Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Patents

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The correct way of tuning artificial intelligence is actually accumulating negative emotions?

Lu Zhou was astonished at this unexpected discovery.

However, after multiple experiments, he found out that it was not true.

The progress bar and Xiao Ais emotions had no correlations. Whenever he chatted with Xiao Ai, the progress bar would grow by a small margin.

Of course, it would take forever for Xiao Ai to progress like this.

The progress of Xiao Ai relied on the collection of data and paralyzing the logical emotion elements such as crawling data from a forum and slowly doing data analysis.

Although Lu Zhou did not know why data analysis was related to expression photos, it seemed that the expression photos was a little helpful.

He had tons of solid state storage space anyway, so he just let Xiao Ai do whatever it wanted.

After Lu Zhou moved into his new place, he would tinker with the server every day. Other than that, he would go online and see if there were any new theses submitted. If not, he would study the latest theories about Goldbachs conjecture. Most of his days were quite comfortable.

The third day before he was going to America, a piece of good news came.

The agent responsible for helping his patent called and told him that the patent document was processed. He could pick up the certificate at the agents office.

The two documents are here. Check if there are any problems.

Han Tianyu was the agent who was responsible for it. He took out the certificates and handed them to Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou looked at the two documents and asked, Is it that fast?

Honestly speaking, he was a little suspicious when he received the call.

According to his estimations, the patent process would take at least half a year, or maybe even a year.

It was a miracle that his patent was processed this fast.

Han Tianyu heard Lu Zhous question and replied, The recent National Knowledge Bureau patent process is very loose. Especially when its the end of the year, they would only briefly look over it and pass it if there are no major problems.

Lu Zhou:

Okay then.

There were two patent documents. One of them was on improving PDMS materials, and the other was on improving the use of PDMS materials in anodes.

The core of the battery technology was in these two parts. Actually, Lu Zhou could have further refined these two patents and come up with more patents. However, considering his limited budget, he decided against it.

Lu Zhou took the two patent certificates and read them carefully. He confirmed that his patent number, patent holders name, and rights protection were all clearly written and that they were correct.

Also, his patent was valid for twenty years.

After twenty years, it would be free for all.

Lu Zhou asked Han Tianyu, Is this patent valid overseas?

Han Tianyu was a patent attorney, so he swiftly answered, Its only valid in China. International patents require an additional application. The main route is to submit the patents to the Paris Convention or the PCT treaty.

Depending on the country of application, there are different fees. Heres a price list. You can look at it if you wish.

When Lu Zhou looked at the price list, he was shocked.

This thing isnt cheap.

$20k yuan for America, $20k yuan for Europe Even South Korea needs $19k yuan

Itd take $400k yuan for all of the major countries.

Two patents, that means $800k yuan?

Fortunately, this price was in RMB. If it was in USD, there was no way he could afford it.

Han Tianyu saw that Lu Zhou did not speak, so he asked, Which one do you plan on applying for?

Lu Zhou placed the price list on the table and said with a pained voice, Ill apply for everything on this price list.

Just to be safe, it was easier to apply for all of them at once.

After all, Lu Zhou had high hopes for his invention.

Han Tianyu was stunned, All of them?

Lu Zhou nodded and asked, Is there a problem?

Nothing, no problem!

Han Tianyus face lit up as he looked at Lu Zhou with a smile.

$800k yuan case!

The commission of this case would be more than his salary!

Damn this guy is rich!

Even companies that were used to applying for internationalization of patents would be shocked at the prices. Smaller companies would not even apply at all, and would usually play it off as a trade secret.

Smaller companies would only apply if it was absolutely necessary; like if they had a direct competitor.

It was rare to see such a generous customer like Lu Zhou.

The agent took Lu Zhou to the finance department to pay the money.

Before Lu Zhou left, the agent handed his business card to Lu Zhou and said, If you have any patents to apply for in the future, come find me!

The agents intuition told him that there would be many business opportunities in the future.

Lets talk about the future later, just take care of my case, said Lu Zhou as he smiled. He then asked, Oh yeah, how long would it take for all of them?

Han Tianyu said with confidence, Latest June next year! I promise Ill give you a satisfactory result!

He would be in Princeton by June next year.

Once the patents documents arrived, he would not have to worry about money.

Lu Zhou suddenly did not feel sad about the $800k yuan that he just spent. Instead, he smiled as he said, Then Ill wait for your good news.

Okay! Take care!

Han Tianyu was extra enthusiastic. He even walked Lu Zhou out the door.

He only left after seeing Lu Zhou get into a car.