Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 177

Chapter 177 A Lot Of Information

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The interview lasted for twenty minutes.

Lu Zhou left the coffee shop and walked to the car. He then opened the front seat door and climbed in.

Professor Grayer was sitting in the drivers seat. He was sleeping with the air-con on. When Lu Zhou entered the car, he asked, It ended?

Lu Zhou put on his seat belt and replied, It ended.

During the interview, Professor Grayer did not stay in the coffee shop. When the interview started, he went back to his car, as if he did not want to stay there for an extra second.

Lu Zhou was curious, so he asked, You and that Belinda lady

We were together at one point Not for long, said Professor Grayer. He said with a casual tone, Shes my ex.

Lu Zhou looked at him with astonishment.

F*ck, Really?

That Belinda girl looks like shes in her twenties.

Maybe it was because of her makeup

Professor Grayer looked at Lu Zhou as if he knew what Lu Zhou was thinking. He said, Dont think that Im old. Im only forty years old this year. I can still go for the Fields Medal!

Lu Zhou said, But the next award is in 2018, so youll be 43 by then.

Im only kidding, plus I dont do mathematics, said Professor Grayer. He coughed and changed the subject, Speaking of which, Lu Zhou, I heard your friend Yan Xinjue said that youre already twenty years old, but still single. When I was your age, I already had two girlfriends. Is there nothing else youre interested in, other than mathematics?

Lu Zhou was embarrassed, so he smiled and said, Of course not.

Professor Grayer smelled some gossip, so he raised his eyebrows and asked, Like what?

Lu Zhou, Theres also physics.

Professor Grayer:

When Lu Zhou went back to his hotel, he began to pack his bags.

He had already been in Europe for almost three months.

He only brought some clothes when he came here, but now his suitcase was filled with stuff he bought. He did not know if customs would give him a hard time.

Regardless, his trip to Europe finally came to a successful conclusion.

He could not wait to fly back to China and received his mission rewards.

He should at least get an S+ evaluation, right?

Then, his next mission could be a reward mission.

As for other possibilities, Lu Zhou did not want to think about it.

It would be preposterous if he did not get an S+.

Lu Zhou was stuffing the milk powder he bought for his sister into his suitcase when his phone rang.

He picked up his phone and asked, Hello?

Its me.

Lu Zhou was stunned for a second.

He asked cautiously, You are?

A violent cough came from the other side as if the person was chocking.

After a while, the old man recovered and said with a deep voice.

Its Frank Wilczek, we met a month ago!

The f*ck?

Lu Zhou was astonished when he heard his name.

Why is he calling me?

Its been a month since the meeting, why isnt he in America?

Sorry, I didnt recognize your voice said Lu Zhou. He quickly changed the subject and asked, Whats up?

Frank asked casually, Are you free right now?

Lu Zhou, Of course.

Then come to my office, I have something to tell you.

The old man did not elaborate further. Instead, he hung up the call.

Lu Zhous flight was tomorrow night, so he still had time. He walked to the old mans office while being confused.

When he saw Frank Wilczek, the latter gestured him to sit down. Frank then asked his assistant to bring them two cups of coffee.

As the old man stared at the coffee, he spoke slowly.

The 750 GeV particle may start a generation of new physics. If its real, the value could be higher than a Nobel Prize. All theoretical physicists are interested in this, I am no exception.

Lu Zhou stayed silent while he waited for the old man to continue.

Frank paused for a second before he continued, Im optimistic about your talents in mathematical physics. If you are interested, you can join my research. We can solve this puzzle together.

Over the past month, almost all of the theoretical physicists around the world had been trying to solve this puzzle. To this day, nothing of value had been achieved.

There was still a lot of content to be solved.

When CERNs LHC further revealed the data on 750 GeV, maybe someone would get a Nobel Prize.

Although Frank himself had already won a Nobel Prize, there was no rule against winning it a second time. There had only been a few people that won it twice, so it was unsurprisingly a very difficult task to accomplish.

If this discovery was amazing enough, maybe it could

Having an opportunity to engrave it in history was rare, so no one wanted to pass on this opportunity.

Lu Zhou asked, Finishing the puzzle Are you referring to the theoretical explanation of this unknown particle?

Yes, said Frank as he nodded. He added, In fact, not only am I a CERNs researcher, but I also work at the theoretical physics department at MIT. By the way, are you interested in pursuing a PhD from MIT?

Lu Zhou was stunned. He did not know that this old man would give him such an offer.

MIT was one of the top physics universities in the world. Not to mention, the invitation was from a winner of the Nobel Prize.

If the University of Jin Ling did not create a personal development plan for Lu Zhou, he might have accepted this offer.

In the end, Lu Zhou did not accept it as he was a man of his words.

Rejecting this offer was almost disrespectful, so Lu Zhou tried to reject the old man smoothly.

He shook his head and said, Thanks for your offer, but Im sorry I already promised to study PhD at Princeton.

Princeton Princeton is strong at mathematics, said Frank with a smile. He did not seem to care as he said, But even though youve selected Princeton, my offer is still valid. After all, in this era, many things can be communicated through the Internet. Maybe you can reconsider my offer

Frank paused for a second before he continued, If you are interested in the Nobel Prize

Lu Zhou, ?!

He was shocked.

He did not know what to say.