Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Not Easy To Get You Outside

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Actually, Helfgott was not the first person to challenge the Goldbachs conjecture. A long time ago, a former Soviet mathematician, Vinogradov, proved that when an odd number is big enough, it can be written as the sum of three prime numbers.

This was known as the Goldbach Vinogradov theorem which was also known as the three prime number theorem.

Another former Soviet mathematician, Barrett King, defined a sufficiently large odd number as a boundary.

However, his number was 4 million digits long. Even supercomputers could not verify it.

In Helfgotts 2013 research, he finally reduced the 4 million digits to 30 digits. Computers could at least handle this number.

While Lu Zhou was proving the twin prime conjecture, he used the three prime number theorem.

After returning to the hotel, he closed his door and began to carefully organize his notes.

Many of Helfgotts viewpoints were interesting. Whether it was the choice of power series functions or solutions to progressive problems, he had many innovations.

It seemed that over the past two years, this professor has not been satisfied with the progress of Goldbachs conjecture. Therefore, he had been further polishing his theory.

Compared with the 2013 thesis, his content in this report was more concise and rigorous.

After putting all of his notes in his computer, Lu Zhou laid in his bed with his printed thesis and started to think carefully.

Should I continue to use the sieve method?

Or should I use the circle method?

This was a question worth pondering.

The former had not had any big changes for decades while the latter was promising.

The problem is how to find a condition and small enough lower bound in the large collection of even numbers? thought Lu Zhou as he flipped through the thesis. He then said, It seems that proving this question is similar to the twin prime conjecture.

Suddenly, someone knocked on his door.

Lu Zhou threw the thesis aside and sat up from his bed. He then went to open the door.

Luo Wenxuan stood in the hallway and greeted him, Hey.

Lu Zhou asked, Whats up?

Its almost Christmas. Dont tell me you plan on studying mathematics in this room, said Luo Wenxuan. He pulled out two tickets and asked, Theres a basketball match on the 23rd. I got it from my friend. Do you want to go?

23rd was the day after tomorrow.

If Lu Zhou recalled correctly, there was an hour-long report that day.

Generally speaking, hour-long reports were all either for major discoveries or reserved for big names.

Lu Zhou did not want to miss it.

So, he shook his head and said, Sorry, but Im not really interested in basketball. I also have a report that day that I dont want to miss. How about you go and find someone else?

Luo Wenxuan sighed and with a look of defeat, he said, Not like this, bro. Youre about to go to Princeton, so you have to try to integrate into the lifestyle here. This isnt China You have to at least like one sport.

Lu Zhou thought for a moment before he said, I think that its not necessary to force yourself into an uncomfortable lifestyle. I prefer to live life at my own pace.

Fine, maybe youre right, said Luo Wenxuan. He glanced at the tickets in his hand and said, But I still suggest you have a hobby other than mathematics. This will help you find topics to talk about when socializing. It can also help you relax.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Ill consider your suggestion.

Luo Wenxuan said, Oh yeah, do you want to go drinking tonight? I found a great bar nearby.

Lu Zhou had spent the past few days researching mathematics, and he sorely needed a break. So he agreed, Sure, I can go.

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, Haha, its not easy getting you to hang out.

The news of the Cole Prize had been floating around in China for three days. Even after three days, there were still relevant news articles popping up.

Lu Zhou was the first Chinese person to win the Cole Prize. Naturally, the media had to follow up on this matter.

Although the Cole Prize was incomparable to a Nobel Prize, it was still an international award!

Since the 2000s, the number theory community in China had never been strong.

The emerging of a Cole Prize broke this curse.

It was not just the University of Jin Ling that was happy for Lu Zhou, even his old high school, Jiangling High, was also proud of him.

The morning he received the Cole prize, the banner was hung up at the high school gate.

[Congratulations to Lu Zhou, a 2013 graduate of our school, who won the international renowned mathematics award: The Cole Prize in Number Theory!]

Jiangling High, mathematics office.

Xiao Tong knocked the office door and waited until she heard a come in before she walked in.

She was still in class when she was suddenly called to go to Old Mas office.

Being called into Old Mas office was no good news.

Among all of the teachers, Old Ma had the worst temper.

This teacher liked to patrol the class and would confiscate phones. Many students were afraid of this teacher. He was like the devil amongst students.

Xiao Tong carefully walked to his desk. She was about to ask what was wrong when Old Ma smiled and pulled out a chair.

Come sit down.

Xiao Tong: ???

She was shocked by Old Mas abnormal behavior.

When did Old Ma become so kind?

However, Xiao Tong thought that this might be the calm before the storm, so she sat down cautiously.

Xiao Tong, howre your studies?

Xiao Tong thought for a moment before saying, Its going okay

Old Ma smiled and said, Please ask me if you dont know anything!

Xiao Tong could not take it anymore, so she asked seriously, Teacher, is it because I failed my monthly exam? Just tell me what I got! Ill try my best next time. Its fine if you want to roast me!

No no no, your test result is good! What about your life? Is there any troubles Like anyone bullying you in class? You can tell me, said Old Ma with a serious look.

Xiao Tong was confused. She replied, Nope, my classmates are friendly and Im friends with a lot of them Teacher, just give it to me straight. I still have homework to do.

Old Ma coughed and said, I just have a question. Lu Zhou Is your brother busy?

Xiao Tong said, Should be busy

Old Ma immediately asked, Hes still coming back for New Year, right?

Xiao Tong asked, Of course hes coming back for New Year. Is there a problem?

Old Lu suddenly smiled and said, The thing is, the leaders of the Education Bureau wants Lu Zhou to give a speech at his old high school, and talk about his learning experience. Can you help me and ask if your brother has time?

Just this thing?

Xiao Tong thought that she was in trouble. She wanted to roll her eyes but instead, she said, Okay, teacher, Ill tell my brother about it.

Old Ma smiled and said, Haha, thank you!