Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Arrived In Switzerland

Chapter 157: Arrived In Switzerland!
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On Sunday, as per usual, Lu Zhou went to Mrs. Yangs house to tutor her daughter.

During dinner, he remembered that he would depart for Switzerland, so he casually mentioned it.

Im going to Europe for a few days. I dont know how long Im staying there. I already gave you all of the necessary study materials, its up to you to study yourself.

Even though he was not leaving next week, he still had to do a lot of preparations for his trip. He would not have the time to tutor her.

Han Mengqi asked curiously, Europe? What are you doing in Europe?

Im participating in the LHCb project.

Han Mengqi asked, LHCb?

Lu Zhou explained casually, The Large Hadron Collider is on the border between Switzerland and France, near the European Nuclear Research Organization.

Han Mengqis eyes widened, European Nuclear Research Organization? Isnt that SERN?

Lu Zhou replied, SERN? Its CERN.

Han Mengqi was suddenly serious and she said, Please be careful, this might be a conspiracy.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

What is this girl on?

Lu Zhou changed the subject and asked, Is there anything you want? I can buy it for you.

Han Mengqi shook her head, No, its fine.

Lu Zhou asked, Are you not interested in makeup and skincare?

Speaking of which, he rarely saw her playing with makeup, but she did have a lot of plush toys.

My moms company does makeup and fashion, and she goes to Europe every two months, do you not know? said Han Mengqi nonchalantly.


Lu Zhou suddenly realized that his offer was stupid.

After Lu Zhou joined the LHCb organization as an intern, the organization did not ask him to carry out specific scientific research tasks. Lu Zhou felt like this was because of his lack of knowledge in quantum chromodynamics.

Therefore, he began to read quantum chromodynamic theses.

In the meantime, a big event happened in the world of mathematics.

The German god, Schultz, successfully solved the special case of the Weight-monodromy conjecture and published it in the latest issue of Annual Mathematics journal.

Also, he used his own P.S theory to solve this algebraic conjecture.

Not only did he prove a world-class mathematics conjecture, but he also proved the value of his P.S theory.

In less than a year, he had fulfilled his conference announcement, Solving Delignes conjecture with my own theory.

There was no suspense for the Cole Prize in number theory as the twin prime conjecture undoubtedly dominated the field of number theory in 2015.

The Cole Prize in algebra was also decided by the release of this thesis.

Many people on foreign mathematics forums had begun to discuss the potential winner of the 2018 Fields Medal. It would probably be one of these two people.

However, Lu Zhou did not pay much attention to this matter.

He was unfamiliar with algebraic theory as he had only briefly studied it.

As for the thesis, he did not have time to read it.

Finally, it was May.

Professor Lu Shenjian took Lu Zhou and left for Geneva on Friday.

There was also another researcher from the University of Jin Ling. Professor Lu had brought a PhD student. However, this student already arrived in Switzerland last month.

There were no direct flights to Switzerland from Jin Ling, so the pair had to transfer at Shanghai to Zurich.
After more than ten hours of flying, the airplane finally landed on the runway.

Outside of the airport, Lu Zhou saw the PhD student standing next to a black Volkswagen.

The student said, Hello, Ive heard a lot about you. Youre quite famous. My name is Yan Xinjue, you can just call me Yan.

Lu Zhou humbly replied, Just call me Lu Zhou. Im not that famous, nothing worth mentioning.

Yan Xinjue smiled and said, Dont be so humble. You might be the winner of the next Fields Medal. The University of Jin Ling is rooting for you.

Youre giving me so much pressure.

Lu Zhou did actually feel the pressure. His competitor, the German guy named Schultz published more than a dozen theses and already won numerous awards.

Meanwhile, Lu Zhou had yet to win a single mathematical award. Yet.

Yan Xinjue smiled and patted Lu Zhous shoulder.

Its good to have some pressure. It motivates you. Ive already arranged a hotel. Lets go. Get in the car.

He took Professor Lu Shenjians luggage and placed it in the trunk. He then returned to the drivers seat and started the engine.

Lu Zhou sat in the back row while Professor Lu Shenjian was riding shotgun.

Professor Lu Shenjian looked at the car and asked casually, This cars not bad. Where did you get it?

Yan Xinjue smiled and said, I borrowed it from Professor Grayer.

Professor Lu Shenjian, Not bad, hows the project going?

Yan Xinjue replied while driving, The head of LHCb Europe asked for a Dalitz plot analysis of the resonance state of the baryon decay.

The professor shook his head, This isnt good.

Lu Zhou asked, What is not good?

Yan Xinjue shrugged and said, Because the discovery of the pentaquark is a foregone conclusion. Weve been doing theoretical analysis since last year at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory and the Moscow Institute of Experimental Physics in Russia. I found the indirect evidence of the existence of this thing. Im confident that I can find this thing.

Lu Zhou asked, Then why are you still doing experiments?

Yan Xinjue replied, So I can publish more theses. The country pays for it anyway. Doing an experiment at the LHC is expensive. It cost a couple of millions just to rotate some particles.