Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Unexpected Discoveries

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Actually, this thing is not completed yet. Guess what was the response from the people in CERN?

What was their response?

Yan Xinjue imitated Evans tone and said, Of course its real. If you build a Hadron Collider as big as Saturn and a reactor as big as the moon, then we can make a black hole. So, we need the funding.

Lu Zhou laughed.

He knew that CERN unable to get funding.

Only an alien could create a collider as big as Saturn.

Soon, the car drove to the entrance of the northern district.

Yan Xinjue parked the car in the garage and took Lu Zhou to the main entrance of the research center.

A Hadron Collider could be split into two parts. One was the small pipes wrapped in bismuth metal, and the other was a variety of detectors buried in large pipes outside the small pipes.

The two near parallel orbits intersected at a certain point in a flat X shape while accelerating in different directions, and the two beam currents collided at this intersection.

There were about four reaction points like this, and around these reaction points, various detectors were connected to collect the physical phenomena that occurred when the particle beam collided.

Of course, not all the particles could collide, and the particles that did collide might not necessarily coincide with each other to destroy the strong interaction forces inside.

So the whole collider was based on the principle of stuffing more particles into a limited number of pipes while accumulating collisions with small probability in long data accumulation.

The Higgs particle that shocked the physics community was discovered in this manner.

The research center that Yan Xinjue took Lu Zhou to was responsible for observing and collecting the collision data. There were many laboratories inside the center, each responsible for collecting data at different detectors.

They walked into one of the labs and saw a white man with a lab coat on. He was drinking coffee in front of the computer.

Yan Xinjue walked over and introduced him to Lu Zhou.

This is Professor Grayer. You have probably seen his name many times in CERN theses. During my internship here, he was already working here.

Dont describe me as so old, I only started working here since 2008, said Professor Grayer with a smile. He reached out his hand and said to Lu Zhou, Nice to meet you, Mr. Lu.

Lu Zhou shook his hand and said, Hello, hello.

Originally Lu Zhou thought that Professor Grayer would be at Professor Lu Shenjians age, but Professor Grayer only looked around forty years old.

Professor Grayer released his hand and said, Im sorry I cant take you on a tour as the experiment is about to begin. I have to stare at this computer. If you were here two weeks ago, I could still take you down for a tour, but not now since the entrances have been blocked.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Dont be sorry, were standing at the front row of history.

Haha, you must be new here, said Professor Grayer with a smile. He continued, There are thousands of researchers working on this project. Their names are organized alphabetically on the thesis.

Thousands of people on a thesis, and organized alphabetically


That does sound de-motivating.

Lu Zhou suddenly noticed the images on the computer screen moving and he asked, Has the experiment began?

Professor Grayer smiled and said, Not yet. Right now were in the trial stage. We have to ensure that the channels are clear, and the detectors are running normally. So before we start looking for pentaquarks, we have to do a few trials. Right now on the ATLAS, you are seeing a photo pair.

When Lu Zhou looked at the images on the computer screen, he was confused.

He was sensitive to numbers, but he always felt like he was lacking in images.

However, after staring at the image for a while, he felt a sense of familiarity.

Lu Zhou could not help but ask curiously.

Why do I feel like Ive seen this image somewhere?

Because we did the data from B1 partition, and this partition was collected by Professor Grayer, replied Yan Xinjue.

Oh, speaking of which, I heard you guys destroyed Brunos? asked Professor Grayer as he laughed.

Indeed we did, replied Yan Xinjue mischievously.

Professor Grayer smiled and said, Hahaha When I saw him last time, he didnt look too good. It must be because of this.

It seemed that Professor Brunos was not that popular with his peers as neither Professor Lu Shenjian or Professor Grayer liked him.

They chatted for a while before they quickly reverted back to the experiment.

Professor Grayer heard that Lu Zhou was interested in his lab, so he patted the computer and spoke in a clear manner.

CERN is not only the worlds largest Hadron Collider, but we also have the worlds most advanced computer system. The LCG. To compute our experiment, this thing lets us control hundreds of thousands of computers around the world. The ATLAS computer is used to summarize the data and is mainly responsible for collecting data from detectors

From this computer, you can see the trajectory of the collision of the proton. Of course, this is only a model, but the real scenario isnt much different.

Professor Grayer added another line.

If youre interested in particle physics, you can come to me. I need an assistant that is good at mathematics. Working at CERN will also give you

Yan Xinjue interrupted him, Dont listen to him. Hes worked here for decades and published hundreds of theses but he still hasnt received the first author. Who cares if your name is on a thesis with thousands of other names on it

Professor Grayer looked at Yan Xinjue with dissatisfaction.

However, Yan Xinjue merely shrugged and said nonchalantly, Sorry to expose you, but I cant let you fool my friend.

Professor Grayer said stubbornly, What do you mean by fooling? Im just making a suggestion!

It was obvious that these two had a close relationship.

It was probably because Yan Xinjue had worked here previously.

After that, the dialogue between the two became boring, so Lu Zhou stopped listening.

Lu Zhous attention was on the data on the computer screen.

Suddenly, Lu Zhou saw an energy zone on the map and frowned.

When Yan Xinjue noticed Lu Zhous expression, he asked, What?

Lu Zhou pointed to the computer screen.

Dont you think that the data in this energy zone looks a bit weird?