Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 165

Chapter 165 Talk By Mr. Witten

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The battle lasted for more than 20 minutes.

Lu Zhou admitted that his opponent was very strong.

However, he was stronger.

Bartender, give me another No, two more

Her face was red as she reached for the cash in her bag. She could not even speak clearly.

Lu Zhou was in a better state, but he was still struggling to stay awake.

Two glasses of water.

F*ck off, I can still drink.

Lu Zhou quietly said, Just give us the water.

It was obvious who won, so there was no point for them to drink more.


The bartender poured two glasses of ice water and gave them to Lu Zhou.

Two glasses of ice water.

Thank you.

Lu Zhou nonchalantly placed the glass of water in front of the crazy woman and said, Cheers.

Kerellas eyes were wide opened as she reached out and grabbed the cup. She saw that her opponent had already finished drinking so she downed the water as well.

As a result, she nearly choked and almost started to tear up.

Kerella slammed the empty cup on the table and coughed. She then took a drunken look at Lu Zhou.

This isnt alcohol. Youre lying?

This is alcohol. Maybe youre too drunk? Two more glasses of water, please.

Lu Zhou suddenly heard a slam sound. He saw Kerella collapsing on the table.

If her shoulder was not moving, he might have called an ambulance.

More water? asked the bartender calmly.

Its fine

Lu Zhou felt his head spinning.

On the one hand, he was drunk. On the other hand, he did not know where this girl was staying.

He could not just leave her like this. If something happened, it would be his fault.

He thought for a long time and could not come up with a good plan. Lu Zhou suddenly remembered that Luo Wenxuan was nearby, so he went to him for advice.

What do you do in a situation like this?

Luo Wenxuan looked at Lu Zhou and replied, There are rooms upstairs

Lu Zhou placed two notes on the bar and took the room key from the bartenders hand. He then looked at Luo Wenxuan and pleaded, Help me.

Luo Wenxuan did not move.

After a while, he suddenly sighed and said, Theres not much else I can teach you.

He patted Lu Zhous shoulder and gave a hint of encouragement.

You got this!

Luo Wenxuan then turned around and disappeared in the crowd.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Lu Zhou sat next to her for a while, but it did not look like she was going to wake up.

It could be tomorrow until she woke up.

Lu Zhou looked at the crazy woman. In the end, he finally carried her upstairs and into the room.

By the time he arrived, he had to sit down in a chair. He was panting and sweating his ass off.

Motherf*cker, this girl is way harder to deal with than Liu Rui.

It was not just a weight problem. When Liu Rui was drunk, he could still kind of walk around. When this girl was drunk, she was dead weight.

Lu Zhou looked at Kerella who was passed out on the bed and he made up his mind.

He would never drink with people who could not handle their alcohol anymore.

After Lu Zhou rested for a while, he finally felt a little better.

The sweat woke him up.

He saw the dark night outside the window. It was getting late, so he got up and closed the curtains.

After that, he placed the key on the desk and walked out the door.

The next day, a ray of sunshine pierced through Lu Zhous window. He rubbed his eyes as he climbed out of bed.

Yesterday, after he went back to his hotel, he fell asleep straight away. Thus, he was still wearing clothes from yesterday.

Lu Zhou went and took a shower. He still had a slight headache. As he stared in the mirror, he nodded with satisfaction.

Not bad.

I feel a lot better.

Maybe it was because of the metabolism drug that the system had previously give him, his hangover was not that bad. Lu Zhou went down to the cafeteria and ate some breakfast. He then followed the itinerary and walked to the nearby lecture.

Since the report was already accepted, Professor Lus research team would not have any new tasks for the month.

Therefore, Lu Zhou felt very relaxed. He did not have much to do.

However, he still did not take a break.

World-class theoretical physics and mathematics professors were gathered here.

Lu Zhou took this opportunity to listen to the lectures by potential Fields Medal and Nobel Prize winners.

Once Lu Zhou planned his timetable, he could not wait to fill in his lecture spots.

The first lecture in his timetable was by Luo Wenxuans boss, Edward Witten.

Judging from the topic of his lecture, it was probably going to be about Morse theory and differential summation in pure numbers.

Lu Zhou was impressed by the old mans public speaking skills. The old man skillfully articulated complex theories in clear and simple language.

The old man also promoted his own M theory and made some bold predictions about theoretical physics.

Even though the old man was still full of energy as he continued to talk, the energy of the audience slowly died down.

After the talk, Lu Zhou packed up his stuff and left the venue. He then walked to the cafeteria.

While he was getting his food, he bumped into Kerella.

Lu Zhou was about to say hi to her, but the female PhD rudely said, F*ck you, before she walked away with her food.

Lu Zhou was confused. He did not know what this woman wanted.

F*ck you!

I shouldnt have taken care of her yesterday.