Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 179

Chapter 179 Level 3 Physics

Chapter 179: Level 3 Physics!
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Yan Xinjue parked the car at the dorms and opened the trunk. He then helped Lu Zhou dragged the suitcase down with all his strength.

My god, why is this so heavy What did you buy over there?

Lu Zhou was embarrassed to say, Some souvenirs, and some stuff for friends.

Yan Xinjue, Do you want me to send you up?

Lu Zhou, No thanks, Im only on the second floor.

Okay then. Ill go back first.

Yan Xinjue got back in the car. He waved goodbye before he quickly started the car and drove off.

Lu Zhou looked at the taillights of the car before he turned to look back at the dark building. He took a deep breath before he carried the suitcase up the stairs.

It was only early August so the school was still on summer vacation. As such, it was dead silent.

Thank god his dorm room was on the second floor, otherwise, he did not know how he would carry this heavy suitcase up the stairs.

Once Lu Zhou opened the door, he threw his suitcase aside. He then took a shower first before he climbed into his own bed.

As he laid in bed, he whispered, System.

When he opened his eyes, he was met with pure white.

He could not wait to open the information screen. He then reached out to the semi-transparent mission panel and clicked.

[Congratulations, User, for completing the mission!]

[Mission completion details are as follows: Successful participation in the LHCb China Cooperation Group, participation in the B1 partition data test and full spectrum analysis of the pentaquark Pc+, and found clues in the 750 GeV energy region.]

[Mission final evaluation: S+]

[Mission rewards: 100,000 physics experience points. 500 general points. One chance of lucky draw (100% sample)]

[Additional rewards: 50,000 mathematics experience.]

A hundred grand?

When Lu Zhou saw this number, he could not breathe and his heart skipped a beat.

He then quickly looked at the pop-up text.

What is this?!

I get 50,000 mathematics experience points as well?!

He almost forgot to breathe.

This system finally treated him well.

He had received S+ evaluations before, but this was the first additional award that he received.

Is it because I found a 750 GeV energy zone clue?

As Lu Zhou stared at the mission rewards, he immediately started to think carefully.

I dont know how the system evaluates the missions, but this situation of having an additional award is out of my expectations.

Lu Zhou still remembered that at the Princeton conference, he also received an S+ award. However, at that time, he only received 42,000 mathematics experience points and no additional award.

Which is saying that the 750 GeV clue is more valuable than the twin prime conjecture? thought Lu Zhou. He rubbed his chin as he continued to think carefully.

The systems intellectual property was horrible and it showed some unexpected clues as small details.

Maybe the system had more information on the 750 GeV signal. Although Lu Zhou did not know what the particle was, it must be significant. At the very least, it was significant enough for 100,000 experience points and a 50,000 additional reward.

However, although this clue was exciting, there was no use thinking about it now.

After all, there was no LHC in the system space. If Lu Zhou wanted to figure out what the signal was, he could only wait for the CERNs collision experiment.

He took a deep breath before he said loudly, System, open my characteristic panel!

Core science:

A. Mathematics: Level 3 (54,000/100,000)

A. Physics: Level 3 (53,100/100,000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 1 (4,000/10,000)

D. Engineering: Level 1 (0/10,000)

E. Materials science: Level 1 (3,000/10,000)

F. Energy science: Level 1 (0/10,000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (2,900/10,000)

General points: 2475 (one lucky draw ticket)


His physics level was upgraded to level three and it almost caught up to mathematical physics.

If he wanted to continually upgrade his physics level, he would have to level up his mathematics first. This was because mathematics determined the upper-level limit of other disciplines.

As expected, mathematics was his cup of tea.

Lu Zhou slid his fingers on the information screen and turned off the characteristic panel. He then turned his sight on the lucky draw.

Finally, the exciting part came.

This lucky draw was quite exciting as it would be 100% of a sample. He did not have to worry about getting a soft drink again.

Lu Zhou hoped that he would not get a rubbish sample. At the very least, he should receive some focus capsules.

Although he did not need to rely on the focus capsules anymore, it was still useful for all-nighters.

Begin lucky draw!

Lu Zhou took a deep breath as he looked at the spinning roulette. He then shouted.


[Congratulations, User, a sample is given!]

Well, of course.

Lets see how good it is!

Lu Zhou squeezed his fist and looked at the screen.

[Sample awarded: Scanner gun (one-time use)]

Lu Zhou, ?

This scanner gun sounds cool

But whats this one-time use?

Its going to disappear after one time?

Lu Zhou wanted to curse at the system, but he stopped.

He remembered that the USB that he copied Xiao Ai from disappeared after he used it once.

If the system said one-time use, then it probably could only be used once.

He did not know why there was this restriction.

Lu Zhou continued to look at his mission panel because the last time he received an S+, the mission was a reward mission.

He then clicked on the mission panel.


[Reward mission is activated! (Give up at any time without spending general points)]

Description: Since User has already solved the most difficult form of K=1, why not solve the Polignacs conjecture?

Requirements: Solve Polignacs conjecture before 2016

Reward: ???


Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

What do the three question marks mean?

It didnt tell me the rewards.

Does this mean that the rewards are three question marks?

Lu Zhou was speechless.

It seemed that this system was becoming more and more dishonest