Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Inspiration Always Comes Inadvertently

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After a long time, Lu Zhou finally typed a line of words.

[What if we dont find it?]

The old man typed fast, and within five minutes, he answered Lu Zhous question.

[This is of course possible. If the energy standard doesnt find what we need, we can only declare the non-existence of the smallest supersymmetric standard model. Then we would go to higher energy zones and find us the things that we need. Proving that our previous work was wrong is also an important discovery. Although it is not necessarily what we want to see But I think that you should have more confidence in our theory. I can smell the victory and it smells good.]

The old man even made a joke.

However, Lu Zhou was not as optimistic, so he did not smile at all.

Probably because he did not understand the feeling of studying in the labyrinth of the quantum world for decades. So he did not cultivate the humor that a theoretical physicist must need in the face of an unsolved mystery.

He would not be depressed if he did not understand something.

However, if his research did not seem to have an end, it would make him feel irritated.

Yes, this was his psychological makeup.

Even a Nobel Prize winner could not convince him of anything he did not understand.

This was unlike mathematics. Mathematics was binary and there was only a right or wrong answer.

What irritated Lu Zhou was that theoretical physics was different. Once could be both wrong and right at the same time, but just on different levels.

The development of the theory was far different from the experiment. Theories of impossible experiments had been developed.

The standard model that theoretical physics so heavily relied on was unreliable.

In the 1960s, the supersymmetric theory proposed the string theory which later emerged in the 1980s. However, over the past few years, weird particles were found in the laboratory. The theoretical physics community hurriedly announced the entry into the post-standard model era, and within two years, the neutrino oscillation brought the standard model back.

Lu Zhou could understand why Mr. Frank was so obsessed with supersymmetry.

This persistence was definitely not because of something superficial, but because the supersymmetry theory was not established. The loopholes of the standard model could not be filled, and the string theory based on supersymmetry theory would also collapse.

If the supersymmetry theory was proven wrong, then people would ask why the theoretical physicists wasted half a century of time working on the standard model.

If only theoretical physics worked like the news

One could discover this today and overthrew it tomorrow. Every day would be a new page.

In reality, theoretical physicists had to be rigor and clear. They could not just constantly changed their theories.

Lu Zhou did not know if his dark matter speculation was correct.

Both theories had the possibility of being established. However, the theories were wildly different. Lu Zhou wished he had the evidence to refute Franks theory, but unfortunately, he did not.

He had to wait for the results of the experiment.

Lu Zhou hesitated for a moment before typing a line of words.

He then clicked Send.

[Maybe youre correct, but Im still inclined to believe in my theory.]

On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, Professor Frank was sitting in the front seat when he suddenly laughed out loud. His action scared the PhD student that was driving.

The PhD student glanced at the computer and asked, What?

Nothing, answered Frank as he shook his head. He then closed his laptop before smiling and said, That Chinese boy I told you about is quite funny.

Lu Zhou did not feel so good.

He stared at the computer for a long time. He then looked at the stack of A4 papers on his desk before scratching his head irritably.

Two-line operations seemed to be the wrong choice. One was number theory, the other was functional analysis and group theory. Both were big problems.

This most uncomfortable thing was that Mr. Frank introduced an extra dimension operation outside the symmetry field. This really was not mathematically sophisticated. From Lu Zhous perspective, solving this problem with the perspective of dark matter would avoid many mathematical problems.

From the perspective of dark matter, every Z/PZ generator could be mapped to a function such as exp(2pii/p), and the Pontryagin duality problem could probably be solved.

The mathematicians in him told him that this was very probable.

Lu Zhou leaned back into his chair and stared at the ceiling. The mathematics symbols kept appearing in his brain to the point that he totally forgot to eat.

Group theory

Group theory

If only group theory is as simple as number theory Although number theory isnt exactly simple

Wait, group theory?!

Lu Zhous eyes lit up and suddenly his mind flashed with information.

He was not thinking about the 750 GeV characteristic peak, but rather he was thinking about the Polignacs conjecture.

He sat up abruptly from his chair and picked up a pen. At the moment, Lu Zhous brain was spinning a million miles per second.

Group theory was a very powerful tool. Not only was it listed as the two theoretical artifacts of quantum mechanics in the Hilbert space in functional analysis, but it was also useful when dealing with infinite prime numbers.

For example, any number theory teacher would teach about Fermats theorem.

This theorem had many methods of proof. The most succinct proof was by group theory.

This proof only needed three lines.

If and p were primes, the Eulers theorem was ^(p)1(modp), but (p)=p-1, so ^(p-1)1(modp). Both sides would then multiply by to get the conclusion: when was a natural number and p was a prime number, there was ^p(modp).

Was it that difficult?

In fact, Fermats theorem was only a special case of Eulers theorem.

On the other hand, Eulers theorem could also be solved by group theory. However, it took half a page.

During this time, Lu Zhou was thinking of how to solve the Polignacs conjecture with a topology method. He had not even considered other mathematical methods.

In fact, many theses on arXiv had been trying to solve the Polignacs conjecture with his topology method.

However, Lu Zhou did not realize that physics would inspire him.

This was unexpected.

Lu Zhou started to spin the pen in his hand and he suddenly slapped the table.

He sighed and spoke with emotion.

This idea might work!

When the inspiration comes, its like a tsunami. You cant stop it!

Lu Zhou placed the 750 GeV issue aside and pulled out a brand new A4 paper.