Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Speech Under The Flag

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Jiangling High, school playground.

The crowd stood under the flag.

Pairs of sleepy eyes watched the flag being raised under the morning sun. They then watched the man walking onto the platform.

This weeks flag-raising ceremony was different than usual as the high school had invited a special guest.

This special guest was not old. In fact, he was in his early twenties. Three years ago, this guest was just like them, sitting in one of the classrooms here.

However, now, the teachers were proud to have taught this guy. Every time his name was mentioned, smiles would surface on the teachers face.

He was none other than Lu Zhou, the youngest Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award winner, Cole Prize winner, and Ten Thousand People Initiative participant!

Lu Zhou took the microphone from the headmaster. He cleared his throat and spoke with a warm voice.

Let me introduce myself, Im an alumnus here. I graduated in 2013. My name is Lu Zhou.

Im honored to be given the opportunity to stand here and speak with my schoolmates.

And what I want to talk to you today is about my university

Lu Zhou was being quite modest.

The school was honored to have him here, and not the other way around.

The popularity of Jiangling High had blown up due to Lu Zhous success.

Honestly, Lu Zhous success did not have anything to do with Jiangling High, but he did attend the school.

After all, education was education. His high school gave him the foundation for his success.

Some of the teachers that taught him were even given special teacher awards.

On the playground, the third-year students at the third class squad.

Xiao Tong stood at the tip of her toes and looked at the flag.

She was not even paying attention to her brothers speech!

Next to Xiao Tong was her best friend Li Wei. She was the one who bought the makeup from Xiao Tong. When Li Wei saw that the teacher was not paying attention to them, she poked Xiao Tongs arm and asked quietly, Tong Tong, is that your brother?

Xiao Tong lowered her voice and said excitedly, Yea, why? 21-year-old PhD. Do you want me to introduce him to you?

Li Wei blushed and said, Piss off, hes too old.

Just kidding. Even if you want, I wont give him to you, said Xiao Tong. She poked her tongue out and gave her a playful smile. A few male students in her class had butterflies in their stomachs.

High school kids were innocent compared to students in universities.

In a small city, a girl that had good grades, decently attractive, and an open personality would be the goddess in the minds of countless boys.

Xiao Tong fitted in this category.

Unfortunately, this goddess had yet to express any interest in any boys. This caused many boys to divert their attention onto Li Wei instead.

However, now, looking at Lu Zhou, the boys understood the reason.

People naturally loved to compare.

Compared to her brother, these boys were nothing

After New Years Day, Lu Zhou rested at home. He would chat with his parents, or teach mathematics to Xiao Tong.

In his spare time, he would study some Goldbachs conjecture material. There was still room for improvement under the circle method and sieve method. He would also reply to Professor Franks emails.

In addition, he was learning how to drive.

It was easy for Lu Zhou.

Maybe it was because of his calm personality. He would never accidentally hit the gas pedal when he was supposed to break.

In order to get his drivers license as soon as possible, he low-key bribed the driving instructor.

In a small town like his, money could get a lot of things done.

Within thirty days, Lu Zhou successfully obtained his drivers license.

Next was to recite the rules of the local road of New Jersey.

He had experience driving in China so it would not be difficult to get one overseas.

Lu Zhou even consulted Luo Wenxuan about this.

Time quickly passed by. It was soon February, and only a few days left before Chinese New Year.

Lu Zhou was taking a walk with his father at night. When he looked a the familiar roads, he suddenly said, Father.

Lu Bangguo, What?

Xiao Tong is about to go to university, how about we renovate the house?

Lu Zhou remembered that when he was in high school, his parents were planning to renovate the house after their kids went to college.

Although Xiao Tong was still a bit far off from university, Lu Zhou was already halfway done.

Not to mention, he had some spare cash.

Lu Bangguo smiled and said, No worries, we can do it when you have your own house and family.

Lu Zhou had a weird expression.

He was going to stay at Princeton for a while.

Lu Zhou did not beat around the bush as he said, Dad, heres the thing. After Chinese New Years Ill get my masters degree, then Ill go to Princeton for my PhD. I have around $10,000 USD, plus the scholarships at Princeton. Theres no use for my RMB anyway, so how about I just put it with you?

How much?

A million

Lu Bangguo nearly choked on his own spit when he heard the number.

Lu Zhou patted his back and said, Dad, take it easy.

Lu Bangguo stood straight and said, You Keep the money! Didnt I already tell you? Save it for a house, save it for marriage! I can still work, so I dont need it!

Lu Zhou said, Im still far off from marriage, and Xiao Tong is about to go to University.

Lu Bangguo said sternly, Dont worry about your sister, I can get her to university.

Lu Zhou knew that his dad would say this. He sighed and said, Do you want her to be like me?

He still had more to say.

However, silence ensued.

The financial situation at home was not good back then. Lu Bangguo had to provide for two kids and a sick wife. As a lower-middle-class worker, it was difficult for him.

Lu Zhou was the one to propose paying for his university expenses. At first, Lu Bangguo was strongly against it. However, after coming back to reality, Lu Bangguo accepted.

Lu Zhou knew that this had always bothered his father.

Lu Bangguo always thought that he let his kid down

Other peoples fathers would host university acceptance parties for their kids. However, he allowed his own son paid for his four-year living expenses and tuition.

Lu Zhou did not say anything. He waited for his father to slowly finished smoking the cigarette.

After a while, Lu Bangguo finally sighed and said, I know that you care about your sister, but the university doesnt cost that much.

When Lu Zhou heard this, a smiled emerged on his face.

He knew that at last, his father had agreed.

It isnt just Xiao Tong. I care about you guys as well. After all, Im overseas and I want you and mom to live well, said Lu Zhou with a smile. He then said, This is settled.

Lu Bangguo said, What do you mean settled? Who is the head of the family? Did I agree?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Then dad, do you agree?

Also, didnt you agree last time already?

Lu Zhou remembered that last time his father said that he could make the decisions.

Lu Bangguo thought for a moment before he said Sure, I agree. Just do it your way.

Lu Zhou:

I dont understand your logic