Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Lucky Draw

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This time, the lucky draw chances were the same as the last mission.

50% blueprint, 50% sample. Both were good options. There was no way the system would give Lu Zhou garbage.

Lu Zhou pressed the lucky draw button and looked at the rotating wheel. He took a deep breath before he shouted, “Stop!”

The wheel spun a couple more times then gradually came to a stop.

[Congratulations, User, a sample is given!]

A sample is pretty good.

Hopefully, I get a scanner gun again.

Lu Zhou’s expression did not change while he waited patiently for the system to give the award.

[Acquired: Nitrogen shield (Stores 100 units of energy. Can shield against kinetic weapon effectively for five minutes. Can also release energy at once. (one-time use)]

Lu Zhou: “”

What’s this?

It was not as if he was Ironman. He had a normal life. What was the use of this thing?

Lu Zhou looked at the watch-shaped item in his inventory and he was confused.

The only purpose of this thing he could think of was a car accident.

However, given that he did not even have a car, there was a low probability of getting into a car accident.

Lu Zhou finally gave up on trying to find a purpose of this thing. It was not as if this was the first time the system screwed him over.

At least it was not garbage.

Furthermore, if he received another scanner gun in the future, he could scan this thing.

He was curious what exactly was “100 units of energy”. What was the principle of this thing, and how does it create a shield with nearby air molecules?

It would be amazing if he could reverse engineer the technology.

He placed the prize aside and looked at his mission panel.

The reward mission ended, so he had three new refreshed missions.

Lu Zhou prayed and read the missions.


Mission 1: Science is more than mathematics

Description: User is obsessed with mathematics and physics, which is respectable. But, there are non-theoretical problems that are worth studying. There are many more topics that are worth exploring.

Requirements: Obtain at least 10 system for any three subjects in materials science, engineering, biochemistry, energy science, and information science. A time limit of 1 year. Ways to earn credits: Publish theses (1-3), academic conference reports (1-5), complete research projects (1-?).

Reward: 1000 experience points per credit. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket (85% garbage, 11% sample, 4% drawings).



Mission1: Health is everything

Description: The body is a temple. User needs a good body to achieve greater things.

Requirements: Rank runner-up in a national sporting event.

Reward: 10k experience points (100% champion) (50% runner-up). 500 general points. One lucky draw (90% garbage, 7% sample, 3% blueprints).



Mission 3: Climb new peaks

Description: The solution of the infinite prime numbers is solved with Polignac’s conjecture. However, the research on prime numbers is far from completion.

Requirements: Solve a mathematical conjecture related to prime numbers.

Reward: 1-??? experience points, 500 general points. One lucky draw (50% garbage, 30% sample, 20% blueprints).


Lu Zhou knew that his health was important, but it was a bit unrealistic to compete at a national level sports competition.

Unless he somehow obtained a physical strengthening drug. Even then, he would need two. One to enter the competition, one to win it.

Lu Zhou excluded Mission 2. He was deciding between Mission 1 and Mission 3 when he finally chose Mission 3.

One one hand, it was because the latter had better lucky draw chances. On the other hand, the latter’s experience was more imaginative.

The first mission sounded tempting, but the total experience points that were given only added up to 30k.

The third mission had much higher potential.

Coincidentally he was going to Princeton next year. He could just use this prime number requirement for his graduation thesis!

A lot of people went on trending, but few went on trending twice within a week.

A 21-year-old winning Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award was enough to surprise people. Now, another news story broke out. This Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award winner solved a world-class mathematics problem; The Polignac’s conjecture.

The journalists behind the articles did not know what the Polignac’s conjecture was. They only knew that it was harder than the twin prime conjecture.

Which was true.

The twin prime conjecture could only be regarded as a weaker version of Polignac’s conjecture. If the Polignac’s conjecture was established, then the twin prime conjecture was also established.

Multiple media outlets quickly reported this story. It even overwhelmed the reports on the 12th Chinese Mathematics Society anniversary conference.

China’s mathematics circle was unremarkable, but this sudden breakthrough brought China into the spotlight.

This rising mathematics star was bursting with light.

Although Lu Zhou did not pay attention to the news online, he knew that the media would report on this matter and that the media would probably title it something like [Shook! A world-class problem has been solved by a Chinese master’s student!] or something along those lines.

This story would have blown up even without the clickbait titles.

Lu Zhou was pushed to number one on trending.

However, Lu Zhou did not care much for it.

There was a greater honor waiting for him.

The fifth day of the mathematics conference, with help from Professor Lu, Lu Zhou met with Professor Qiu again.

This time, not only did Lu Zhou and Professor Qiu discussed mathematics problems, but Lu Zhou also heard a piece of news.

The Federal Mathematics Society decided to award him the Cole Prize!