Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 180

Chapter 180 The Standard Model

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The Polygnac conjecture was a strong conjecture belonging to twin prime numbers. For all natural numbers k, there were infinitely many prime pairs (p, p + 2k). The case of k=1 was the twin prime number conjecture where there were infinite prime numbers p such that p+2 was a prime number.

The latter was already proved by Lu Zhou, using a topology method.

Prior to this, Zhang Yitang and other mathematicians had completed the proof for bounded distance between prime numbers from 70 million to 246. These conclusions all belonged to the (P, P+2K) form, which also provided a powerful clue for the proof of the Polignac conjecture.

So far: , k=123, k= etc had been completed.

However, the last step, k=1, was still unproven.

If the twin prime conjecture gave Lu Zhou a nomination for the Fields Medal, then the proof of the Polignacs conjecture would guarantee his win.

However, to prove that K=all natural numbers were true was not an easy task.

The method would be an entirely different process. The proof of the twin prime conjecture only gave Lu Zhou an idea. To prove Polignacs conjecture, Lu Zhou would have to create an entirely different proof method.

Even though his mathematics level was now Level 3, it would still be difficult to complete this proof.

The hardest part was that the system required him to complete it before 2016.

This meant that he had to solve this problem in 2015.

On the other hand, the reward was also random. However, Lu Zhou thought that if the twin prime conjecture gave him 40k experience points, then this must be more than that.

Furthermore, this was a reward mission.

Therefore, he was still quite looking forward to this reward.

Once Lu Zhou accepted the mission, he left the system space. He fell asleep right away, and only woke up when it was afternoon.

When he woke up, he realized that he had some missed calls.

The calls were all from Professor Lus office. Lu Zhou guessed that Yan Xinjue told the old professor that he had returned to China.

Anyway, since he was going to Professor Lus office later, he did not return the call.

Before lunch, he still had something important to do.

Lu Zhou then climbed down from his bed and brushed his teeth. He then entered the system space again and opened his inventory.

[Scanner gun (one-time use): Able to scan the internal structure of an object with a volume of 1 cubic meter. Able to analyze its structure and composition.]

The description was short, but Lu Zhou kind of guessed how he could use the thing.

The potential use of this item was high. He could use it to steal intellectual properties, or reverse engineer an Ironman suit. Basically, he could re-create any piece of technology as long as he had the materials.

The question was, how should he use it?

I can only use it once I cant even test it?

When Lu Zhou looked at the icon in his inventory, he was a little hesitant.

He wanted to maximize his return on this reward.

There were three items in his inventory. There was the Debris 1, the old two-hour energy enhancing needle, and an old can of Sprite.

Therefore, he had three choices.

He could either scan the debris, the needle, or maybe even the Sprite.

The first option would inform him of the debris batterys material, but Lu Zhou did not know how valuable that information was.

Also, he did not even know the technology behind the battery. He guessed that it was probably some kind of legendary lithium-air battery.

As for the second one, it was considered a good sample. From the samples description, the effects of the needle were strong and had no side effects. Maybe it had Captain America effects

As for the last one, he could receive the recipe for the Future branded Sprite. He could then re-create the beverage easily Unlike the other two.

After some thinking, Lu Zhou finally chose the first option.

He had big dreams.

The short term gain of the third option was large and the technical threshold was not high. It was also delicious. However, the potential for development was too low. Furthermore, it was difficult to apply for patents on beverages.

As for the second option, while the technical aspect was interesting, it was also too risky.

The first option was more like a gamble.

Something that was destroyed to this extent could be anything.

Ill just gamble it?

Lu Zhou took out Debris 1 from his inventory. He then closed his eyes and exited the system space.

He felt the cold and light metal in his hand. He then placed the broken battery on the table, before he shot the scanner gun at the battery.

He then heard a soft Bang sound. A cone-shaped blue holographic light covered the battery.

It was like this blue light was scanning every surface and every inch of the debris.

Lu Zhous eyes nearly popped out.

F*ck me, this high tech system really is high tech!

This blue scanning light alone would be worth a Nobel Prize.

The standard model was no match against this thing!

A normal person would not think much of this, but for a mathematical physicist like Lu Zhou, the existence of this thing was a miracle to him.

He did not know how to explain this phenomenon.

Suddenly, the blue beam gradually disappeared.

The broken battery was illuminated. It looked as if someone did a paint job on it.

The scanner gun in Lu Zhous hands slowly turned into a fine dust. It then slipped away from his fingers and what was left in its place was a black USB.

Lu Zhou stared at the USB in his palm and did not speak for a long time.

He was still shocked by what he just saw.

I guess this system has a lot more secrets that I know nothing about.

The USB in his hand was probably made of some special material, and that would disintegrate after he copied the data.

Like the USB containing Xiao Ai