Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 149

Chapter 149 A Person's Graduation


The oral defense score was released shortly after.

It was 100 marks, a perfect score.

Since the two academicians praised the oral defense, how could they not give it a perfect score?

In a sense, his oral defense level represented the upper limit of undergraduate students.

The school did not even do the “deduct a point so you don’t get cocky” thing because it was meaningless for Lu Zhou.

After all, Lu Zhou deserved to be cocky.

However, the perfect score did not matter too much, as anything above 90% would receive the stamp of “excellence”.

Although it was expected, Lu Zhou was still relieved to hear the perfect score.

His OCD personality would cause him to lose sleep if he received a 99.

When the degree certificate was issued, Professor Tang and Dean Qin were present. In addition, Dean Lu from the applied mathematics department and Professor Liu were also there to congratulate him.

There was only one student who participated in this graduation ceremony, Lu Zhou.

They stood in the school auditorium.

Dean Qin of mathematics department solemnly handed over the diploma and degree certificate to Lu Zhou.

“Lu Zhou, your academics have been stellar, and you have completed all your school credits.”

“After the reviews and appraisal from our school’s degree committee, you’re approved to graduate in advance and have a bachelor degree in science and a diploma in applied mathematics from University of Jin Ling.”

“I hope you can climb even higher on the road of academics, and create even more glory!”

Lu Zhou took the certificate and said, “Thank you, University of Jin Ling, for cultivating me, I’ll remember the education I received from the professors!”

Dean Qin smiled and nodded before he said, “Congratulations on your graduation. You’d take a break for a few days. Then complete the student registration for your master’s degree. Think about what direction you want to research, and which professor you want to research with.”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Sure.”

After the ceremony, the students from the student union came in and cleaned up the auditorium.

Lu Zhou was about to chat with Professor Tang, but he suddenly saw a familiar face walking toward him.

Lin Yuxiang wore a white dress and smiled at him as she said, “Congratulations, you already got your graduation certificate. I’m so happy for you.”

Lu Zhou smiled politely and said, “Thanks.”

Lin Yuxiang said, “Then, Lu Zhou, are you free later?”

Lu Zhou thought for a moment before answering her, “I don’t think so, I still have some stuff to do.”

Lin Yuxiang, “?”

Holding the diploma and degree certificate, Lu Zhou went to Professor Tang’s office.

Before Professor Tang could speak, the thin looking graduate student stood up and poured a cup of tea.

“Sir, please have some tea.”

Lu Zhou was almost embarrassed to be treated like this.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Hopefully, we can work together one day,” said the graduate student. He then sat back down and continued to work on his research.

Professor Tang looked at Lu Zhou and asked, “Why aren’t you celebrating with your friends? Why are you here?”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “The thing is, Professor Tang, I want to become your master’s student, don’t know if you have time”

Before Lu Zhou could finish, Professor Tang interrupted him.

“Don’t ask me, I won’t accept you.”

Lu Zhou was surprised at his answer and he could not understand why.

Professor Tang looked at his confused face and smiled as he explained, “Because, with your ability, you can do your own research. Honestly speaking, I’ve nothing to teach you in the field of functional analysis. As for number theory, it’s not my cup of tea. You have to do the research yourself, and this can’t be taught by others.”


Lu Zhou wanted to say something, but he was once again interrupted by Professor Tang.

Professor Tang sighed and said, “Speaking of which, while our University of Jin Ling is one of the best schools in Asia, there isn’t a single academician here who can help you. I wish I could recommend to you someone, but unfortunately, University of Jin Ling’s mathematics department can’t help you. You have to find a higher platform to do scientific research.”

Lu Zhou did not speak.

Professor Tang then said, “The domestic academic community is very strong. You might not be able to sense or feel it, but from your rate of improvement, I believe that you’ll soon be able to see it.”

“I’ve been teaching for so many years, outside of academics, I really can’t help you with anything else. I might even delay you. If you want to develop domestically, academician Lu Shenjian is a good choice. Anyway, don’t you want to pursue mathematical physics? You’re already an adult, I think you don’t need my advice anymore. Your future, your choice.”

Lu Zhou did not speak for a long time as he did not know what to say.

After a while, he said, “Thanks for the advice I’ll seriously consider your suggestion.”

‘Alright, go consider it. But just remember, you can’t do research under my wing,” said Professor Tang with a smile.

Lu Zhou smiled as well. He suddenly remembered something and asked, “Professor, can you please do me a favor?”

Professor Tang smiled and asked, “What favor?”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “I want to take a graduation gown photo, for my parents.”

Lu Zhou felt like something was missing.

It would be a great loss if he did not get a handsome graduation photo.

Professor Tang smiled and said, “That’s it? Okay, no problem. Oi, Xiao Wang, take Lu Zhou to get a graduation gown. Oh yeah, don’t you have a DSLR? Take a few photos of him while you’re at it.”

The master’s student that poured Lu Zhou tea said, “Okay, professor. Let’s go, Lu Zhou.”

“It’s fine, just lend me the gown.”

Xiao Wang said, “It’s fine, it’s just a photo.” He then walked with Lu Zhou out of the office.