Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 154

Chapter 154 The First Wreckage

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After eating dinner at the cafeteria, Lu Zhou returned to his dorm with a stack of A4 papers and a USB drive.

He climbed up into his bed and as he laid in it, he entered into the system space.

[Congratulations, User, for completing the reward mission!]

[Mission completion details is as follows: Complete reading book list (15/15), complete reading documents (50/50), complete set of the experiment (1/1).]

[Final mission evaluation: None (Reward missions have no evaluation)]

[Mission reward: 8000 physics experience points, 4000 biochemistry experience points. Debris.]

Lu Zhou looked at the line of text on the information screen and relaxed.

He had finally completed this mission.

He could finally know what the debris was.

However, there was no hurry in finding out.

Lu Zhou looked at the information screen and demanded, System, open my characteristic panel.

The system opened his characteristic panel.

The information screen flashed.


Core science:

A. Mathematics: Level 3 (4000/100000)

B. Physics: Level 2 (3100/10000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 1 (4000/10000)

D. Engineering: Level 1 (0/10000)

E. Materials science: Level 1 (3000/10000)

F. Energy science: Level 1 (0/10000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (2900/10000)

General points: 1975


He leveled up his physics. The next level needed 50k experience points, which was much harder to obtain.

Lu Zhou looked at his characteristic panel. He then quickly turned his eyes to his inventory.

He was shocked.

A tubular object was in his inventory, and it was the size of an index finger.


No, it looks like

It was slightly larger than a AA battery, and he could see the positive and negative sign on both ends. However, the battery was slightly bent in the middle.

Lu Zhou reached out with his hand and took the thing out of the screen. He slowly examined it but did not find anything special.

Is it just a AA battery? Why would the system give me this?

Lu Zhou looked at it for a while. He was confused.

At least the coke was branded Future.

However, this battery was brandless, and there were no clues.

Lu Zhou calmed down and started to think carefully.

It made no sense that the reward mission would give him useless garbage.

He thought about the mission while he looked at the battery. He guessed that it might be the legendary lithium-air battery?

Or at least a concept of it.

If that was the case, then this debris would be incredible. This battery would have high research value, but Lu Zhou did not know how to maximize the value of it.

Selling it for cash?

Sounds like a good plan.

If he could prove the value of this battery, someone would definitely buy it. The problem was that Lu Zhou could not explain the origin of the battery.

He could not explain the materials used or the damage of the battery. He could not explain anything.

If he could not sell it, he would just have to do research on it himself.

The technology inside the battery could be deduced by reverse engineering. He could pull out the positive and negative materials, and then collect the residual elements from the wall of the tube to reverse the composition of the electrolyte.

If the battery was really a lithium-air battery, and he could figure out how to protect the lithium negative electrode material in this battery, then the entire mobile phone industry would go nuts.

Lu Zhou said to himself, If only I had a way to identify this negative electrode material

Reverse engineering was very difficult.

In order to reverse engineer the material, he had to use an atomic absorption spectrometer to identify the content of each element in the material and then used the scanning electron microscope to observe the structure of the sample surface. Then, he had to analyze the fine structure inside the sample through transmission electron microscopy.

Only then could he identify the material.

Also, the instruments needed would cost millions of yuan.

All in all, this was about money.

It could be a good choice to work with others. For example, Professor Li could help him with the experiment.

However, he still had to do most of the work himself. After all, it was still his experiment.

Lu Zhou looked at the debris and sighed.

I wish I have my own laboratory.

Ill have to leave this sample in the system space until then.

I still have to continue my life, even though I dont have money for a lab.

He placed the debris aside and looked at the mission panel.

He took a deep breath before he opened the mission list.


Mission 1: Knowledge is money

Description: The development of civilization is inseparable from the development of energy technology. Once the battery is mastered, it will grasp the key to the new era.

Requirements: Analyze the technology in Residue 1, generate at least one technical patent, and obtain at least 10 million RMB profit through patent.

Reward: 10,000 materials science experience points, 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket. (85% garbage, 12% sample, 3% blueprints.)



Mission 2: Witness of History

Description: The establishment of the standard model has predicted the world a hundred years in the future. What we need to do now is to restore the theory in the experiment.

Requirements: Join the China LHCb group and participate in the research on the pentaquark project.

Reward: 1??? Physics experience points (determined by participation). 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket. (100% sample)



Mission 3: Creating History

Description: The development of condensed matter physics can make our tools harder, our engines stronger, and our buildings taller. Use theoretical physics to ignite the spark of condensed matter physics!

Requirements: Blow up the Large Hadron Collider.

Reward: 1??? Physics experience points (determined by the degree of damage). 500 General points. One lucky draw ticket. (100% blueprints)


Lu Zhou:

This high tech system should be called a destruction system.

Sometimes, it would give out some crazy missions.

He ignored the third mission.

Lu Zhou was contemplating between Mission 1 and Mission 2.

At first glance, he wanted to choose Mission 1, but he did not have the ability nor the funds to do reverse engineering.

As for Mission 2

Professor Lu Shenjian told him that he could come to the Switzerland meeting, but he did not say that Lu Zhou could join the China LHCb group.

What do I do?

Lu Zhou hesitated for a moment before he finally made up his mind and chose Mission 2.

The opportunity to witness history was just around the corner.

It would be a pity if he missed it.