Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 152

Chapter 152 You Do It Or I Do It?

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Normally, the academicians were very busy.

Studying under an academician meant a lot more free time compared to studying under a professor.

Lu Zhou soon realized this.

There were six tables in the office, one of which belonged to Professor Lu Shenjian. The other five belonged to Lu Zhou and four other PhD students.

Most of the time, this office was empty.

The University of Jin Ling did not have a particle collider, so most experiments were done in Beijing. The man himself was a member of international cooperative organizations such as BESIII and LHCb. He often had to attend various meetings all over the country.

Lu Zhou calculated that he had only seen Professor Lu Shenjian a handful of times since he became a masters student.

The old man only gave him a vague syllabus, and he did not teach Lu Zhou at all. Lu Zhou was supposed to study by himself.

Lu Zhou went to a lot of physics lectures and became familiar with a few physics professors.

He had to plan his own study rhythm.

What was the difference between this and studying his bachelors?

He could not feel a difference.

However, this was good as Lu Zhou was used to his own studying pace. If someone was rushing him and making him do homework every day, he would feel uncomfortable.

Every day, he would either read the system missions booklist or some quantum mechanics textbooks or he might attend to a few lectures on theoretical physics.

The thirty focus capsules were very helpful and they helped him a lot.

Theoretical physics was only a third of the book list, and it was concentrated in condensed matter physics, with some relation to molecular chemistry and chemical materials.

This was obvious from the mission reward experience distribution.

After a whole month of effort, Lu Zhou finally completed the missions reading section.

[Book reading (15/15), documents reading (50/50), one set of experiments (0/1)]

Standing in the pure white system space, Lu Zhou looked at the semi-transparent information panel and sighed.

Theres only one experiment left.

The experimental was about the real-time observation of lithium dendrite formation in lithium-ion battery electrodes. This experiment required the use of a digital microscope with timed photo function and the assembly of LiFePO4/graphite batteries in an argon-filled glove box. The BK-6808 battery test system was electrochemically tested and observed under a digital microscope.

He had no experience in material chemistry experimentation, so this undoubtedly was a hell of a challenge. Fortunately, he had someone to help him.

Lu Zhou looked at the mission rewards one last time before he exited the system space.

After exiting the system space. Lu Zhou took out his phone and called Liu Bo.

Lu Zhou said hello and expressed his desires.

After listening to Lu Zhous request, Liu Bo asked, You want to borrow the lab?

Lu Zhou replied, Yeah, is it ok?

Liu Bo asked, Its fine, its just Why do you suddenly want to do this experiment?

I read some literature regarding this topic recently and developed an interest. I want to understand it through experiments.

Lu Zhou made up a reason.

After all, he was only following the systems directions.

Liu Bo agreed quickly, Okay then. Were doing research on electrode materials as well. If youre interested, you can come over to the lab tomorrow and Ill help you with the experiment.

Lu Zhou, Thank you so much!

Liu Bo smiled and said, Youre welcome!

With Liu Bo helping him, this experiment was in the bag.

Normally, the labs had to be reserved in advance. You also had to do a report on the experimental content and equipment used.

After all, the lab equipment was not toys. It was worth millions of dollars.

However, for Liu Bo, lending him the equipment for the experiment was no big deal.

The carbon nanomaterials project team led by Professor Li was influential. It received funds from the country and from companies, so it was easy to book a lab.

Were doing electrode material experiments as well. If youre interested, how about you join our project team? said Liu Bo while they were walking through the lab corridor.

He really wanted Lu Zhous talents.

If it was before, Lu Zhou would have accepted in a heartbeat. However, he was no longer an undergraduate student. He had his own research to do now.

Also, materials science seemed kind of flaky

Lu Zhou replied, Its fine, I still have other things to do. I might have to go to Switzerland in May, so I dont have the time.

Liu Bo scratched his head and said, I almost forgot that youre a masters student now. Not bad, Lu Zhou, your advancements are impressive. Are you interested in taking the masters yearly award?

Lu Zhou coughed and said, I already received the undergraduate one, surely they cant give it to the same person twice?

They could, you never know, said Liu Bo with a smile. He opened the lab door and said, Come in, its here.

The laboratory door opened.

Brother Qian was also inside, and he was playing with a piece of equipment that looked like an oven. The sides had water dispensers installed, so it looked a bit strange.

If Lu Zhou recalled correctly, this thing was a BK-6808 rechargeable battery tester. Not only did it have its own data processing system, but it could also automatically plot voltage/time, current/time, internal resistance/time and superposition curve and Cycle diagrams.

It was not cheap.

In comparison, Xiao Ai was not too greedy.

Lu Zhou sighed in his heart and walked forward.

Brother Qian wore a white lab coat as well, but he looked a lot more professional than Liu Bo. He turned around and looked at Lu Zhou.

He then pushed his glasses and asked, The experimental equipment is ready. Should I do it or you do it?