Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Real Men Drive Suvs

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Lu Zhou cleaned himself up and met Luo Wenxuan at the school gate. By the time they drove to the car dealership in Philadelphia, it was already 10 am.

It was a weekend, so the dealership was packed.

Luo Wenxuan got off the car and started to talk to Lu Zhou.

I bought my car here. I heard that the owner is this rich Middle Eastern guy. He can provide economical modifications to the car and even provide custom parts.

Lu Zhou could not help but ask, Friend?

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, No way.

Lu Zhou:

Lu Zhou thought that he could get a discount, but that did not seem possible anymore.

Luo Wenxuan coughed and asked, What type of car do you like? I can recommend something for you. The cars here are pretty cheap, especially with discounts. High-end cars are only $60,000 USD or so. I recommend a Porsche

When Lu Zhou heard him, he shook his head, I cant use my prize money on a car. I only need one that drives. Is there anything cheaper?

Luo Wenxuan said, Japanese cars and second-hand cars are all very cheap You can get one for $3,000 USD. But honestly, I dont think you should get them unless you want to spend money on repairs.

Lu Zhou said, I dont want that

Although he did not want to spend too much money on the car, he would not risk his safety for a cheaper car.

He took into account that since he was still a new driver, it would be better if he could get a safer car.

Lu Zhou walked around and his eyes soon landed on a bulky, rough figure.

After that, his eyes kept staring.

Luo Wenxuan looked in the same direction and was stunned.

Ford Explorer SUV. Turbocharged 4 cylinder, 2.3T, medium-sized off-road vehicle Dont tell me youre buying this?

Lu Zhou immediately asked, How much is it?

Around thirty grand. But I dont recommend it. Thirty grand can get you a Chevrolet Camaro. You can even buy a Cayenne with another 20 grand. And Luo Wenxuan paused.

Lu Zhou asked, And what?

Luo Wenxuan was embarrassed to say, Nothing, I just dont think it fits your style

Lu Zhou:

F*ck sake!

What do you mean it doesnt fit my style!

In what way?

In the end, Lu Zhou insisted on his own choice and bought this bulky SUV.

The total costs were $31,117 USD.

After paying the full amount, Lu Zhou took the car keys from the dealers hand. He excitedly pulled Luo Wenxuan into the car and started driving it.

Lu Zhou already got his New Jersey drivers license a long time ago. He was now officially a real driver.

After driving around for a bit, Lu Zhou stopped in a parking lot to let Luo Wenxuan out.

When Lu Zhou got off the car, he said, Thanks for the help today! You can go back to Princeton if you want. I still have some stuff to do.

Luo Wenxuan asked, Are you fine driving by yourself?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, I remember the way. Anyway, I have a GPS.

Luo Wenxuan said, Okay then, see ya.

Lu Zhou, Yeah, see ya. Ill buy you dinner sometime.

Luo Wenxuan said, Theres no need for that. Just introduce me to some pretty ladies from the University of Pennsylvania. He then got in his car and drove away.

Lu Zhou looked at his taillights and shook his head.

This guy is smart.

He actually guessed where Im going.

But, he definitely has the wrong idea.

When Lu Zhou first arrived in Philadelphia, he promised Chen Yushan to take her to dinner.

Now that he had his license and car, he had no excuse to not meet up with her.

Lu Zhou used his GPS to drive to the Wharton school dorms. Once he found a spot to park, he called Chen Yushan.

Little brother, you finally gave me a call.

Lu Zhou did not know why she sounded a little resentful.

Lu Zhou pretended like he did not notice as he asked, Where are you? Im already at Whartons dorm entrance But I dont know if you live here.

What? Youre at the University of Pennsylvania? said Chen Yushan with a tone of surprise. She then asked, Look outside. Is there a Blue Island coffee shop nearby?

Lu Zhou looked outside his car window and said, I think so.

Yeah, Im here. Just wait a bit, Ill come right away!

Chen Yushan hung up the phone.

She said right away, but Lu Zhou waited for a while in the car. He was about to fall asleep when he finally saw a familiar figure walked out of the dorm entrance.

It was now March so the weather had eased up a lot. Lu Zhou saw that Chen Yushan was wearing a slanted shoulder dress and she looked a lot more youthful than when he first arrived in Philadelphia.

Especially her bangs, it made Lu Zhou felt like it was two years ago when he first saw her all dressed up at the cafeteria.

Chen Yushan opened the door and sat shotgun. She then looked around curiously.

You bought a car?

Lu Zhou, Yeah, I just bought it. Where should we eat?

Chen Yushan put her hand out and said, I know a good restaurant nearby. Give me your phone, Ill GPS route it for you.

They were going to a nearby Italian restaurant.

Lu Zhou parked the car in a parking lot near the restaurant and walked in with Chen Yushan.

The two got a table and ordered the food.

Once the food arrived, they started to chat while eating.

After all, they were comrades who used to sit together in the library. Now that they met across the Pacific Ocean, naturally they would have a lot of things to talk about.

You must be busy.

Lu Zhou nodded, Yeah, pretty busy. Ive been researching Goldbachs conjecture recently, but havent made much progress.

Chen Yushan looked at Lu Zhou with worship and said, Youre insane

Although she did not do research on mathematics, she obviously knew about Goldbachs conjecture.

Lu Zhou was embarrassed. He smiled and changed the subject.

Its okay How about you?

Me? Im pretty busy as well, said Chen Yushan as she played with her straw. She then sighed and said, My supervisor has a Walmart project. Its about the management and training program for senior employees in the India Branch. I need to read 20 pages of research every day and write a report every week. Theyre working me to the bone.

Chen Yushan playfully stuck her tongue out.

She was cute, just like a little puppy Although it could be misunderstood.

Lu Zhou put away his dirty thoughts and said, Walmart project? Your supervisor must be a big name.

Of course, he was really thinking about the money involved in helping a major corporation.

Its okay, not as impressive as you, Mr. Mathematician, said Chen Yushan as she looked at Lu Zhou with a smile. She then changed the subject, Speaking of which, why did you buy an SUV?

I dont know? I just like it. Its big, rough, resistant, Se Secure. said Lu Zhou. He coughed and said, It fits men like me.

Close! I nearly said sexy, thank god I reacted in time.

He did not know why, but his friend started to laugh.


Lu Zhou was confused, What?

Chen Yushan laughed and slapped her thigh as she said, Nothing, little brother As long as youre happy.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Once Chen Yushan finished laughing, she looked at him and teased, Also, by the way, I think youre more of the Mini Cooper type Theyre very popular.


Are you saying Im sophisticated?

Thanks for the compliment.

Lu Zhou smiled as well as he did not know what else to say.