analysis.

As for academician Lu Shenjian

He was a member of international cooperation groups such as BESIII and LHCb. In 2013, he discovered the four-quark state Zc (3900) in the Shanghai Electron Collider Test. This discovery was named the worlds top ten physics discovery of the year.

Although it was a great honor for these two big names to take time and critique an undergraduate students thesis, Lu Zhou only felt one thing.

I only want to get my undergraduate certificate, but not like this

Lu Zhou felt nervous.