Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 187

Chapter 187 No More Opportunities In The Future

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Chen Yushan was not talking about alcohol.

They went to the coffee shop in front of the school gate and the two ordered a mocha and cappuccino before they sat down by the window.

Why did you suddenly come back?

Chen Yushan replied nonchalantly, Its the summer holiday. Why wont I return to Jinling?

Is there such a thing as a summer holiday for masters students?

Lu Zhou asked, Your supervisor didnt take you to do projects?

Chen Yushan supported her chin with her palms as she sighed and said, Thats how it is studying under an academician. I cant even find him. I have to rely on my self.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, What a coincidence, Im also studying under an academician, but I feel quite fulfilled.

Professor Lu treated him pretty well. He took Lu Zhou to Switzerland and gave him a lot of working experience at CERN.

If he did not have CERNs internship, he would not have found the 750 GeV sample. Neither would he appeared in Nature Weekly or worked with Professor Frank.

I guess it depends on the supervisor said Chen Yushan as she sighed. She suddenly remembered something and asked excitedly, Oh yeah, Meng Qi told me that youre going to Princeton next year?

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Yeah, Im going latest summer next year. Once I get my degree, Ill go to Princeton for PhD.

Wow, impressive, gasped Chen Yushan. Her mouth was wide opened as she stared at Lu Zhou for a long time. She then said softly, Oh, little brother, youre giving me a lot of pressure like this. If this goes on, maybe Ill have to call you as my older brother?

Lu Zhou was speechless, Did you just realized this?

Little brother, Little brother

Lu Zhou saw that Chen Yushan kept calling him little brother, so he asked, What?

Nothing, said Chen Yushan as she shook her head. She then smiled, I just want to call you that a few more times since I wont get the chance in the future.

Lu Zhou could not help but complain, Im also doing my masters right now! You already dont have the chance.

Chen Yushan seemed to realize this as she had an awkward look on her face. She laughed and said, Dont be so stingy. Watch out, you might not be able to find a girlfriend

She suddenly realized that she was single herself, so she changed the topic, Speaking of which, did you pass TOEFL?

Lu Zhou, I passed it before I went to the Princeton conference.

Chen Yushan felt like English was her strength, so she suddenly asked, What did you get?

Lu Zhou replied, I think 118.

Chen Yushan was quiet for a while before she sighed, Not bad, little brother Do you really not have a subject youre not good at?

Lu Zhou smiled embarrassedly, I do. Im not good with modern history Oh yeah, did you get the offer from University of Pennsylvania?

Chen Yushan nodded her head and said, I got it, Im going at the end of the year.

Lu Zhou could not believe it, Wharton?

Chen Yushan proudly smiled and said, Of course!

F*ck me, I cant believe she got in!

Lu Zhou was astonished.

Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania was known as the birthplace of the MBA. It was the top business school in the US and ranked top three in the world. All of the wall street investment banks wanted graduates from Wharton. Even POTUS went to Wharton.

Even though the admission was not as difficult as Princeton, it was still hard to get an offer!

Also, even if she did 1+2 training, she would have to stay at the University of Yan for another year. Strictly speaking, she would be admitted to the school after September.

It meant that she had half a year left at the University of Yan.

Basically, 0.5+2 training.

Would her supervisor really let her go?

Lu Zhuo had always been suspicious of Chen Yushans academics, but now he believed her.

This chick really is a genius student.

Even though her mathematics is kind of crappy

It was getting late, so the two ate dinner together.

Lu Zhou thought that they would split the bill but Chen Yushan insisted on paying. She said that he could buy her dinner next time.

From their conversation, Lu Zhou learned that she came back to Jin Ling to pack up her dorm.

The new semester was about to start, so Chen Yushan had to move her stuff out of her dorm room at the University of Jin Ling and into her dorm room at the University of Yan.

She just happened to bump into Lu Zhou.

Once they finished eating, they walked back to campus.

Suddenly, Lu Zhou thought of something and he asked, Oh yeah, how did you know I was in the library?

Chen Yushan said, I mean, where else could you be?

Lu Zhou:

Why does she sounds like Im always at the library?

The pair walked back to the dorms.

These two were only platonic friends, so Chen Yushan did not have plans to go back to his dorm.

She cleared her throat as she held her hands behind her back while she looked at Lu Zhou and said, Then, little brother, Ill see you next year.

Lu Zhou wanted to say bye but felt a little strange. So he asked, Next year?

Chen Yushan blinked and said, Yeah, arent you going to Princeton?

Lu Zhou said, Yeah But Princeton is in New Jersey, not in Pennsylvania.

Chen Yushan tilted her head and said, But the University of Pennsylvania is in Philadelphia, and I think the University of Pennsylvania is close to Princeton. Didnt you get off the plane at Philly when you went to Princeton?


Lu Zhou suddenly realized that geography was not his strong suit.

Last time he went to Princeton, he got off at Philadelphia.

The University of Pennsylvania was close to Philadelphia.

Chen Yushan looked at Lu Zhous expression and smiled, Theyre really close together. Ill check out the place for you first. When you go there next year, remember to call me. Ill take you to Princeton.