Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 160

Chapter 160 I Have Objections

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After the meeting, the research team led by Professor Brunos from the University of Syracuse could not wait to announce the victory. They immediately announced the news.

According to the rules set by the LHCb, the acceptance report would need to be applied three days in advance to give LHCb sufficient time to arrange for the acceptance person to publish the lecture information.

Obviously, Professor Brunos research team secretly submitted the application three days ago, and it had just been published.

It seemed that the outcome was already determined.

These Americans were already preparing to party at night.

Corridor, the second building of CERN

Yan Xinjue took Lu Zhou to the conference venue.

On the way, Yan Xinjue started to talk to Lu Zhou.

Mutual testing to ensure the correct analysis results sounds good, but there is only one reality. CERN cant accept two theses from the same subject, so CERN will accept whoever finishes first.

Lu Zhou asked, So are we going to have a briefing? Im nearly done.

He could still use the system general points to speed up the progress.

He would only need another 50 general points.

Motherf*cker, if only I used the general points earlier!

Yan Xinjue shook his head and said, You would have to apply for the report three days in advance. We only applied yesterday, so its too late.


Yan Xinjue smiled and said, Its fine. This is not your fault. The University of Syracuse is very strong. They have more mathematicians than us. Youre obviously familiar with the mathematics situation at University of Jin Ling

Lu Zhou said, Yeah, I understand.

He did not have much else to say.

University of Jin Lings mathematics department was growing, but they were no match for a Top 10 American university.

There was not even one mathematics academician at the University of Jin Ling.

Yan Xinjue sighed and patted Lu Zhous shoulder, This is normal, we cant always win. Dont be discouraged. At least you accumulated experience. There are many more opportunities in the future. With your knowledge of mathematics, I know that you will succeed in this line of work.

Accumulated experience?

Lu Zhou suddenly felt unhappy.

His scientific research was stolen by others.

He wondered how the system would evaluate his mission.

There were a lot of people inside the venue, not just the acceptance people from LHCb, but also researchers who came here to listen.

Although CERN was a research institution, they also did numerous lectures. Whether it was physics or computer hardware and software, the lectures here were world class.

People who worked here often played three roles. They were researchers, professors, and students all at the same time.

When Lu Zhou entered the venue, he saw Professor Lu Shenjian talking to an old man.

That old man was full of laughter. His voice was so loud that Lu Zhou could hear him speaking from far away.

University of Jin Lings research ability is impressive. It has been enjoyable to work with you. I hope you can publish your report as soon as possible. Our results are still dependent on your report.

He spoke with a standard American accent. He basically meant that your research was only to further validate our research.

However, Professor Lu Shenjian still had a good attitude, so he smiled.

Yan Xinjue pointed at the professor and whispered to Lu Zhou, Thats Professor Brunos from the theoretical physics department of the University of Syracuse. He studies quantum chromodynamics.

Lu Zhou was a little embarrassed to face Dean Lu. After all, he had high hopes for himself, and he had failed his expectations.

Should we go over there?

Yan Xinjue looked at his watch and said, Yeah, its about to start.

There were more and more people inside the venue and almost two-thirds of the seats were filled.

Lu Zhou sat next to Professor Lu Shenjian. He thought that the old man would say something about the loss, but the old man only told Lu Zhou to pay attention to the speech and to learn from others.

Lu Zhou could not help but groan. He did not know what to say.

Most of the audience already entered the venue. The atmosphere in the venue gradually calmed down.

The projector was turned on, and the PowerPoint presentation was projected onto a gray-white curtain.

Lu Zhou took a copy of the thesis from the staff. He did not want to let the old man down. He took out a pen from his pocket and patiently waited for the presentation to begin.

A thirty years old female PhD student stood on the podium. She was wearing a set of business attire.

The speakers name was Kerella, and she was probably a student of professor Brunos.

It was not rare to see students present. After all, they needed to practice their presentation skills.

If Professor Lu Shenjian completed the report first, Lu Zhou would probably be the one to present.

Lu Zhou was sitting in the audience waiting for the report to begin. He suddenly thought, what if the reason they sent a beautiful lady to present was to cloud the judges evaluation?

Then again, the judges were all old people, so they probably did not care about the young lady.

Wait a minute

Are they all old?

Lu Zhou suddenly remembered about some physics gossip, and his expression was somewhat complex.

Standing in front of the curtain, Kerella had a calm expression on her face. She cleared her throat before saying, Then, lets begin

The PowerPoint began.

This speakers momentum was strong. Coupled with her bright appearance, she easily took control of the presentation. The simple and clear report style attracted the audiences attention.

However, Lu Zhous attention was not on the PowerPoint, but the thesis in his hand.

He started reading from the last page of the thesis.

Although there were no problems with the conclusion, the data listed in the paper made his spider senses tingly.

I feel like

Something is wrong?

Lu Zhou was suddenly alert, and his face became more and more serious

On the stage

After thirty minutes, the report came to an end.

Kerella pushed her glasses. She was expressionless when she asked her pre-prepared question.

Do you have any other questions?

No one in the audience planned on asking anything.

Most people including the two LHCb staff who were responsible for the acceptance of the report were staring at the thesis in their hands. They were all examining the thesis.

As Yan Xinjue said, the discovery of the pentaquark was already confirmed. The so-called final inspection work was just to produce more scientific research results and to give more funds to the member states.

The conclusion was 99.9% correct, could anything go wrong?

Almost certainly not.

The thought process for the presentation was completely correct at first glance, and nothing was wrong with it.

Kerella smirked. She was ready to walk down the stage when suddenly, someone in the audience raised their hand.

I have a question.

Can you explain in detail, page four line 36?