Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 207

Chapter 207 All Good Things Come To An End

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Regardless if this $2 million yuan was well spent, his technology branch mission was finally completed.

Inside the system space, Lu Zhou looked at the [100 information science experience points] on the semi-transparent screen.

All of his other disciplines were in the five-figure experience points range, but he had to work on his information science.

[G. Information science: Level 1 (3000/10000)]

Lu Zhou looked at his technology branch section.

Suddenly his technology branch was changed.

[Technology branch: Artificial intelligence: Level 2(0/10000]

Compared to the core technology subjects, technology branch had a higher degree of freedom. It was similar to branch missions.

The experience translated between core technology and technology branch was a 1:1 ratio.

Lu Zhou did not understand how the technology branch upgrade would affect Xiao Ai, but he was looking forward to it.

The system did not specify the requirements for advancement. Lu Zhou would have to figure this out himself.

Xiao Ais problem was solved. Over the next few days, Lu Zhou packed his stuff into his suitcase. He started to move into his new apartment.

Professor Lu already said that he should prepare to go overseas.

If all else goes well, he could leave the country next year.

After all, since he already got the Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award, Professor Lu was ready to let him graduate. Not to mention the fact that there was a Cole Prize in Number Theory that was waiting for him across the Pacific Ocean.

Liu Rui was the happiest to hear that Lu Zhou was moving out.

Over the past two years, he had been comparing himself to Lu Zhou non-stop. He could finally take a break now.

Of course, when he saw Lu Zhou packing his things, Liu Rui could not help but feel sad.

The opponent he had been competing with for two years was so far ahead of him. However, he had been improving.

Originally, he was only kind-of a genius student. He had decent grades.

Now? He was top five in his entire cohort.

With his opponent leaving, he felt a little unmotivated. Like there was something missing. He could not feel the drive anymore

The day finally arrived.

1st of December.

At the fish restaurant outside the school, the friends of Dorm 201 gathered around to say goodbye.

This time, Lu Zhou carried his suitcase to the restaurant.

He had already returned his keys, and this was his last batch of luggage. After eating this meal, he would go directly to his newly rented house.

Perhaps it was because Lu Zhou was carrying the suitcase, the boss of the restaurant even gave them a half price discount.

Shi Shang raised his glass and sounded a little sad when he said, Zhou, youre about to go to Princeton. I dont have much else to say. I wish you a good trip!

Lu Zhou and Shi Shang toasted. Lu Zhou then said, Thank you, I also wish you a successful and bright career!

Huang Guangming also raised his glass, Zhou, Ill reserve this position for you. Make sure to come back often.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, For sure!

Liu Rui also raised his glass, but he only said two words, Take care

Lu Zhou smiled and said sincerely, You too, take care!

The vibe during dinner was a bit heavy, and it was less rowdy than usual.

Even Huang Guangming stopped screwing around.

Lu Zhou had only finished half of his beer when he got up and stopped Shi Shang. Lu Zhou picked up the check.

Ill treat you guys this time, so dont try to fight it. I can report it as a business expense!

Actually, he had already reported his business expenses, so this was a white lie.

After dinner, the squad separated in front of the school gate.

Lu Zhou waved goodbye to the University of Jin Ling.

The parasol tree was gently swaying as if it was waving goodbye.

When Lu Zhou looked at the white clouds in the distance, he could not help but think.

Time passes so fast.

After Lu Zhou moved into his new home, he started to prepare for going abroad.

The preparations were mainly for Xiao Ai.

This server was massive. The power consumption alone was dozens of time more than an air conditioning unit. He had to use a 50A socket.

Fire protection, theft prevention, power outages, and regular maintenance. These were all issues Lu Zhou had to consider.

Even though artificial intelligence was intelligent, it did not come to life. Lu Zhou still had to use his own hands to do most of the stuff.

First, he bought some security cameras online and installed them in each room. After that, he downloaded a camera management system on his server and connected all the cameras via Bluetooth.

This way, Xiao Ai would have eyes.

He also bought a theft alarm.

The only problem left was power.

He could not leave the server on 24/7 as it would destroy both his electricity bill and the server hardware.

While Lu Zhou was studying the remote control power supply, he noticed that Xiao Ai had more features than he expected.

Xiao Ai could write some special programs.

Of course, these programs were not as useful as apps. They were programs that could only be understood by the machine.

This program was not written in any type of language, so there was no way to execute it. However, this program could control the security cameras and the theft alarm.

Of course, although only Xiao Ai could access the program, as Xiao Ais owner, Lu Zhou could also use these programs.

Otherwise, if he installed an electric lock, Xiao Ai could lock him outside of his own home.

Xiao Ais program solved the power issue. Once Lu Zhou tested the remote power function several times, he typed on his laptop: [I cant believe it, youve gotten smarter.]

Xiao Ai: [Everyone grows up~ (satisfied.jpg)]

Xiao Ai: [(Compliment me.jpg)]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Isnt this because of my $2 million yuan?

How could you search images so quickly without the new server?

Of course, Lu Zhou pointed out a problem.

[But youre not a human.]

Xiao Ai took a while to respond.

Xiao Ai: [QAQ]


Lu Zhou was a little stunned by Xiao Ais response.

Especially when he saw that Xiao Ais progress bar in the lower right corner had slightly improved?