Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Witnessing History?

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Lu Zhou admitted that he should not have let his friends paid for this meal.

However, since they made him paid for dinners so many times, it should be their turn?

Everyone continued to drink.

They did not stop.

Clearly, they wanted to get Lu Zhou drunk.

However, Lu Zhou was not worried because the first person to get wasted was always Liu Rui.

This time, as usual, Liu Rui was carried back to the dorms

After the oral defense, Lu Zhou took a break for a few days. He had to give his body a rest for the upcoming master’s student life.

The student status was soon sorted out.

Just like this, Lu Zhou was a student of the University of Jin Ling again.

Except that, this time, he was a master’s student.

After some serious consideration, Lu Zhou listened to Professor Tang’s suggestion and studied his master’s degree under Professor Lu Shenjian.

First of all, he wanted to further develop mathematical physics. Secondly, Professor Tang was correct. He had not fully experienced China’s academic circle, so he had to expand his perspective.

Normal people could not even imagine how deep this perspective was.

Logically speaking, if he wanted to climb to a higher level of academics, having an academician as his tutor for the master’s degree would be very helpful. For example, in order to declare a large-scale national project, he had to have an academician’s amnesty. Whether it was to ask for money or to consult policies, it would definitely be better than fighting alone.

As an academician’s student, he would also have opportunities to learn the frontier of knowledge, which Lu Zhou was the most eager for.

Due to these reasons, Lu Zhou applied to be a graduate student of Professor Lu Shenjian.

Professor Lu Shenjian welcomed Lu Zhou.

He had not taken on a graduate student in a long time. He had no energy or time, but when he saw Lu Zhou’s abilities in theoretical physics, he decided to accept his request.

Theoretical physics was a high-level discipline, especially the field of particle physics. It revealed the mysteries of the universe at a scale of 10^-18 meters.

Mathematics was also an important tool for studying particle physics.

The combination of the two would produce unexpected results.

Therefore, Lu Zhou chose the imaginative direction of mathematical physics.

Professor Lu Shenjian was looking forward to working with him.

Laboratory building

Lu Zhou reported to Professor Lu Shenjian as he began his master’s degree studies.

Professor Lu Shenjian gave him a brief introduction to the situation and what to do as a master’s student.

“ You’ve accomplished a lot in areas such as number theory and functional analysis. I don’t understand number theory, but the mathematical tools of functions and algebra are very helpful for theoretical physics research. Since you’ve chosen mathematics physics as your main research direction, then my advice to you is to go to to a few physics lectures, either undergraduate or graduate, or read a few textbooks. This way, you can fill in the gaps in your physics knowledge.”

Professor Lu Shenjian paused for a second before saying, “Oh yeah, did you publish your thesis?”

Lu Zhou replied, “I already submitted it to [Progress in Theory and Mathematical Physics].

The thesis had just passed the review process and had now entered the peer review stage.

Depending on the situation, it would be passed either this month or next month.

In any case, the journal was bi-monthly, so it would take at least 2 months for him to see the thesis.

Professor Lu Shenjian nodded and said, “I’m also subscribed to this journal. It’s a good journal. I’ve read your thesis, and the ideas that you put forward are good. If the reviewer is engaged in quantum mechanics research, they’ll definitely see the academic value of the paper. It’ll probably be accepted.”

The professor continued, “I’ve different requirements for your master’s degree than others. If you want to graduate, you’ll have to publish at least two SCI theses in the field of mathematical physics.”

Lu Zhou immediately asked, “Does this one count?”

If it counted, he only had to submit one SCI thesis.

Then he might get his master’s degree by the end of the year.


The professor smiled and nodded as he said, “It counts. But don’t rush to graduate, you still have a lot to learn. Do more projects and accumulate some scientific research experience. I’ve already seen the talent development plan that the school has given to you, so I’ll definitely let you graduate by this time next year.”

He implied that as long as Lu Zhou completed the requirements, he would allow Lu Zhou to graduate by this time next year, but no sooner.

Embarrassed, Lu Zhou smiled.

He wanted to get his master’s degree early, but since his supervisor said so, he did not insist further.

Anyway, a year was short, and he could do projects under the academician’s wing.

“About your training program, I made a class schedule for you. Just take the classes according to the schedule. Also, one more thing.”

The professor paused for a second before he said, “You might have known that I’m one of the leaders of the LHC China group. The “pentaquark” has entered the final and most critical stage.”

“Now, the upgrade of the European Hadron Collider has been completed. Hopefully, the experiment will restart after the May meeting. I’ll go to the European Nuclear Research Center in Switzerland at the end of April to participate in the meeting.”

Professor Lu Shenjian smiled and continued, “If you can pass my exam by April, I might be able to bring you along with me.”

The theory of the pentaquark was first proposed by the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences in Russia in 1997. However, even Pollykov, who proposed this theory, was skeptical about the theory.

In around 2003, in the experiment on the spring-8 of the Synchrotron Radiation Facility of Osaka University, the existence of the pentaquark was briefly observed. However, in the Hadron Collider, no evidence was found. So, whether the quark particle existed or not had always been a controversial topic.

In 2013, the BESIII International Cooperation Group led by the Chinese state discovered the tetraquark in the experiment of the Shanghai Electron Collider. The experiment on the tetraquark was about to be executed by the LHCb International Cooperation Group.

If what Professor Lu Shenjian said was real, Lu Zhou would be able to witness history.

Lu Zhou undoubtedly wanted to go to that meeting.

From the tone of the professor’s voice, the April exam was going to be difficult.

Lu Zhou coughed and asked, “Professor, can you at least give me a syllabus for the exam?”

“Syllabus? Sure,” said Professor Lu. He smiled and said, “The syllabus is particle physics, go and study it.”

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Motherf*cker, what kind of syllabus is this?

Can you be any less vague?