Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Enviable Troubles

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The 12th Chinese Mathematics Societys annual mathematics conference came to an end. It was time for Lu Zhou to say goodbye to this city.

This time, he was the only one going back to Jin Ling.

As for Professor Lu, he had to go to Belgium in November for a particle physics summit, so he stayed at the BES Institute in Beijing. He planned on doing some research during this time.

Professor Lu originally planned on taking Lu Zhou back, but Lu Zhou was going to California in December for the Federal Mathematics Society conference anyway, so Professor Lu decided to just stay in Beijing.

As usual, Yan Xinjue stayed with Professor Lu.

Yan Xinjue sent Lu Zhou to the Beijing Airport.

They got out of the car and Yan Xinjue helped Lu Zhou with the luggage. Yan Xinjue then patted his shoulder.

Bro, take care!

Lu Zhou felt a little weird, Take care Im just going back to Jinling, its not like Im going somewhere far away.

Yan Xinju said, Youre going to California in December, right?

Lu Zhou nodded, Yes.

Yan Xinjue sighed and said with a voice full of emotion, The Cole Prize for number theory was won by Mr. Zhang Yitang who is Chinese by ethnicity, but there hasnt been a Chinese citizen who had won this award. You winning this award will fill the gap in our countrys medals. Ill be waiting for your good news in Belgium!

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Thanks for your kind words.

The two men did not linger around. Once they said their goodbyes, Yan Xinjue got back into his car while Lu Zhou dragged his suitcase and walked into the terminal.

After a two hour flight, the airplane landed smoothly on the runway.

Outside of the airport, Lu Zhou planned on calling a taxi. Before he could even take out his phone, someone went up to him.

He saw two first-year looking students carrying a banner.

[Congratulations to Lu Zhou for winning the 15th Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award!]

Jesus, why are you guys here?

Do you know how embarrassing you two look!

The pedestrians passing by could not help but look. There were also reporters from Jinling Daily who were waiting to take his photo.

Lu Zhou tried to be low-key as he dragged his suitcase and kept walking. Before he could get far, he was recognized by a girl.

Lu Zhou!

Lin Yuxiangs eyes lit up and she skipped over while waving her hand.

Lu Zhou was embarrassed, but he could not ditch her. He stopped walking and turned around with a forced smile.

Lin President Lin, hello.

Lu Zhou nearly forgot that she was promoted to the student union president.

He only had one complaint.

Its already autumn, but your skirt is a little short Arent you cold?

Lin Yuxiang smiled and played with her hair as she said, What president Just call me Lin Yuxiang, Zhou.

Why is this chick calling me Zhou?

Im not even close to you.


Zhou, let me help with your suitcase!

No, its fine!

Suddenly, he heard a familiar and loud sound.

Lu Zhou, congratulations!

When Lu Zhou looked up, he was surprised.

Dean Lu?

He saw Dean Lu and the student union teacher standing together. They smiled and walked over.

Dean Lu Fangping shook Lu Zhous hand and said, Dean Qin has a meeting, so he told me to pick you up!

Lu Zhou said, Thanks Its not that far anyway. I couldve just called a DiDi.

Haha, no way! Youre the model student of our school, and there are countless professors who are envious of you, said Dean Lu. He smiled and continued, The car is right there. Come on, get in.

Lu Zhou agreed reluctantly.

There were more and more people watching, and some even started to record with their phones.

Lu Zhou wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

He sat in the car and chatted with Dean Lu and the young professor who was responsible for the student union. He thought, This is only a Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award, and you guys are so welcoming. What would happen if I win the Cole Prize?

He made up a decision in his mind.

Lu Zhou decided that when the time comes, he would not return to Jinling. Instead, he would return to his hometown.

They soon arrived at the school.

Lu Zhou thought that the attention would be over but he was too naive.

An even bigger banner hung on the school gate.

This was even more embarrassing.

However, it made sense. Any professor that won a national award would get this type of treatment, much less a masters student that won a major mathematics prize.

Of course, the school did this to promote themselves as well.

After all, Lu Zhou was going to Princeton soon. He did not have a family, nor a partner. Once he experienced the Western lifestyle, it would be hard for him to want to come back.

It was appropriate to give him some honor. It would make him miss this place and want to come back.

When Lu Zhou got off the car, he did not get the chance to touch his suitcase at all. Two guys from the student union came over and took his suitcase directly to Dorm 201.

As for Lu Zhou, he was greeted warmly by Principal Xu.

The principle was an old academician. He had the characteristics of a scientific researcher. His words were short and concise. Although he was in the computer science field, he knew the importance of mathematical tools.

After all, University of Jin Ling was strong in physics and one could never get far in physics without mathematics.

At night, the top floor of the cafeteria

Lu Zhou thought that his welcoming was already grand enough. Never had he expected that the school would host him a Congratulations Banquet.

Well, it was mostly hosted by the department of mathematics. All of the professors that were there were mathematics professors.

Lu Zhous popularity in the school was good, and he was close to many old professors.

While eating, Professor Tang drank with Lu Zhou and said with a voice full of emotion, For major conjectures like Polignacs conjecture, you would normally have to wait five or ten years to see the results. You being able to solve it within a year is really admirable! I didnt expect you to be so talented in number theory!

Lu Zhou smiled and said humbly, Professor, youre exaggerating. The inspiration just randomly came to me.

Be humble in front of Principal Xu if you want, but why are you humble in front of me? said Dean Lu. He smiled and said, Oh yeah, prepare your report. Try to do it before the December annual review. If youre still at University of Jin Ling and if you submit the research, theres a $100,000 yuan cash prize waiting for you.

Although Lu Zhou got a million yuan when he proved the twin prime conjecture and Zhous conjecture, this time the school did not give him that much.

The reason was simple. The first time was because his name was heard overseas, so each of the school gave $500,000 yuan. As for the second time, the money came from a company-sponsored research fund.

The school could afford giving more awards, but there was no point. At most, they could give Lu Zhou some travel expenses or research funds.

Lu Zhou understood this. He could not rely on the school prize money for the rest of his life. Not to mention that he was about to graduate.

However, when Dean Lu mentioned this matter, he suddenly remembered something.

When he applied for his research topic, he applied for the Polignacs conjecture.

Now, his results were published and he had to write the conclusion report.

The problem was

He had not spent his $1.6 million research grant yet