Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Haunted?

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Lu Zhou had not seen these people for a long time, so they chatted for a long time.

They sat at the restaurant for two hours.

After paying the bill, the three people walked outside.

Lu Zhou looked at Chen Yushan and said, Im really sorry about today After I get my license, Ill treat you to good food.

Chen Yushan immediately replied, Ok, its a done deal. Ill remember!

It seemed that she already forgave Lu Zhou for making her wait.

Lu Zhou patted his chest and said, No worries, I wont forget!

The two split up. Chen Yushan went back to the University of Pennsylvania while Lu Zhou got on Luo Wenxuans car and went to Princeton.

On the car, Lu Zhou fastened his seat belt and asked, Hows the situation over there?

Luo Wenxuan said while driving, What aspect?

Lu Zhou said, Like, living?

Luo Wenxuan said, Living? There are pros and cons. But you shouldnt worry too much. Mathematics and physics are Princetons top subjects. I can probably arrange a single bedroom for you. But honestly I think sharing with others are more interesting.

Lu Zhou said, Is it not troublesome?

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, Its fine. Its interesting to make friends with people from different countries. The room will be lively, and the four people will share a living room. There are even parties on the weekends. I met my ex-girlfriend at a party.


No, thanks.

Lu Zhou laughed.

If it was up to him, he would prefer a quiet place.

While driving, Luo Wenxuan talked about the campus lifestyle at Princeton. Somehow, the topic drifted onto his ex.

Lu Zhou listened quietly.

He was about to fall asleep when Luo Wenxuan finally parked the car.

Were here.

Lu Zhou looked outside and saw a familiar building.

Were already here?

Luo Wenxuan got off the car and helped Lu Zhou with his luggage. He then said, Ill help you run your school errands. Im guessing last time you didnt have a chance to really explore Princeton, so you might get lost.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Thanks.

Indeed, last time he was at Princeton, he spent most of the time in the hotel solving the twin prime conjecture. Once he solved it, it was already the last day of the conference and he had to catch a flight back home.

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, No need to thank me, were all friends here. Were supposed to help each other.

He then took Lu Zhou to the administrative building.

As one of the oldest universities in America, Princeton had an English influence on its architecture. The buildings were Oxford-styled and old-fashioned.

Like the two bronze tigers in front of Nassau Hall that stood tall in this ever-changing world.

Most of the people that graduated here would go on to work at an investment bank on Wall Street.

Luo Wenxuan took Lu Zhou to Nassau Hall but he did not accompany Lu Zhou inside. Instead, he waited outside with Lu Zhous luggage.

Lu Zhou walked into the historic building and quickly found the admission office.

Inside the office was a beautiful woman in her thirties. She had a tan and a ponytail. From her clothes, she looked like an assistant.

Maybe someone told her that a Chinese student would report here because she looked at Lu Zhou and swiftly asked, Did you bring the documents?

Lu Zhou took out the documents and said, Theyre all here.

The woman looked at the documents. She then opened a drawer.

Your student status is already registered. This is your student ID card and dorm room key. The room number is on the key. Your dorm is here

The woman circled on the map and handed it to Lu Zhou. She smiled and said, I hope you have a good time studying here.

Thats it?

Lu Zhou blinked and looked at her.

She asked, Is there anything else?

Lu Zhou looked at his student ID and key before asking, What about my supervisor?

This is up to you, said the woman. She looked at Lu Zhou and said, Most people have already chosen a supervisor before they enrolled, but your situation is a bit special. My suggestion is to listen to a few lectures and find a supervisor that fits your style Of course, hopefully, the professor has time. Its best to get this done as soon a possible.

So youre saying I have to interview myself?

Lu Zhou thought that the school had already arranged a supervisor for him.

Still, this was better.

If his supervisor was not a good fit, it would be very troublesome.

Lu Zhou walked out of the building and saw Luo Wenxuan.

Is the procedure done?

I guess.

Whos your supervisor?

I havent thought about it yet

Havent thought about it yet? asked Luo Wenxuan. He looked at him strangely as he said, I thought you already decided.

Lu Zhou said, I still havent Can you recommend someone to me?

Luo Wenxuan said, If youre going into mathematical physics, I can recommend my boss, Edward Witten. If you want to focus on number theory or algebra, Deligne is a good choice. If you were here a couple of years ago, you could even choose Fermats last theorems prover, Andrew Wiles. But unfortunately, he left in 2011. Theres also Gerd Faltings, prover of Modells conjecture, also a big name in number theory

It seemed that other than girls, Luo Wenxuan was quite knowledgeable.

After all, he was studying under Edward Witten.

Lu Zhou took note of his suggestions and nodded as he said, Ill think about it.

Luo Wenxuan smiled as he asked, Do you want me to sent you to your dorm?

Lu Zhou said, No need, I can just find it on the map.

Ok, then just call me if you need me.

Yeah, for sure!

After separating from Luo Wenxuan, Lu Zhou followed the map and walked toward his dorm.

His dorm was located in a quiet corner of the Princeton campus and it was not far.

Lu Zhous sense of direction was excellent and he found the place very easily.

He had already seen the photos of the dorm online, so he was mentally prepared. However, when he was standing in front of the dorm building, he was still amazed by it.

Its really

Too retro!

This colonial-style English building was more than 90 years old. Although it had been renovated several times, its appearance had not changed much.

The red brick walls and dark green vines made it look like an old mansion.

Is this building haunted?

Lu Zhou walked in.

While he was dragging his suitcase upstairs, he saw a person standing on the stairs.

Lu Zhou could not see her face clearly, but it was obviously a lady.

The lady smiled at him.

Youre finally here.

Lu Zhou recognized the voice and was shocked.

The f*ck?

Is this place haunted?