Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Physics Is A Rigorous Discipline

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Kerella was stunned.

The question hit her by surprise.

She quickly turned the thesis to the fourth page.

When she could not find the question, her eyebrows twitched and her face flashed with anger.

I thought I wrote it clearly. Is there a problem?

She stared straight at Lu Zhou. When she spoke earlier, her tone was unpleasant.

Lu Zhou repeated his question, Your usage of the Yukawa potential function is very strange, I hope you can explain this part.

Youre asking me why? said Kerella. She crossed her arms and said, I dont think theres any explanation for using the Yukawa potential function. If you cant even understand this, I suggest you go back to studying quantum chromodynamics textbooks.

The audience laughed.

Some were friendly laughter, some were not.

Of course, some people did not laugh as they were thinking carefully.

For example, Yan Xinjue and Professor Lu as well as the acceptance people sitting in the front row

Professor Brunos felt something was wrong.

When he flipped to the fourth page of the thesis, he frowned and started to check it out seriously.

Lu Zhou smiled as well.

Academic exchanges were not for the sake of embarrassment.

Yeah, there was no reason to worry about anything else.

Lu Zhou opened his mouth and continued to ask, As you said, the Yukawa potential function is a basic operation. However, the * value you calculated on line 14 of the fifth page is 0.713. Based on this number, you deduced there are two resonance states between the 1.05-1.06 GeV energy zone

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and recomposed himself before he continued to speak, Although our team didnt analyze this, I just did some calculations and the * is 0.621. I think you made a mistake on line 11, fifth page. You used a wrong coupling constant formula.

The venue suddenly became quiet.

Then, there was chatter.



They were surprised at his speed of calculation, and his sensitivity toward numbers.

Whether or not he was right, being able to complete this task on the spot was no easy feat!

Lu Zhou?

As Luo Wenxuan sat in the corner of the venue, his eyes widened.

What a coincidence?

He did not expect to bump into Lu Zhou.

Then again, when he was at Princeton, he remembered hearing that Lu Zhou wanted to develop in the direction of mathematical physics.

Unexpectedly, the two of them reunited at CERN.

Destiny was really something that was unclear.

You know him?

The old Jewish man with glasses asked him.

Luo Wenxuan replied, Hes a friend from school. He smiled and said casually, Speaking of which, he was awarded the Best Young Speaker at the Princeton mathematics conference. You were in California, so you missed it.

The old man was interested. He nodded and said, No wonder Deligne had such a high praise of him. This young man is interesting.

The audience was whispering.

On the stage, Kerella was blushing.

Just a second ago, she was telling Lu Zhou to go study textbooks, but now she was defeated.

However, she quickly came up with a response.

This is just a small mistake, said Kerella. She picked up a pen and made a question mark next to the 0.621 number on the thesis before she cleared her throat and said, Thanks for pointing this out, well change it. This shouldnt affect the conclusion of our thesis. Any other questions?

Yes, this was only a small mistake.

Everyone made mistakes. It was within the rules to make small adjustments.

However, was it really just a small mistake?

Lu Zhou smiled and said mischievously, Youre welcome. Also remember to change the Dalitz graph, especially between 1.05-1.06 GeV, and try not to be careless this time.

Kerella started to sweat.


Change the Dalitz graph?

Calculations was easy to adjust, that was no problem.

But the graph

Her heart was broken when she thought of the complicated graph.

Kerella looked at her professor for help.

Professor Brunos had a complicated expression on his face as he clenched his fist.

I was careless

Kerella clenched her teeth and placed her fists on the podium as she said, This is not important. I can guarantee that there are no other problems!

Lu Zhou shook his head, No, this is very important. Maybe there is an unprecedented particle between 1.05-1.06 GeV? Who knows? Everything is possible. Physics is a rigorous subject. We all know that the pentaquark exists, but we need additional evidence. Whats the use of incorrect results?

Thus, a discussion began in the venue.

The LHCb acceptance person sitting in the front row nodded. His face was full of approval.

Yes, physics was a rigorous discipline.

Everyone knew that this experiment was to further prove the standard model, but people still gathered here from all over the world to witness this great moment.

What was all this for?

To further prove the 99.99% guess.

Kerellas face turned red as she bit her lip and stared straight at Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou suspected that if she had a gun right now, she would shoot him.

It was not only Kerella, but a few other people from the University of Syracuse were also staring at him.

Therefore, Lu Zhou looked at the two acceptance judges instead.

A slightly older acceptance judge stood up and said, His point of view is correct. We cannot accept a report with obvious errors. Thank you for your work, but unfortunately, I must point out that your report needs improvements.

This is an exciting presentation, and we look forward to the next one. Thank you.

The presentation ended.

Applause was heard in the venue.

However, Kerella felt like the applause was not dedicated to her.

They did not pass their acceptance check, so the next one would be three days later.

Even though they took the lead, they dropped the ball and lost the race

The applause came to an end and the audience began exiting the venue.

The researchers from the University of Syracuse were dissatisfied.

While the audience were leaving the venue, Professor Lu Shenjian stood up and patted Lu Zhous shoulder. He laughed and said, Nicely done.

He then leisurely walked away with his old friend Brunos.

Lu Zhou looked at Professor Lus retreating back and smiled.

He could tell that the old man was in a good mood and he himself could not help but feel satisfied.