Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 181

Chapter 181 Taking You To See Someone

Chapter 181: Taking You To See Someone
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Lu Zhou plugged in the USB. Unsurprisingly, huge amounts of data started to flow into his laptop. The hard disk on his laptop quickly started to spin.

The built-in fan was humming loudly, and the laptop was burning hot. Lu Zhou waited for five minutes or so, and the fan gradually slowed down. It should be done.

As expected, the USB disappeared into black dust as if it was blown away by the wind.
Lu Zhou was ready to open the folder and see what the scanner did. Suddenly, a dialog popped out of the lower right corner of the laptop.


[Do you want to kill Xiao Ai?]

Lu Zhou looked at the dialog box and was stunned. He then typed: [What is this?]

Xiao Ai: [Look at disk space!]

A flashing red disk space bar appeared in front of Lu Zhou.

When Lu Zhou saw the remaining space, he was shocked.


2TB of disk space, but now theres only 50MB left!

Why is this scanner data so large?

Suddenly he realized a serious matter, and Lu Zhou quickly typed: [Wait, what about my other two disks?]

Xiao Ai: [In order to save my life, Ive combined the D and E disks into C!]

Lu Zhou quickly typed: [What about the data I saved in those disks?]

Xiao Ai: [I helped you compressed them and saved them onto C drive!]

So close

Those were the documents he was researching, and some were related to the Polignacs conjecture.

In the beginning, when he was selected for the Ten Thousand People Initiative, he chose the Polignacs conjecture to be his research project. He did some research on the side when he had spare time. It would be a great loss if those documents were destroyed.

However, Xiao Ai was still more valuable than those documents.

Although Xiao Ai was still a little bit retarded, one day it would grow and become useful.

Lu Zhou thought for a moment before he typed: [I understand. Ill try to get a new home for you.]

Xiao Ai: [Thank you, Master!]

Lu Zhou:

He thought about those important documents, and he was glad that he did not lose them.

Then he thought about how expensive Xiao Ais new home would be.

F*ck sake! Always spending my money!

Lu Zhou rudely closed the dialog window and when he found his valuable documents, he copied them onto his external drive before he opened data from the scanner gun.

He thought that it would take a long time to figure out this data, so he did not expect the high-tech to be so convenient.

When he opened the executable file, a design tool application appeared on his screen.

A three-dimensional drawing of a broken battery was shown.

At first glance, it only looked like a 3-D model.

Lu Zhou clicked on the model.

Suddenly, things changed.

From the composition of the material to the temperature parameters at the time of the scan, all of the data were clearly shown in the pop-up dialog box.

Lu Zhou stared at it in awe before he quickly clicked on the negative end of the battery.

Then, it was like he found a treasure.


His guess was correct!

It was a lithium battery!

He was not clear as to what kind of lithium it was because he did not find any clues of the electrolyte residue.

He guessed that this high tech battery probably used gas or solid material as the electrolyte.

However, this had nothing to do with him.

He would learn the technology sooner or later. Right now, he had to figure out the technology that inhibited the development of lithium dendrites.

This battery was like a fish, and the most delicious part was the fish belly. In this case, it would be the lithium dendrite part.

Suddenly, Xiao Ai popped up.

Xiao Ai: [Master, whats this?]

Lu Zhou smiled. He was in a good mood as he typed: [Your new home will rely on this. Wait till I register a patent. Then Ill buy you a three million yuan server!]

Xiao Ai: [Wow, really!]

Lu Zhou: [Really!]

If this thing really could teach him how to inhibit the growth of the lithium dendrites, then the patent would earn enough for him to buy an entire server farm.

Of course, he had other wishes, so he would not actually spend all his money on servers.

He would at least buy a lab for himself as he could not always rely on the system to give him high-tech components. He had to find a way to make his own technology.

However, he was in no rush to register the patent. It was not like anyone else had access to the battery.

Even though he already knew what the material was, he still had to do experiments in the lab and fake the discovery.

After all, when he registered the patent, he would have to specify the equipment used, source of the material, and the laboratory information. Only after that would people accept his new technology patent.

Where should he submit the thesis?

He had accepted a Nature Weekly interview recently, so maybe he would just submit it to Nature

Lu Zhou could not help but feel excited.

Once Lu Zhou turned off his computer, he then changed his clothes. He ate some lunch at the cafeteria before he went to Professor Lu Shenjians office.

When Professor Lu saw Lu Zhou, he smiled and said, You finally came back from Europe. I thought you were going to stay there for good.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, No way, my visa wont even let me stay there for long.

Ah, hard to say. If you really wanted to stay there, CERN would take care of your visa. They might even get you a PR, said Professor Lu with a smile.

Lu Zhou smiled but he did not say anything.

Although he knew that the old professor was just joking, he still did not take the joke well.

What Professor Lu said was true. It would be easy for him to stay there.

However, he had never even given this idea a thought.

He liked the environment here and he liked the people here.

He would go abroad for conferences or even to study there, but he would still eventually return to China.

They chatted for a while before Professor Lu got to the main point.

Im glad to see that you come back safely. Next time when you fly, make sure you shoot me a text when you land. If it wasnt for Yan Xinjue, I wouldnt even know you were back! Nothing else, thats all I wanted to say.

Professor Lu paused and continued.

Im going to Beijing in a few days. Come with me. I have a friend that wants to see you.

Lu Zhou asked, Is the friend, Professor Gao?

Not him. Why would he want to see you? I see him every day, said Professor Lu as he waved his hand. He then said, Old Qiu wants to see you. Hes in the mathematics field as well, so you should know him.