Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Cheers?

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Luo Wenxuan looked at Lu Zhou who was coughing and he laughed out loud.

As he patted Lu Zhou on the back, he asked with a smile, How do you feel? Its good right?

Lu Zhou wiped his mouth and said, Its like I just drank hot sauce.

Luo Wenxuan laughed and said, Thats how life is sometimes. It gets spicy. Is it better now?

Lu Zhou asked, Better in which aspect?

Luo Wenxuan replied, Your mental state aspect.

Lu Zhou thought and said, Its okay.

He wanted to say that sitting here made him more tired.

Luo Wenxuan shook his head. With a smile, he said, Your life is lacking in passion. Its just like when I first arrived in America. I can see myself in you.

I think Im going fine

Due to the loud music, Luo Wenxuan did not hear Lu Zhou and he continued to speak slowly, You need some adjustments in your life. You should relax your brain so that you can concentrate more when you work. Excessive pressure will become problematic Besides, we should pursue more than just mathematical physics.

Lu Zhou disagreed, and he asked, Like what?

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, Like beautiful woman.


Lu Zhou was so stunned that he did not know what else to say.

As your friend, it pains me to see you like this. Therefore, Ive decided to teach you some life experience.

Lu Zhou asked, So, does that mean that you have a girlfriend?

Luo Wenxuan: Nope.

Lu Zhou:

Then, why should I take your advice?

Luo Wenxuan coughed and said, Ive dated three girls when I was in America, but they were all short-term But thats not important, the important thing is that I can give you some knowledge.

Lu Zhou asked suspiciously, Knowledge?

Yes, knowledge. This is also why I brought you here today, said Luo Wenxuan with a smile. He cleared his throat and continued, There are two important things when it comes to picking up a woman. One is to maintain eye contact, the other is to be confident. You have to show that you can maintain a good conversation.

Lu Zhou asked, And?

You might not know it, so let me give you an example. So She will do. Watch me, said Luo Wenxuan as he looked around. When he found a girl with big boobs, he took his glass and walked over.

Hey beautiful, can I sit here?

Luo Wenxuan had a charismatic smile but the girl ignored him.

He did not give up. Instead, he asked with a smile.

What do you want to drink?

Nothing, thanks.

The conversation ended.

It was slightly awkward.

Lu Zhou looked at the band on stage and pretended like he did not see anything.

After a while, Luo Wenxuan came back with his glass.

Fine, shes probably in a bad mood. Lets change our target, said Luo Wenxuan as he coughed awkwardly and looked around. He then found an easier target.

Lu Zhou sighed.

This is why youre single.

Lu Zhou was about to comfort his friend when suddenly, a napkin was slammed on the table.

A girl walked over and sat next to Lu Zhou.

Two Gibson, one for him.


The bartender skillfully collected the money before he started to make the drinks.

Lu Zhou was stunned as he looked at the lady.

He recognized her face.

She was none other than Kerella.

Lu Zhou had not expected to see her here.

Kerella looked at Lu Zhou and asked, You dont want to say anything?

Say what?

Whats there to say?

Lu Zhou spoke with an uncertain tone, Thanks for giving us the win?

Kerella nearly spit her drink out.

She felt like her opponent did not even respect her.

She had finally calmed herself down but Lu Zhou made her furious again with one sentence.

The two glasses of Gibson were placed on the bar.

The bartender made a gesture and walked aside.

Kerella took a deep breath and suppressed her anger. She then looked at Lu Zhou and said, Yes, I gave you the win. Shouldnt you buy me some drinks in return?

Lu Zhou looked at the two cups of cocktails and asked, Sure, but this is a bit intense. Should we switch to something else?

He was not scared of getting drunk, but this thing tasted horrible.

Kerella lifted her eyebrows and asked, Youre scared?

Lu Zhou was speechless.

You really want to have a drink off?

Lu Zhou inherited his fathers genes, so his alcohol stamina was high.

He never passed out when he went drinking with his friends from Dorm 201.

Of course not, said Lu Zhou. He raised the glass, Cheers?


Kerella downed the glass and when she looked at Lu Zhou, she saw that Lu Zhou also downed it.

She looked at the bartender and placed some cash on the bar before she said, Two more.

Lu Zhou looked at the crazy woman in disbelief.

What a joke.

He was not scared of drinking at all, and he was confident in his alcohol tolerance.

He would never lose to some foreign chick.

When Kerella saw that Lu Zhou was unfazed, her anger did not die down at all. Instead, she became even more furious.

She was not about to lose to this guy. She wanted him to get a taste of his own medicine

They kept drinking.

Luo Wenxuan sat aside as he stared at these two in disbelief. He wanted to discourage them but could not do it.

When he saw the row of empty glasses on the counter, he gulped.

Using this stuff as shots.

These guys are crazy.