Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Assignment Of Tasks

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The hotel was located in the outskirts of Zurich. The name of the hotel was in French and it translated to a tulip. The decoration was low-key, but it was a five-star hotel.

The tickets and travel expenses were reimbursed, so they booked a more luxurious hotel.

Lu Zhou realized that not only that Yan Xinjue was humble, but the guy was also impressive.

He was one of four PhD students that Professor Lu Shenjian took on, and he was famous in Chinas field of theoretical physics.

He was in the BESIII International Cooperation Organization. When he discovered the tetraquark particle, he worked on the full spectrum analysis of the experimental results.

However, mathematics was different than physics. For this kind of large-scale international research project, everyones contribution was important.

However, the discovery of the tetraquark was named Best Physics Research Discovery of the Year. This guy was nutty.

Like Professor Lu Shenjian, Yan Xinjue was also a full member of the LHCb cooperative organization, which was higher than the position of an intern.

After arriving at the hotel, Yan Xinjue parked the car and helped Professor Lu Shenjian carried his luggage to the hotel.

He started to talk about tomorrows schedule.

Its around 270km from here to Geneva, so well get some breakfast tomorrow morning and well arrive there by lunch.

Lu Zhou asked, Why dont we just take a plane instead?

Yan Xinjue smiled and said, Plane? Switzerland is tiny, driving is more convenient.

Lu Zhou guessed that the guy was obsessed with driving.

They did not speak again that night.

In the morning, the three went on the road. As per what Yan Xinjue said, they arrived there by lunchtime.

The found a restaurant in this United Nations City and got some food. They then drove to the headquarters of the European Organization for Nuclear Research on the Swiss-French border, the so-called CERN.

They parked the car in front of a modern hotel. While Lu Zhou was dragging his suitcase, he suddenly saw an old man walking over.

Welcome, my friend from China, said the old man with a smile. He extended his right arm and shook hands with Professor Lu Shenjian. He then said to Lu Zhou, You look new. A student?

Lu Zhou smiled and shook his head, Hi, Im Lu Zhou.

Grayer, said Professor Grayer as he nodded with a smile. He continued, Ive heard of your name before, from my friends in Princeton. Regardless, you guys must be tired, Ill take you to your rooms.

Professor Lu Shenjian smiled and said, Yeah, Im getting old, its not the same.

Everyone gets old, that is inevitable This way.

The three rooms were connected together. The entire sixth floor was filled with researchers from China. However, there were only researchers from the University of Shumi. The people from the University of Jiangcheng and the University of Huake were still on their way.

Professor Grayer is also a big name in the field of theoretical physics. He has known Professor Lu for a long time. He helped us a lot for the BESIII project, Yan Xinjue explained to Lu Zhou. He then continued, Do you want to have a tour around here?

Lu Zhou replied, That would be great.

It was important to become familiar with the new environment.

Lu Zhou followed Yan Xinjue and walked around the hotel.

There was a strong research vibe around here.

Very few research organizations could attract so many physics researchers.

Speaking of funding alone, CERN did not have the most amount of funding, but half of the worlds theoretical physicists worked here.

One might bump into an honorary professor from a prestigious university just on the street.

Lu Zhou was envious of this place.

He took a photo in front of Building 1 of the European Nuclear Research Center.

This research center had been deactivated and had been converted into a museum-like venue for the public. Inside the research center, there was a commemorative plaque for the birth of the Internet.

Not only did this place contain the worlds largest hadron collider, but it was also the birthplace of the first internet server.

The original intention of all this was just to analyze experimental data.

It was because of this that CERN was not only a sacred place for physicists but also a place for programmers and hardware engineers. They maintained the super-calculation of processing data and connected the theoretical physics laboratories from all over the world.

Even the research facilities of Google or Microsoft was of no match for this place.

After the visit, Lu Zhou ate some food at the cafeteria with Yan Xinjue before they went back to the hotel.

He took out some research documents from his luggage to read when someone suddenly knocked on his door.

When he opened the door, it was Yan Xinjue again. This time he stuffed a document into Lu Zhous hands.

Theres an ad hoc meeting at 8 oclock in the evening. The internal documents are here, so look through it.

Lu Zhou took the documents and asked, Meeting? About what?

Yan Xinjue, Assignment of tasks. CERNs voting results were just released. The high votes passed the reanalysis of the resonance state of the previous baryon to the decay of the sputum. Were responsible to analyze data section B with Syracuse University. Their suggestion is to simultaneously write the analysis report and finally verify the correctness.

What should I do?

After all, Lu Zhou still had to do the system mission, so he wanted to participate.

He did not want to be useless and only receive one experience point in the end.

There was no limit as to how much experience points he could earn.

Wait for the task assignment. What you have to do now, is to look through the documents I just gave you. Then quickly get into the zone. We need a mathematician to help us, said Yan Xinjue. He smiled and patted Lu Zhous shoulder, I believe in you.