Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Small World

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Twenty minutes later, Lu Zhou took his phone out of his suitcase.

He unplugged the cable and was about to open his WeChat when he suddenly received a call.

Lu Zhou looked at the caller and was stunned. He quickly picked up.

Before he could speak, a familiar voice came from the phone.

Where are you now?

Chen Yushan stood at the airport exit. She was looking at the pedestrians.

Im eating Why?

Chen Yushan was pissed.

You, youre eating!

Im here waiting on an empty stomach!

Chen Yushan took a deep breath and asked, Youre already in Philadelphia?

Yeah, answered Lu Zhou. He heard from her voice that something was wrong and so, he asked, Dont tell me, youre here as well

Lu Zhou finally knew why Mengqi said Ok.

Speaking of which, he remembered that she said she would be in Philadelphia at this time of the year. She even said to call her when he arrived in Philadelphia.

However, Lu Zhou was a little confused.

Its been so long, who would remember?

Chen Yushan said, Send me your location.

She then hung up the phone.

Lu Zhou had a headache.

He felt a little bad making her wait at the airport for so long. He opened WeChat and quickly sent her his location.

She did not respond.

After a minute, a message came through.

[Wait for me, dont eat yet!]

Luo Wenxuan was flipping through the menu when he saw Lu Zhous dumbfounded expression. He then asked, Whats wrong?

Lu Zhou put away his phone and said, Nothing Lets get an extra pair of chopsticks.

Luo Wenxuan, Your friends coming?

Lu Zhou said, Yeah, how about I pay for this, and you can treat me later?

Luo Wenxuan shook his hand and said, No, its fine. Just curious, is your friend a guy or a girl?

Girl answered Lu Zhou. He then asked, Why?

Luo Wenxuan sighed and looked up as he said, Nothing, I lost again.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Lost at what?

Maybe the traffic on the road was good as Lu Zhou only waited for ten minutes before he saw a familiar figure walking in.

Chen Yushan walked next to Lu Zhou and sat down. Her face was filled with resentment.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Sorry, I really didnt know you were at Philadelphia, so I didnt call you. Also, how did you know I was on that flight?

Chen Yushan, Mengqi told me Why didnt you tell me you were coming? You didnt even open your phone!

Lu Zhou sighed in his heart.

As expected, this was all Mengqis doing.

However, this was his fault. He did not expect Chen Yushan to have such a good memory.

Luo Wenxuan sat there awkwardly until he finally asked, This is?

Lu Zhou remembered that these two did not know each other, so he smiled and introduced them.

This is Chen Yushan, studying an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. This is Luo Wenxuan, studying a PhD at Princeton.

Chen Yushan smiled politely and said, Hello.

Hello, hello Luo Wenxuan started to think.

Lu Zhou is nutty.

Girls in Switzerland, girls in America

The food finally came.

Luo Wenxuan graciously asked the two to start eating.

Chen Yushan was hungry, so she quickly started to dig into the food.

The moment she had her first bite, Lu Zhou saw that her cheek turned red instantly.

So spicy!

She was caught off guard and nearly choked.

She started to tear up!

Chen Yushan coughed and wiped her mouth. She then put down the chopsticks and started to look for water.

Lu Zhou knew that she could not handle spice, but he did not know it was this bad.

In this regard, Mengqi was a lot better.

Are you okay?

Chen Yushan took a big swig of water and patted her chest. Her eyes were still watering when she answered, Im fine Why is this so spicy?

Most of the Chinese food in America was westernized. They were mostly spicy and sweet, and even Sichuan restaurants did not have that authentic spice.

She had been at Philadelphia for a month, and this was the first time she had eaten something this spicy.

Luo Wenxuan smiled awkwardly as he said, The restaurant is owned by Chinese people. Since I know the boss, I asked him to cook it more authentically Sorry, Lu Zhou didnt tell me! How about I ask the boss to cook something else for you?

Lu Zhou looked at him speechlessly.

Why is it my fault?

No, its fine, I can just drink water.

Chen Yushan took the kettle and filled her cup with water.

Lu Zhou hesitated for a moment before he said, That cup is actually mine.

Although he did not know which side he drank from earlier, he knew for sure that it was his cup.

The moment he said this, she stopped pouring the kettle.

The previous situation was urgent, so she did not think much about this.

However, after being reminded by Lu Zhou, Chen Yushan obviously realized this.

Her face turned red again.

Finally, she pretended as if nothing had happened. She stood up and went to get a new cup.

Oh, Ill get you a new one

Lu Zhou:

Okay then

At least make it sound like youre sorry.

On the other hand, Luo Wenxuan ate quietly.

He was third-wheeling.

He wanted to curse at Lu Zhou.