Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Moving Rooms

Chapter 150: Moving Rooms
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Xiao Wang borrowed a bachelors gown from the faculty and took Lu Zhou to the old campus in Professor Tangs car.

According to Xiao Wang, all students from the University of Jin Ling should check out the old campus. They took this opportunity to take a few graduations photos here.

They then went to the north building, the auditorium, the south lawns, and finally, they finished taking the graduation photos.

As they sat in the car, Xiao Wang said, Ill edit the photos and send them to your WeChat. You can then print them out at the place near our school.

Lu Zhou replied, Thanks.

Xiao Wang smiled and said, No need to thank me. I can now brag that I was the one that helped Lu Zhou take his graduation photos.

Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly.

This makes sense.

I mean, Im so handsome, he can use my photos as a reference.

After returning to the new campus, Lu Zhou got out of the car.

As for the borrowed gown, Xiao Wang said he would return it for Lu Zhou, so Lu Zhou left it in the car.

Xiao Wang had to give Professor Tang back his car, so the two separated.

As Lu Zhou stood in front of the school gate, he suddenly thought of something. He took out his phone and took a photo of the University of Jin Ling and his certificate.

He then opened Weibo.

Lu Zhou typed a caption and pressed Send.

The caption was only one sentence.

[Finally graduated.]

He had 300 thousand followers now and had decent engagement.

Within five minutes, the comments started to come in.

[F*ck, arent you a second year? Already graduated?]

[This is expected, Im not surprised.]

[The University of Jin Ling finally opened their eyes and let this god graduate.]

[Please have mercy on us masters students!]

[Did the study god receive an offer from Princeton? When do you plan on going?]

Lu Zhou looked at his fans comments and smiled.

He then turned off Weibo and stuffed his phone back into his pocket.

He returned to his dorm with the degree certificate and diploma.

The second Lu Zhou went in the door, his three friends circled him.

Zhou, you got the diploma?

Lu Zhou replied, I got it.

Shi Shang grabbed the diploma and degree certificate before he said, Let me look at it. Zhou. What were you thinking when you took this degree identification photo? Did you not think to photoshop it?

Lu Zhou replied, You looked the same after military training.

The photo of Shi Shang after his military training was embarrassing.

Shi Shang said, Hey, Im not like you. I can show you, I looked handsome.

Lu Zhou said, F*ck off, stop talking about my photo. Do you still want the benefits?

Huang Guangming was interested, Benefits? What benefits?

Liu Rui looked at Lu Zhou. He was curious as well.

Lu Zhou did not say anything. Instead, he reached and took out the textbooks in his drawer. He said, I dont need these anymore, so take them as a gift.

He gave Huang Guangming two books.

Take them.

Huang Guangming looked at the two books and was stunned.

Lu Zhou said, These applied mathematics and probability textbooks are yours. Try your best to study them. Mathematics is a broad subject, whether its pure or statistics, you have to apply yourself.

Thank Thank you.

Lu Zhou looked at Liu Rui and gave him two books as well.

Liu Rui, these two complex analysis and differential equation books are yours, good luck.

Liu Rui smiled as he said with a trembling voice, Thank you

No need to thank me, I hope you can reach your own expectations, said Lu Zhou as he patted his shoulder.

Then, Lu Zhou looked at Shi Shang.

And, Brother Fei, these two are yours.

Shi Shang took the two books from Lu Zhou. He was about to say something when Huang Guangming suddenly shouted.

But Lu Zhou Why are there no notes written on these textbooks?

What was the point of an unwritten textbook?

Lu Zhou had an awkward expression. He suddenly remembered that he studied these courses with library books, so he did not use his own textbooks.


Lu Zhou coughed and said, Youve to fill in the notes yourself. The reason I gave you these books is so that you can follow my path

Damn, I dont know what to say.

Should I confess?

Lu Zhou had an awkward expression.

Suddenly, Shi Shang replied with a serious tone.

I understand, thank you.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Even though the textbooks did not have notes in them, they still contained Lu Zhous signature.

If Lu Zhou won the Fields Medal one day, the textbooks could be worth a lot!

So the three roommates were still satisfied.

However, they did not receive the books for free.
They said that they would buy Lu Zhou dinner after he graduated.

It was just in time for dinner, so they all went to the fish restaurant outside the school.

Shi Shang ordered some food and only one box of beer.

They were originally going to order two boxes, but the waiter would not sell them two. He said that he would give them another box after they finished drinking.

Shi Shang finally gave up.

When the food arrived, the atmosphere was a little sad.

The four friends would soon become three friends. Everyone ate and drank but they did not talk much.

Finally, after a few bottles of beer, Shi Shang asked, Zhou, you already got your bachelors degree, what do you plan on doing next? Are you going to continue studying?

Lu Zhou said, The school has set up a personal talent development plan for me. The goal is to get a double PhD from University of Jin Ling and Princeton.

Liu Rui was envious when he said, Double PhD I heard Princetons mathematics department is very prestigious.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Yeah, so its not easy.

Shi Shang toasted Lu Zhou and asked, Then When do you plan on moving?

Lu Zhou was slightly stunned.


Shi Shang sighed and said, Yeah, but dont worry, Ill reserve your bed for you.

Ill go to Princeton next year, so I still have one more year left at the University of Jin Ling. I have to get my masters degree first, said Lu Zhou. He paused for a moment before continuing, Are you asking about moving dorm rooms? Dean Qin asked if I wanted to move to a graduate dorm room, but I said its too much of a hassle, and my room now is fine.

The graduate student dorms were a three people room, so the difference was not too big. Lu Zhou was not a particularly picky person, so he did not care.

Furthermore, he did not want to live with two strangers.

He liked 201.

Shi Shang:

Huang Guangming:

Liu Rui:

Lu Zhou saw his three friends went silent.


Why arent you guys talking?