Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Bro Insurance?

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From the Cole Prize monetary award plus the million yuan from the University of Jin Ling, Lu Zhou earned $1.6 million yuan within one month. This was enough for a down payment.

Lu Zhou stood in the bank as he looked at his account balance.

It seems that all handsome guys are lucky.

He had already cashed the cheque from the university. As for the $10,000 USD check, he did not bother cashing it out since he would need USD for Princeton.

Suddenly, a man in a suit walked over and started talking to him.

Bro, do you want to buy insurance? Our insurance reimburses all kinds of accidental injuries. Its like an investment!

Lu Zhou turned around and looked at the man.

He smiled at the salesman and said, No, thanks.

After that, Lu Zhou turned around and left the bank. He got on his bicycle and rode back to school.

While on the road, Lu Zhou could not help but think.

Maybe I should get a car?

Im about to go to America. I heard that one must have a car over there, especially in the rural town of Princeton.

Lu Zhou made a decision.

A month before Chinese New Year, he was going to get his drivers license.

Lu Zhou stayed at the school until New Years Eve. He then got on a train and went all the way back home in Gangneung.

Lu Zhou dragged his suitcase to the door and pressed the doorbell. He heard footsteps behind the door.


Xiao Tong opened the door with a smile.

Lu Zhou had not seen her in over a year and she had grown a lot taller.

However, no matter how tall she was, in Lu Zhous mind, she would always be that crying little sister that was bullied.

Lu Zhou smiled and rubbed her head before he dragged the suitcase into the house.

He looked at the kitchen and asked, Wheres dad and mom?

Xiao Tong said, They went to the supermarket! Were eating fish tonight!

Lu Zhou smile and said, What about you?

Im doing test papers! Im such a good kid! said Xiao Tong as she looked at Lu Zhou with puppy eyes. She then asked, Bro, wheres my gift?

As expected.

I knew it.

Back at the duty-free store, Lu Zhou video chatted and asked her to pick her gift. She had stared at the beautifully packaged chocolate in awe.

After Lu Zhou bought the gifts for his professors and parents, he still had a few hundred dollars worth of USD left. He could not be bothered to exchange it for RMB, so he bought her a box of chocolate.

Xiao Tong was similar to him. No matter how much she ate, she still remained skinny.

Lu Zhou handed the suitcase to Xiao Tong and said, Its in the suitcase, help me put it in the room and give your brother some water.

Okay! Brother, youre the best!

She smiled mischievously and pecked him on the face before she dragged the suitcase into his room.

Lu Zhou looked at her and smiled. He then walked to the kitchen and found his parents tea collection. He made himself a cup of hot tea.

When Lu Zhou walked back to the living room, he saw Xiao Tong walking out of his bedroom with her trophy.

Lu Zhou looked at the plastic bag in her hand and said, Dont each too much at once. Otherwise, I wont be able to recognize you when I get back from Princeton.

No way, I cant even eat it all at once anyway, said Xiao Tong.

Lu Zhou, Do whatever. Speaking of which, when did you learn how to do makeup?

He did not only give her chocolate but he also gave her some makeup and skincare products from Clinique.

Clinique was a big brand in America, and it was cheaper at the duty-free store.

Xiao Tong was a good kid who never asked for anything.

Now that Lu Zhou was rich, he would not treat his sister badly but it was a bit early for high school students to do makeup

Xiao Tong said, Oh youre talking about this? Its for my friend.

Lu Zhou, who was drinking tea, was stunned, You bought it for a friend?

Yea, said Xiao Tong. She added, I calculated the cost. A set of makeup and skincare products nets me a thousand yuan! Ill go to school tomorrow and give them to Xiao Yan, then Ill pay you back the costs.

Youre selling them?!

Lu Zhou nearly spat the tea out of his mouth.

He went to California to gain glory for his country. He was a little shocked at his sister.

Lu Zhou wiped his mouth and said, I asked you to pick a gift for yourself, and you wanted to make money?

Ah Bro, dont be unhappy, said Xiao Tong. She looked at Lu Zohu and said quietly, How about We split the profits?

This kid!

No sense of introspection at all!

Lu Zhou sighed and waved his hand, he said, Its fine, just keep the profits I dont need the money anyway. Also, dont worry about money, your priority right now is to study. Just put it this way, this time your bro went back to the University of Jin Ling and received a scholarship. Guess how much it was?

Xiao Tongs eyes widened as she asked, How much?

Lu Zhou said, A million!

Xiao Tong looked at her brother in surprise and said, University of Jin Ling is that rich?

Of course, its a top university! As long as you have the excellence to back it up, youll be awarded, said Lu Zhou in a serious tone. He then added, Thats why. Knowledge is the greatest wealth. Xiao Tong, do you understand?

Although not everyone was awarded as much as Lu Zhou

Xiao Tong said excitingly, I understand! I promise to study hard! Ill get into University of Jin Ling and fill in your shoes!

Lu Zhou could not help but think.

Why do you sound so fake

I dont know if I believe you.

Lets see if youll say the same thing when you start studying.

Lu Zhou coughed and said, Theres no need to fill in my shoes In short, I hope that you wont worry about money since were not poor anymore. If there are difficulties, Ill definitely help you solve them. Just study hard. If youre interested in money, you can do finance or accounting.

The reason why he worked so hard was largely in part to give Xiao Tong a chance to go to university without any worries.

If it was only his tuition and living expenses, his family could afford it.

However, he was a man.

He could not let his sister suffer like him.