Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 159

Chapter 159 A Good News And A Bad News

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The line I believe in you made Lu Zhou understood that his work would not be easy.

There were three researchers from the University of Jin Ling, two academic physicists, and one intern. This lineup was quite strong. However, this lineup was only responsible for the data from B1 partition.

Laboratories around the world were also contributing.

If there was no internet, there would be no way to do large scale research like this.

For example, if one wanted to make a constant mass spectrum, one would use the amplitude analysis method. In the analysis process, two Breit-Wigner amplitudes were involved, and the workload was substantial. A lot of time would be wasted on communication if there was no help from the internet.

However, Tim Berners-Lee, who might have come up with the Internet, did not expect that the communication tools he designed for the European Institute of Particle Physics were not only used by people for academic exchange, but also for social media

The academic meeting with Professor Lu Shenjian was very efficient. In 10 minutes, the meeting was over, and the tasks were distributed to everyone.

Since Lu Zhou was responsible for the calculations, he had to deal with the data that Professor Lu Shenjian would give him.

Although Lu Zhou was well versed in functional analysis and group theory, he was still new to theoretical physics analysis.

Fortunately, Yan Xinjue helped to fill in his lack of theoretical knowledge.

Third day as an intern

In the sixth-floor conference room at the hotel, Lu Zhou stood in front of the whiteboard.

The meeting room was next door and he could hear the fierce arguments from the research team of the University of Shuimu.

However, this had nothing to do with him.

He tried to ignore the physical problem and treated it as a mathematics problem.


This was not easy.


[From <0|(x)|^b>=ip^F^(ab)e^(-ipx), the resonance energy of * can be calculated as]

The dense letters and numbers were mixed together.

He stared at the whiteboard for a long time.

Suddenly, Lu Zhou asked, Is there two resonance states near the 1.02 BeV?

Yan Xinjue was shocked. He looked at the draft paper and then at the whiteboard. He asked, How did you calculate that?

Lu Zhou stared at the blackboard and muttered to himself, Line 27, adding the Fermi subfield to the Lagrangian, and introducing the Yukawa potential function

Yan Xinjue also entered into deep thinking mode.

After a while, he finally said, Your thought process is unique but it should be correct. Did you enter the IMO mathematics competition?

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, Nope, but I did the standard college entrance exam for University of Jin Ling.

Yan Xinjue said, Unbelievable, you should get a gold medal.

Its too late now, Ill leave the opportunity to others.

Lu Zhou took a deep breath.

He was not inspired.

This type of theoretical physics was different than a number theory question. The former needed computation and abstract thinking while the latter needed inspiration.

Just now, he consumed 100 general points and computed this data.

However, the use of the general points had side effects. Lu Zhou felt as if his brain was overflowing with information.

However, this was all worth it.

After the system installed the knowledge into his brain, not only did he managed to get the answer, but he also received the thought process of the problem.

For a dumb student, the answer would be enough. However, for someone that studied quantum chromodynamics, the thought process was the important part.

Five minutes ago, he had no idea what to do with these numbers and equations. Now, he could use his mathematics knowledge and solve these problems

Yan Xinjue saw that Lu Zhou was in deep thought, so he did not bother him.

It was now late May, and Lu Zhou finally managed to process the massive amount of data.

However, this was not enough. He still had to complete the final chart drawing.

This chart was called the Dalitz chart.

Each line in the chart represented the blood sweat and tears of physicists

Lu Zhou stared at the computer screen. He would write on the draft paper then typed on the keyboard.

He suddenly said, I now know why Princeton graduates would meet on Wall Street.

Yan Xinjue yawned before he asked, Why?

Dont you think this stuff is like analyzing stocks?

Youre correct, murmured Yan Xinjue. He was speechless.

Lu Zhou sighed and said, I think that once I understand this stuff, I can work at an investment bank on Wall Street.

Nope, if you understood this stuff, you could receive the Nobel prize.


Of course, Lu Zhou was only joking about working on Wall Street.

He still had other dreams.

Although theoretical physics could not give him a fat salary, it gave him something more.

Like system experience points.

Once he mastered the high tech system, he could conquer Wall Street easily.

Having this fantasy in mind, Lu Zhou suddenly felt like the work was getting less boring.

Finally, on the last day of May, Lu Zhou completed the final Dalitz map.

At this moment, there was still one week left until the date of the LHCb report. He had plenty of time to complete the final step of the image analysis, and to double check the data calculations.

Lu Zhou closed his laptop and stretched. He then thought about what to eat for dinner. Suddenly, Yan Xinjue came back from getting takeout. His face was serious.

Lu Zhou wanted to ask what had happened, but Yan Xinjue sat across his desk and asked seriously.

One good news and one bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?

Lu Zhou asked, Good news?

Student Yan, Syracuse University already analyzed the data from B1.


Lu Zhou was surprised by the speed of his competitors. He then asked, Then what about the bad news?

Student Yan, Bad news is that they are one step ahead of us.

Lu Zhou:

F*ck sake!

Wheres the good news?