Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Meticulous

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Professor Lu Shenjians team presentation was held as scheduled.

The acceptance judges of LHCb sat in the first row as they waited patiently for the presentation to begin.

Other research teams were also sitting in the venue.

Kerella had a laptop on her table. She held tightly to the thesis as she stared at the podium.

When she saw the person walking on the podium, she smirked.


She thought he would be too scared.

I guess, he has some guts.

The PowerPoint presentation began.

Lu Zhou did not notice Kerella. Instead, he simply grabbed the microphone and began to speak.

He spoke for thirty minutes.

The last 15 minutes was the questioning session.

Lu Zhou looked at the audience and asked, The basic situation is like this. The data of B1 is normal and the Dalitz diagram is on the PowerPoint. Are there any questions?

The venue was quiet.

Not a single person raised their hand.

Actually, some people wanted to ask questions, but they did not know what to ask.

Lu Zhou thought that the University of Syracuses research team would give him trouble, but they did not do anything.

However, he knew why.

After all, this kind of data processing did not require any innovative methods, so everyone knew the conclusion. There were no problems with the B1 data, and the pentaquark existed

Therefore, it was impossible to pick a mistake from the presentation.

They could only nitpick the data calculations.

Therefore, he deliberately spent the whole of yesterday to double check the work with Yan Xinjue. They did not find any problems.

Lu Zhou was certain that there were no mistakes.

After a five minute wait, no one raised their hand.

The acceptance judge from LHCb walked to the podium and made a brief summary of the presentation. He thanked the researchers and announced the acceptance.

This thesis would be included in the archives of the LHCb research.

After the presentation, the people in the venue began to exit.

Only one person sat still in their seat.

This is impossible

Kerella stared at the thesis and she had a look of disbelief on her face.

The questioning session had long since ended.

The LHCb already announced the acceptance.

However, she could not believe that not a single mistake was found.

Something must be wrong, we just didnt find it yet murmured Kerella as she stared at the data on the A4 paper. She used her computer to double check the answers.

However, she could not find any mistakes.

Not only did she not find any mistakes, she could not help but admire the logic used in her opponents thesis.

This was a researchers subconscious reaction to a beautifully written thesis.

This thesis was meticulous.

She continued to sit there until a researcher from her team walked over.

Forget about it, Kerella. I know how you feel, but if you want to find a calculation mistake from him, itll be impossible.

His name was Nelson, and like her, he was also a PhD student under Professor Brunos. His research direction was mathematical physics, and he did the calculations together with Kerella.

Even though Kerella knew that she could not change the past, she was still distraught about her last few months of hard work.

She looked at the thesis and asked, Why?

Nelson sighed and said, Look at who that intern is.

Kerella asked nonchalantly, An Asian, so what?

Nelson shook his head, No, I know hes an Asian. His name is Lu Zhou. Does that sound familiar?

Kerella frowned and said, Familiar?

Okay, it seems that you dont pay attention to the field of mathematics, said Nelson. He shrugged and continued, At the beginning of the year, he proved the twin prime conjecture. Many people said that he could win the Cole Prizes number theory award this year. He might also win the 2018 Fields Medal Your opponent is a potential Fields Medal winner. Do you think weve got a chance?

If this was another research project, such as spectrum analysis, Nelson would not give this intern so much respect.

However, for this kind of data analysis

They had no chance of winning.

After all, he knew Lu Zhou was the freaky genius from Princeton.

Nelson saw that Kerella did not speak, so he tried to comfort her.

It actually doesnt matter if we win or lose. Youll realize that there are many geniuses in this world. Do you want to go drinking?

I cant accept this.

Youre crazy.

Nelson shook his head and walked away.

Hellfire bar

Heavy metal music blasted Lu Zhous eardrums while the colorful lights pierced his eyes.

If Lu Zhou knew it was so loud in here, he would not have come. He wanted to relax, but this made him even more tired.

However, since he was already here, he could not just leave.

After all, he said he would buy Luo Wenxuan drinks.

As thanks.

Two glasses of Gibson, thanks.

Luo Wenxuan skillfully ordered the bartender before he started to chat with Lu Zhou.

He had been here longer than Lu Zhou, so he was familiar with everything around here.

CERN is like a university. It has everything that a university would have.

Lu Zhou glanced at the bartender pouring the drinks and asked, For example?

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, For example, like various clubs, and two bands. Last time I missed their performance here, but I wont miss it this time.


Because theyll do a show on the night of the experiment completion.

The bartender placed two glasses of Gibson on the table.

Lu Zhou looked at the colorless liquid before he picked up the glass with a puzzled look.

Whats this?

He took a sip.


He chocked.


When Lu Zhou placed the glass on the table, he was still coughing.

F*ck sake!

Whats this sh*t?