Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Lhcb Intern

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When Professor Lu Shenjian saw that Lu Zhou stopped writing, he smiled and asked, You answered the previous two questions, why cant you answer this one?

Lu Zhou raised his head and said, Professor, have you researched string theory before?

Professor Lu Shenjian smiled and answered, Im asking for your opinion, why does it matter if I have researched it before? Just write what you want.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Then can I just say it out loud?

The professor smiled and said, Yeah, go ahead.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit before he decided to tackle this question from two perspectives.

This is just my personal opinion. I agree with Mr. Yangs point of view for the development of string theory. Physics is an experiment-based science, and theories cannot be confirmed only by mathematical representations.

The core idea of string theory is that the fundamental unit of nature is not point-like particles such as electrons, photons, neutrinos, or quarks, but a very small one-dimensional string. And all of the basic particles in nature are produced by the vibration of the string. But so far our understanding of matter is still at the microscopic particle level, and no one can really see the existence of the string. The only assumptions that support these assumptions are mathematical formulas that look beautiful.

Professor Lu Shenjian smiled and asked, So you think that the development of string theory is useless?

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, Of course not. String theory isnt useless.

The professor was interested, and he asked, Why?

Many theories are based on conjectures, like the establishment of the standard model. As technology advances, these theories will one day be tested. We just have to wait for string theory to be tested.

Lu Zhou paused and smiled before he then continued, Also, humans have to look at it from the long term perspective. Isnt the research on quantum chromodynamics and even the large Hadron colliders in Europe established to test standard models? We cant observe it right now, but one day someone will see the string for us.

A moment of silence passed.

Professor Lu tapped his fingers on the table. After a while, he nodded, Not bad.

Not bad means passed?

Just in case, Lu Zhou asked him.

Professor, did I pass these three questions?

Professor Lu Shenjian smiled and commented, Of course, the first two questions are completely correct. It seems that Ive taught you well over the past two months.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Wait, you taught me?

The professor did not notice Lu Zhous expression, and he continued to speak, As for the last question, it was a free marks question. Exploring academic issues is subjective, no matter how you answered it, I wouldve accepted the answer.

Lu Zhou smiled and asked, Then, Professor, will you take me to Switzerland?

Professor Lu Shenjian smiled and nodded his head, Of course, Ill prepare the necessary documents for you. Try to get your visa as soon as possible.

Thank you, professor!

Professor Lu smiled and replied, Youre welcome. After all, this is what I promised you. Oh yeah, one more thing.

Lu Zhou asked, What is it?

Academician Lu, The China LHCb research group still needs a few interns. Are you interested?

Lu Zhou was shocked by his question.

He had not expected himself to be this lucky

LHCb was the abbreviation for the bottom quark detector. It was an international research organization. Many international researchers participated to accomplish a single research project.

For now, the main research focus of the LHCb was to find the pentaquark particle Pc+.

Even with massive amounts of computational analyses, it was still uncertain as to what this particle was. However, what everyone knew was that the invariant mass spectrum analysis passed J/p, and the mass of this particle is around 4.5 GeV.

However, it was a pity that the Beslll International Cooperation Group, which was dominated by China, used the Beijing Electron-Positive Collider. The energy zone was between 1-4.5 GeV, which was outside of the limit of the Pc+.

In order to create a Pc+ particle, one would need at least 6GeV of energy.

Therefore, the Chinese researchers had to conduct research at China in order to find that mysterious particle.

The China Cooperation Group was mainly managed by professors from the University of Shuimu, but all Chinese universities could participate. Professor Lu Shenjian was also one of the leaders of the China Cooperation Group. Their main objective was to research particle physics.

Lu Zhou joined the China research group as an intern. Even though it was a small role, he was still contributing to history.

Lu Zhou was excited to witness history.

Of course, he was even more excited about the mission experience point awards.

This was definitely more exciting than the Princeton mathematics conference. He wondered how many experience points he would get.

Fifty thousand?

A hundred thousand?

Hopefully, he could level up his physics to level 3.

Suddenly, Shi Shang interrupted his thought process.

Zhou, what are you smiling about?

Lu Zhou, who was applying for a visa on his computer, coughed and said, Haha, nothing, I just thought of something interesting.

Huang Guangming walked over and looked at the computer screen. He then asked in surprised, Passport? Youre leaving the country again?

Lu Zhou nodded, Yeah, around early May. Im going to Switzerland with Professor Lu Shenjian.

Liu Rui was doing his homework when he said, Youre too good, too good.

He was used to Lu Zhous shenanigans.

Still, sometimes, he still felt hopeless. He was so behind.

Huang Guangming was shocked, F*ck, going to Europe this time? Is it a mathematics conference?

Lu Zhou smiled and said humbly, Not mathematics, this time its for physics. Im just going with my boss. Im only doing miscellaneous work.

Huang Guangming did not believe it.

Shi Shang suddenly said with an embarrassed tone, Lu Zhou, can you please do me a favor?

Lu Zhou generously responded, What favor, say it.

Shi Shang smiled and asked, Can you bring something back from Switzerland for me?

Lu Zhou, What thing?

Shi Shang, Valmont makeup I think its called Valmont.

Huang Guangming was surprised, F*ck, you use makeup?

F*ck off! Its for my girlfriend Uh, Ill pay you back.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Sure, Ill buy it for you if I see it.

Lu Zhou was happy to help his friend.

Speaking of which, should I buy some local products from Europe?

Whats there in Switzerland? Swiss army knives? I wonder if I can bring it on the plane

Lu Zhou could not come up with anything to buy.

I guess Ill just buy some milk powder, Xiao Tong is about to enter the senior year of high school, she needs good nutrition.

As a brother, this is all I can do for her.