Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Its Been A Worthwhile Four Years

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Since it was CCTV, Lu Zhou had to take his speech seriously.

After Dean Qin and Principal Xu left, Lu Zhou sighed and took out his phone. He prepared to get outside help.

But who should he ask?

Maybe post on Weibo?

But he felt like he would be attacked by his fans for bragging.

Suddenly, Lu Zhou had an idea.

After Xiao Ai went from Level 1 to Level 2, he had yet to test what it could do. He could use this opportunity to see how smart this thing was.

[Xiao Ai, help me write a 500-word reward speech!]

A short time passed by.

Xiao Ai: [()_? ? ? ]

Lu Zhou:


I was too naive to count on this thing.

Lu Zhou sighed and stuffed his phone back into his pocket.

I guess I have to rely on myself.

The reward ceremony started.

The finale of this ceremony was the graduate student Annual Person Award, so Lu Zhous speech was last.

The first person to speak on stage was the undergraduate Annual Person.

Lu Zhou admired them from backstage.

The students achievements were stellar and comparable to last year.

The genius student from the computer science department won the award. He came first in his school three years in a row.

Maybe because of last year, this years award ceremony was not as exciting. Lu Zhous achievements overshadowed everyone else.

However, the physics department had a big player. A nutty fourth-year student went on stage.

Soon, the undergraduate awards ended and it was time for masters students. The powerful physics department competed against the engineering department.

Unsurprisingly, Brother Qian also stood on this podium.

As a crucial member of Professor Li Rongens research team, his knowledge of carbon nanomaterials surpassed many PhD students. His SCI thesis impact factor was 9, and he had published at least three theses during his degree.

He deserved the honor of this years special scholarship!

Soon, it was Lu Zhous turn.

They even changed the background music when he stood on stage.

A big projector behind him showed his achievements.

[2015 Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award winner, winner of international number theory award, Cole Prize. Proved Zhous theorem, twin prime theorem, and Polignac theorem]

Ordinary people would be happy with just one of those achievements.

When he stood on stage, the honor of the previous winners was overshadowed by him.

Lu Zhou took the microphone and looked at the audience.

Whether it was his mentality or the mentality of the audience, it was different than from a year ago.

He could feel it.

Actually, while he was talking to Shi Shang on WeChat, he was informed that the name God Lu was spreading around campus.

Completed his undergrad in two years, masters in one year and got an offer from Princeton while most people his age were still in their third year

The students almost started to treat him as an actual god and pray to him before exams

Maybe some people did actually prayed to him?

Lu Zhou smiled and spoke in a relaxed tone, Thanks, professors and teachers, that have helped me. Thank you, University of Jin Ling, for giving me this honor, and thanks to the leadership team and the audience that came

Im honored to stand on this podium again!

I can talk a lot about mathematics, just like I have at countless conferences. However, I dont want to talk about mathematics now. I want to talk about our university

Many of you only recently stepped into university and youre still carrying the curiosity and excitement from high school, and youre wondering what you should do before the enthusiasm disappears.

Or second and third years, you guys probably want to go home, but were forced to come here by the student union

The crowd laughed. They had not expected Lu Zhou to be so down to earth.

Lu Zhou smiled as well.

Dean Qin kept trying to remind Lu Zhou that this was live on CCTV, so Lu Zhou should not mess around.

Lu Zhou cleared his throat and continued, There are also people like me, about to leave campus.

The crowd went silent.

Dead silent.

Unprecedented silence.

Lu Zhou grinned and spoke with emotion, In the summer of 2014, I was in the schools computer room, pulling an all-nighter. I then handed the baton to my teammate, who didnt let me down.

In October, the same year, I went to Beijing and won the Higher Education Society Cup. This was my first contact with scientific research

Lu Zhou talked about his Zhous conjecture discovery, his entrepreneurship, carbon nanomaterials, and his conference at Princeton.

He spoke for a long time, and he was soon out of time.

However, no one reminded him as they were all immersed in his speech.

Hundreds of pairs of eyes in the crowd stared at him, waiting for him to continue speaking and to continue talking about life experiences that they had never even heard of.

Finally, he made a conclusion of what happened over the past 6 months.

Summer of 2015, I was at CERN headquarters with Professor Lu and Student Yan, representing the LHCb China Cooperation Group.

Same year October to December, I won the Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award and Cole Prize in Number Theory.

Lu Zhou paused for a moment. He then smiled and continued, I dont have much to say about my learning experience. The librarian knows more about that than me, but I hope my personal experience can give you a little insight.

Always welcome life and be interested in your surroundings.

Go discover your passion, go discover your talents. Monetize your talents and infuse your enthusiasm.

You dont have to be a researcher like me. The university doesnt exist only for academics. University exists as a way to find yourself, to find a platform for your life.

Whether you are studying in the library or socializing with the student union, they are all parts of soul searching.

Lu Zhou made a final conclusion and blessing for his schoolmates.

I wish you to have a worthwhile four years at university.

Thank you!

Lu Zhou bowed.

The venue was silent for half a second.

Then, everyone applauded.