Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Level Four Mathematics

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Actually, Professor Guo misunderstood Lu Zhou. Lu Zhou wanted to explain his reasoning, but Professor Ma did not give him a chance.

However, he was just as surprised as the audience.

Previously, he was preparing the Group Structure Method thesis. He finally finished the paper before the deadline and started to work on his PowerPoint. Once he finished his PowerPoint, he was dragged to Beijing by Professor Lu. He did not pay attention to his thesis submission process at all.

Lu Zhou thought that for a major discovery like the Polignacs conjecture, the journal would it at the end of the year. The Annual Mathematics journal was more efficient than him.


Did I meet a nutty peer reviewer?

As Professor Ma Changans face went white, Lu Zhou coughed and said, Thank you, Academician Xiang, for answering this question. If there are no further questions, Professor Ma, please sit down.

Professor Ma Changan sat down.

Lu Zhou then looked at the crowd and asked, Any other questions?

No one stood up, and no one spoke up.

Professor Ma Changan had ruined this report, so the vibe was no longer the same.

No one was motivated to ask questions after hearing Professor Ma Changans bullsh*t.

As for the bomb that Professor Xiang just dropped, all of the number theory mathematicians sitting in the crowd could not wait to check Annual Mathematics to confirm this matter.

Solving two conjectures within a year, even if they were related, was terrifying impressive!

When Lu Zhou saw that no one was going to ask any further questions, he looked at the staff member next to him and cleared his throat.

The content of Group Structure Method has been covered in detail in this report.

Thank you for coming!

The crowd erupted in applause.

Lu Zhou lightly bowed and left the stage.

The report finally ended.

As Professor Ma Changan quickly left the venue, he nearly tripped on his way out.

Thankfully his student, Wei Siyang, was next to him and saved him. Otherwise, he would have embarrassed himself again.

Professor Ma Changan stood still and looked at his student.

Why didnt you remind me just now!

Wei Siyang was muddled as he thought, How can you, as a professor, expect me to remind you?

Of course, he did not say this out loud.

Professor, Ive been busy with your tasks these few days, I didnt have the chance to read Annual Mathematics

Shut up!

Wei Siyang shut his mouth and did not speak.

He knew that his boss was only trying to find a punching bag. It would be better if he did not speak.

But this Lu Zhou guy is pretty nutty. Winning the Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award at 21 years old, and made significant research results in the field of prime numbers

If he did not have to follow his boss, he definitely would not give up the opportunity to speak to Lu Zhou.

Unfortunately, his graduation was more important

On the other side, Professor Wang Yuping sat in the venue and when he saw Professor Ma Changan leaving, he laughed happily.

Hahaha, I knew that this old guy is full of sh*t. What an embarrassment to Aurora University!

Ah, hes just that kind of guy. Hes only embarrassing himself, said Professor Xiang Huanan as he shook his head. He added, The 2017 academician elections are going to be pretty hard for him.

Professor Ma Changan could not create his own academic results, yet he tried to vilify other peoples scientific research results. In the end, he became a laughing stock.

Not to mention, the Chinese Mathematics Society had just awarded Lu Zhou the Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award. He, for some reason, decided to doubt the judges.

On the other hand, Lu Zhou just finished his report and did not linger around. He left Beijing Normal University and took a taxi back to his hotel.

He did not care about Professor Ma Changan at all. He only cared about his mission rewards. What could it be?

He had waited very long for this reward.

Lu Zhou laid in bed and went into the system space.

He then walked up to the translucent mission panel.

[Congratulations, User, for completing the reward mission!]

[Mission completion details are as follows: Solve the Polignacs conjecture.]

[Final mission evaluation: None (Reward missions have no evaluation)]

[Mission reward: 100k Mathematics experience points! 1000 general points! One lucky draw ticket (50% sample, 50% blueprints)]

100k mathematics experience points!

Lu Zhou was excited when he saw this reward.

If he recalled correctly, the twin prime conjecture was only worth 50k!

He only needed 100k to level up!

Without hesitation, Lu Zhou ordered the system.

System, open my characteristic panel!


Core science:

A. Mathematics: Level 4(54,000/200,000)

B. Physics: Level 3 (53,100/100,000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 1 (4,000/10,000)

D. Engineering: Level 1 (0/10,000)

E. Materials science: Level 1 (3,000/10,000)

F. Energy science: Level 1 (0/10,000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (2,900/10,000)

General points: 2,975 (one lucky draw ticket)


Unsurprisingly, with the completion of the reward mission, his mission level jumped up.

However, when Lu Zhou saw the level five requirements, he calmed down.

The Polignacs conjecture was probably in the third category, but it was only worth 100,000 experience points.

From that logic, 200,000 experience points would be worth two Polignacs conjectures, or one higher-level conjecture.

If he wanted to level up, he might have to solve some Langlands program or Hilbert 23 conjectures.

Fortunately, the experience requirement only doubled.

If it added a zero like last time, Lu Zhou would kill himself. He would never reach Level 10 in mathematics.

He took a deep breath and looked at the screen.

Finally, the exciting part came.