Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 173

Chapter 173 A Treasure Map

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When Kerella saw the man on the stage, she was so surprised that her eyes popped wide opened and subconsciously, she swore.

Professor Brunos who was sitting next to her frowned. He asked, “What?”

“Nothing” murmured Kerella as she quickly reached for her notebook.

However, she was still surprised.

She could not believe that he was standing there.

She was also an intern but the contrast between the two of them was staggering.

On the other side, Luo Wenxuan who was sitting next to Edward Witten also chocked.

Luo Wenxuan did not know how Lu Zhou, as a mathematician, was able to stand on stage at a place like this.

Did Lu Zhou really participate in the experiment?

Mr. Edward Witten was unsurprised. Instead, he was filled with interest.

He obviously recognized the man on stage and he was looking forward to the report.

The young man that shocked Princeton; what was he about to do now?

As Lu Zhou stood on the stage, he took a deep breath to try and calm his mind. He tried not to pay attention to the audience.

Once he was calm, he said, “Let me introduce myself. I’m from the University of Jin Ling in China. I’m honored to come here as an intern and be involved in this experiment. These opportunities allowed me to discover an interesting phenomenon.”

Lu Zhou knew that these physicists did not care about his personal details, so he finished the self-introduction and began the PowerPoint presentation quickly.

“A month ago, I happened to be at the northern test site. When the 1TeV test collision happened, I observed a very special observation on the ATLAS detector.”

Lu Zhou flipped to the next slide and pointed at the coordinates on the m image. He said, “Doesn’t this look amazing? We observed a few very special signals at 750 GeV.”

Under the stage, Peter Higgs licked his mouth as he tried not to laugh out loud.

“This is the presenter you recommended?”

Frank smiled and said, “That’s right.”

Peter could not help but ridicule him, “Did you teach him about the theory of excessive fluctuations? I taught my students that.”

“I know that you want to say that this discovery is worthless,” said Frank with a smile. He continued, “Do you want to bet $100? I bet he can convince you.”

Peter Higgs looked at him.

“I don’t know where you got this confidence. One day, you’ll lose all of your Nobel Prize money.”

Frank smiled in disapproval, “I don’t think so.”

When the people sitting in the stage saw Lu Zhou’s “research results”, they chuckled.

Although they laughed quietly, Lu Zhou was still able to hear them. It was like a blade piercing through his ear.

Undoubtedly, most people were unconvinced of the data during the test runs.

Although the few isolated cases looked weird, it was worth nothing. This was because they were classic quantum mechanics uncertainties. These phenomena could be perfectly explained as a small amount of energy that was randomly generated.

Only a few people showed an expression of interest.

However, this was in Lu Zhou’s expectations so he tried to ignore the laughter.

“I know that some people will think that this must be a two-photon signal or an error such as quantum fluctuations ”

“ Therefore, I deliberately found the data from 2012 and analyzed it statistically. I established a probability model”

Lu Zhou flipped to the next slide.

Suddenly, the slide was filled densely with formulas.

In fact, similar phenomena had been seen in the 2012 data and it had also appeared in both ATLAS and CMS detectors. It would be a miracle if this was just a coincidence.

This was his biggest supporting hypothesis!

Lu Zhou grabbed the PowerPoint and said confidently, “I checked the data on this section again and again and confirmed that the results of the phenomena were not two-photon signals. There must have been a collision in this energy zone”

“ And according to the probability model behind me, I can say confidently that if the data collected on the ATLAS and CMS detectors are correct, then there definitely is a characteristic peak in the 750 GeV energy zone!”

“ Maybe it’s a new and heavier Higgs particle, or maybe it’s a gravitational force, all kinds of possibilities exist. Maybe”

Lu Zhou paused for a second. He looked around in the tense venue and took a deep breath before he continued to speak, “Maybe this could be the last piece puzzle we have all been searching for”

“ The supersymmetric particle!”

The venue was quiet.

People had not expected this conclusion.

Some people thought that the data was worthless, but after seeing the argument, doubts were raised in their minds.

If the number of samples accumulated to a sufficiently large value, the probability of this characteristic peak appearing was as high as 84.5%. This was already worth researching.

This discovery seems to be


Luo Wenxuan sat in the back row of the conference room. He looked at the PowerPoint as he quickly checked the calculations.

Obviously, some people were ahead of him.

This person was the winner of the Fields Medal, Edward Witten.

“He’s correct,” said Witten as he stared at the PowerPoint and nodded. He said, “At least mathematically speaking.”

Luo Wenxuan had a strange look on his face and he asked subconsciously, “You mean that he found a new particle?”

“I didn’t say that. Neither physicists nor mathematicians can directly see the particles,” said Witten as he shrugged and smiled. He then added, “The only thing that can find the particles is the collider. All we can do is run the collider.”

Lu Zhou’s presentation shocked the audience.

The sound of applause reverberated through the venue and it gradually became louder and louder.

When Lu Zhou heard the applause, he felt his heart beating faster.

The situation was already clear.

It did not matter if the 750 GeV meant nothing. All Lu Zhou wanted was to inform CERN of this possibility.

The efforts that he had exerted this month was not wasted.

He still had not thought about what to do beyond this presentation.

Lu Zhou smiled and relaxed his clenched fist.

He then faced the thunderous applause and bowed.

After that, he walked off stage.