Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Dorm 201

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The school was about to start and the friends of Dorm 201 had returned.

Liu Rui was the first to return to school. He was working hard as always and he began to study advanced algebra as soon as he got back.

However, since he knew that he would never catch up to Lu Zhou, he had a more realistic goal.

Like the graduate entrance exam

Most people started studying in their fourth year, so it was impressive that he had already started in his third year.

The dorm leader was the second to come back.

When Shi Shang walked in and saw Lu Zhou, he put down his luggage and shouted excitedly, Zhou, I havent seen you all summer! Youve been humble bragging again!

Lu Zhou was studying the Polignacs conjecture in his seat when he looked at Shi Shang with a confused expression.

What did I do?

I didnt do anything. What do you mean humble bragging?

What are you talking about?

Shi Shang sat in his seat and said, Stop being modest, I saw what you did in Nature Weekly!

Thats it

Thats old news.

Lu Zhou looked at Shi Shang and he was speechless.

You read Nature Weekly?

Nope, but I saw it on Weibo! said Shi Shang. He continued to ask, So, is there hope for a Nobel Prize?

When Liu Rui heard Nobel Prize, he stopped studying and began to listen.

He normally did not go on Weibo, so this was his first time hearing that Lu Zhou was on Nature Weekly.

He did not understand how a mathematician like Lu Zhou was able to get the Nobel Prize.

When Lu Zhou heard Shi Shangs question, he smiled and asked, I dont know. Why dont you go to Switzerland and ask?

It was not like the Nobel Prize was easy to get. Shi Shang was clueless.

Suddenly the door to their dorm room was pushed open.

Huang Guangming had his glasses on as he carried his suitcase awkwardly as he walked in.

201, your daddy is back F*ck me, Brother Fei, daddy was wrong Dont Let me get my glasses first. Ah

His glory lasted for three seconds.

Before he could finish speaking, Liu Rui and Shi Shang started wrestling him while Lu Zhou was cheering on the side.

Like this, the previously quiet atmosphere in Dorm 201 was broken again

Strictly speaking, Lu Zhou was only considered as a first-year masters student.

However, this did not matter to him as he would get his degree in a year anyway.

The class schedule that Professor Lu gave him was pretty useless. He would usually study mathematics in his dorm room. Specifically, Polignacs conjecture.

The twin prime conjecture was already solved. Now, he had to find a solution to extend the proof.

The topology method was no longer of any use. He had to find a new method to solve this problem.

This was the most troublesome part of number theory.

There were too many options to choose from. Most people did not even know where to start when facing difficult number theory questions.

However, Lu Zhou stayed calm. He was not frustrated at all.

He had already solved many mathematical conjectures. Even though he was not inspired this time, he knew what being inspired felt like.

Even though he did not have inspiration hours to help him, he knew that sooner or later, he would solve this problem.

On the other hand, Lu Zhous three friends from Dorm 201 began their third-year undergraduate studies.

Lu Zhou felt like he was racing ahead of his peers.

The class leader Tian Jun came back and had a committee meeting. Tian Jun said to check their class schedules online.

Some classes were canceled so some students could not take the classes they wanted.

Normally speaking, in order to study for the graduate entrance exam in their fourth year, third-year students would take all the core subjects in their third year.

It was a pain in the ass when they could not take a class.

Unfortunately, this happened to someone.

F*ck, my actuarial mathematics class was canceled.

Huang Guangming screamed in front of the computer.

Shi Shangs heart dropped and he quickly looked at his own class schedule. He saw that all his classes were still there. He smiled and said, Not bad, Guangming, you want to get into finance?

Huang Guangming said, Shut up, its so annoying. Why was the class canceled!

Normally, teachers with many projects did not want to teach undergraduate students. They wanted to use their energy on PhD students.

They were too busy to teach undergrad classes

Shi Shang smiled and said, Then why dont you choose something else ASAP? I think the Academic Affairs Office website is still open, so hurry up.

I know, Im choosing murmured Huang Guangming as he logged onto the academic affairs office website. He then looked at Lu Zhou, Zhou, which class is easier?

Lu Zhou replied without thinking, Mathematical model. Professor Liu teaches this class and hes a nice guy.

Professor Liu was the type of teacher to give the students the entire syllabus and not lie about it.

He was also the fairest professor that Lu Zhou had ever come across.

In his opinion, the mathematical model was one of the most simple courses he took.

Let me look at it, said Huang Guangming as he looked at the computer screen and clicked his mouse. He said, F*ck, its full.

Lu Zhou thought for a moment before he said, Then what about basic number theory? It looks pretty simple.

Fine, let me see F*ck me, there are still 20 spots left! said Huang Guangming with a surprised tone.

Suddenly, Liu Rui said, Give up.

He twisted the pen in his hand and slowly said, Dont be fooled by the words basic number theory. Its literally the most difficult mathematics course. Only Zhou would think that its easy Choose something else.

Lu Zhou:

What the hell?!

Huang Guangming said, F*ck me, Lu Zhou, dont screw me over.

Oh? Okay then. I dont really know what is easy said Lu Zhou.

Shi Shang rubbed his chin and asked, Zhou, are you close with Professor Liu?

Lu Zhou thought for a moment before saying, Pretty close. After all, he took me to the mathematical modeling competition.

Shi Shang said, Then Why dont you ask for Huang Guangming? See if the professor can squeeze him on.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Okay then, Ill ask him today.

Zhou, my good friend. Im said Huang Guangming. He was moved as he continued, I dont know how to thank you!

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Thats easy, just thank me with dinner. The fish restaurant is good.

Huang Guangming: