Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Level 5 Mathematics

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As Lu Zhou expected, the system did not care about humans evaluation of his thesis. The system made its own evaluation.

Correctness and publication. Since these two criteria were met, the mission was considered complete.

[Congratulations, user, for completing the mission!

[Mission completion details is as follows: Successfully solve Goldbachs conjecture.

[Mission final evaluation: S+

[Mission rewards: 200k mathematics experience points! 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket. (50% garbage, 30% sample, 20% blueprint)]

200k mathematics experience points!

Double Polignacs conjecture!

When Lu Zhou saw this number, he took in a deep breath before he felt ecstasy.

System, open my characteristic panel!


A. Mathematics: Level 5 (54,000/300,000)

B. Physics: Level 3 (53,100/100,000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 1 (4,000/10,000)

D. Engineering: Level 1 (0/10,000)

E. Materials science: Level 1 (3,000/10,000)

F. Energy science: Level 1 (0/10,000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (3,000/10,000)

General points: 2,475 (one lucky draw ticket)


As he leveled up his disciplines, it meant that he would be able to unlock more of the information in the systems database and that his understanding of the disciplines would further be strengthened.

Without him knowing it, he was already halfway from the maximum mathematics level.

As his mathematics level increased, the level limit of his other subjects also increased.

Perhaps it was time to upgrade other subjects?

Lu Zhou put these problems aside. He intended to look at the reward mission before he made a decision. Otherwise, if the system gave him another conjecture mission, he would not be able to tackle other subjects even if he wanted to.

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and clicked on the lucky draw icon.

The exciting lucky draw session came next.

The wheel started to spin.

Lu Zhou ordered the wheel to stop and it gradually came to a stop.

[Congratulations, user, a sample is given!

[Acquired: Brainwave Sampler (one time use) (Description:)]

Lu Zhou read the message and was stunned.

He was a little disappointed that he did not get the blueprint.

However, when he saw the sample, his disappointment was replaced by surprise.

In his inventory, a pen-shaped thing appeared.

Obviously, this pen was not for writing.

It could be used to record voices from the brain!

Lu Zhou carefully read the description. According to the system, this recording pen could be used to acquire certain brain wave signals from someone. It had a maximum range of three meters and could block out unwanted signals.

The acquired brainwave signals would be then analyzed by special software to figure out what the target had in their brain.

Most of the result was memory fragments.

These memory fragments would then be transformed into audio, image, and text files.

In a sense, this device was a mind reader.

With some suggestive techniques, the subject could be subconsciously manipulated into a certain memory. In theory, he could steal any secrets from a persons brain

Lu Zhous palms started to sweat.

This is what future technology is like?

Lu Zhou guessed that in a society with this technology, it would be heavily governed by laws and regulations. Like the ban on guns, brain scanning technology would be prohibited.

For example, this thing might be restricted to only medical use or for licensed medical professionals only. With some suggestive guidance, patients with memory loss could restore their memory.

Or it could be used by spy agencies

That possibility seemed scary.

Lu Zhou stood in front of the information screen for a long time as he did not know what to use it for.

Maybe he could steal a billionaires bank account? Lu Zhou would not do anything illegal though.

Maybe he could listen to other peoples secrets? However, he was not interested in other people.

Lu Zhou finally decided to close the inventory tab. He had decided to keep it just in case of a rainy day.

In fact, he wished that he would never have to use this thing.

Even if it was only for one-time use.

Lu Zhou looked at the mission panel.

Due to the difficulty of Goldbachs conjecture, the system gave him an S+ evaluation.

Therefore, his next mission would be a reward mission which was a relatively easier mission.

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and prayed before he opened the mission panel.


[Reward mission is activated! (Give up at any time without spending general points)

Description: Mathematics is the foundation of the sciences, but it is not all of science. User has reached level five mathematics, why not try other areas?

Requirements: Publish any thesis in a journal or conference. The reward will be based on the content value. (User can choose any thesis for mission completion).

Reward: 1~??? subject experience points. (Mathematics experience points consist of a 0.5 ratio penalty, other subjects consist of a 1.25 ratio bonus).


When Lu Zhou looked at the mission, he was stunned.

He was just thinking if he should develop in other areas and this mission came along.

Maybe this was Gods plan?

Lu Zhou spent three days editing and cleaning up his thesis. He then submitted it to [Annual Mathematics].

Of course, it was not for the mission.

According to the mission, he could choose any thesis that he wanted for mission completion.

On the fourth day, Lu Zhou woke up early.

He walked outside and bumped into Molina who was going on her morning run.

When Molina saw Lu Zhou walking out of his apartment, she was stunned.

How How long has it been since you went outside?

A month Why?

I bought groceries last month. Does that count as going outside?

Molina shook her head and asked, Is there any progress in your project?

Lu Zhou, I solved it. I just uploaded it on arXiv.

Oh, solved What?! Molina looked like she saw a ghost as she stared at Lu Zhou with her big blue eyes. She then said, You solved it? Wait a minute, its already May, April Fools Day was a long time ago

Lu Zhou looked at Molinas astonished face and smiled as he said, Trust me, its not an April Fools joke. Its not even the same date. If you dont believe me, you can check on arXiv yourself.

Not everyone kept up to date with Goldbachs conjecture research. Furthermore, the thesis had only been online for three days, so it was not that unusual that Molina had not seen it. After all, this was unlike your friends news feed. Most people only paid attention to their own field of research.

Molina stared at Lu Zhou and she saw that Lu Zhou was not joking. She then took a deep breath and digested this new information.

Goldbachs conjecture.

Although she was not in this field, she was well aware of the status of this conjecture in number theory.

If what he said was true, then there is no doubt he will become the youngest professor at Princeton

She took a deep breath and asked, What plans do you have now?

Lu Zhou looked outside the apartment and yawned before he said, Plans? Im going to eat breakfast.