Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 210

Chapter 210 My Trophy?

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Once he was in the hotel room, Lu Zhou put his suitcase down on the floor. Before he could even unpack, Luo Wenxuan took him to the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel.

It was not dinner time yet, but it was perfect for an afternoon tea.

After all, many scholars had the habit of exchanging academic ideas during afternoon tea. Especially in academic conferences, scholars would habitually come to the restaurant at around this hour.

The only down-side was that the conference organizers only covered the cost of accommodation and food, but not the afternoon tea.

After satisfying Xiao Ais request and applying for the international patents, Lu Zhous bank account was running low.

This time when he flew to America, he only took $500 USD with him. He was counting on the $100,000 USD monetary award from the Cole Prize.

Luo Wenxuan and Lu Zhou soon found a table at the restaurant.

On the other table, an old Caucasian with slightly darker skin was on his laptop.

Luo Wenxuan walked over and greeted him before he said to Lu Zhou, Let me introduce you to my bro, George Williams!

When George saw Lu Zhou, he smiled and stood up. He then said, Nice to meet you. I saw your report at the Princeton conference. Honestly, it made a lasting memory on me.

Lu Zhou. Nice to meet you, said Lu Zhou as he shook his hand. He then asked, Do you also study mathematical physics?

George said, No, I study economics.

Economics? Thats a promising profession said Lu Zhou. He then looked at George and asked, But isnt your supervisor Professor Witten?

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, Mr. Wittens field of study is not only in mathematical physics. His masters degree is in economics. Recently, he had also received a masters history degree from Standford when he graduated last year.

Lu Zhou, Nuts

I cant believe this Fields Prize winner has degrees in history and economics as well.

In comparison, Lu Zhou felt inferior.

George asked, Are you reporting at this conference?

Lu Zhou said humbly, Not this time, Im only here to listen.

Luo Wenxuan said, Also to give an award speech.


Lu Zhou gave him a death stare.

George said, Hey dude, dont make me so nervous. We all knew that this award is yours. Theres no doubt about it. The Federal Mathematics Society wouldnt give this award to anyone else.

Lu Zhou smiled and did not know what to say.

There really is no suspense. Even an economics guy knew that this award is mine.

Berkeley was a very nutty place, especially their mathematics department. Although it was not as good as Princeton, it was third in America and ranked top five in the world.

Professor Qiu had a PhD from here.

Even the Mozart of Numbers, Tao Zhexuan, taught here.

Lu Zhou did not go anywhere else. He would spend all day wandering around the Berkeley campus. In the afternoon, he would go to the top floor restaurant to have his afternoon tea.

Although not many people would actively talk with him, he could still learn a lot from the few conversations he had.

Many big names were attending this conference. It was even more than the Princeton conference.

Everyone had been researching for a year. They finally had a place to brag and show off.

Of course, it was not just showing off.

The academic discussions created sparks and this led to the creation of new ideas.

For Lu Zhou, drinking coffee here was more useful than attending lectures.

After three quiet days, the conference finally kicked off.

The opening ceremony was held at the conference hall at Berkeley.

At the opening ceremony, the president of the Federal Mathematics Society, Mr. Francis, stood on stage and spoke in a slow and clear voice.

This year is an extraordinary year.

In the field of number theory, Lu Zhou, a masters student from the University of Jin Ling managed to solve the twin prime conjecture and the Polignacs conjecture. He had also added the topology principle to the sieve theory as well as created the group structure method.

Algebraic field, Peter Schultz from Germany, solved the famous Weight-monodromy conjecture in abstract algebra through his own PS theory.

Normally, for this year, the Cole Prize would be in algebra. However, the number of achievements in number theory this year cannot be ignored. Our committee members have debated about this for more than a month.

The Cole Prize was divided into a number theory and algebra award. Normally, the awards would not be given in the same year.

For example, last year, the award was given to the field of number theory, so by convention, this time the award should be in algebra.

Even though this practice had been broken before, it was only for a very few times.

If it was only the twin prime conjecture, this award would have been given to the German god, Schultz, because his proof of the weight-monodromy conjecture proved that his own PS theory was a powerful mathematical tool.

No one thought that Lu Zhou would be able to solve Polignacs conjecture. Not only that, but his Group Structure Method also had high research value in the field of number theory.

The contribution of both people was exceptional, so it was difficult to compare.

However, since Lu Zhou already knew the result, there was no suspense for him.

Mr. Francis paused for a second before he continued, We made a bold decision.

The award winner is

Lu Zhou sat in the audience. He was adjusting his collar and was prepared to go on stage.

Schultz from Germany!

Lu Zhou was stunned.


Clap clap clap

The audience erupted in applause.

A thin, pale, tall man stood up and smiled. He then bowed as a show of thanks to the applause.

Lu Zhou:

The fuck?

Wheres my trophy?

Luo Wenxuan looked at Lu Zhou as he did not know what happened either.

The applause gradually subsided.

Mr. Francis stood on stage and coughed softly before he continued to speak, And Lu Zhou from China!

Lu Zhou:

F*ck sake!

Can you finish your sentence next time?

I nearly had a heart attack!

Wait a minute

Lu Zhou suddenly realized something.

The Cole Prize for this year

Is awarded to two people?!