Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Three Hours Is Enough

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The University of Ekiti, Ekiti, Nigeria.

Professor Enoch stood in the classroom. He was a little unhappy and even annoyed.

He had also posted on arXiv. Perelmans Poincar conjecture and Lu Zhous Goldbachs conjecture was recognized by the academic community. However, his thesis was thrown into the classification of General Mathematics.

He only recently found out that this classification was a garbage dump.

A student in the classroom asked, Professor Enoch, do you think Riemanns conjecture can be used to solve Goldbachs conjecture?

Professor Enoch said, Yeah, of course. Goldbachs conjecture is very easy. The distribution of prime numbers is closely related to a well-constructed Riemann (s) function. In essence, it is a prime number problem, which I have already established under the Riemann (s) function system. It takes only three hours to solve Goldbachs conjecture.

The student then asked, What about Hilberts 23 questions? It should be easy for you, Professor Enoch?

Of course, it can be solved very easily, said Professor Enoch said with a relaxed tone. He then added, Riemanns conjecture is the eighth question in Hilberts 23 questions. However, it is shrouded in the (s) function system.

The student said, Professor Enoch, its time to solve this problem.

I will consider solving it when the time is right, but not right now. Remember, my young ones, a real genius would never solve problems hes not interested in. That grunt work is reserved for second-rate mathematicians, said Professor Enoch as he waved his hand. He then added, Okay, this class is over. The homework is to write one thesis. The thesis topic is my (s) function system. Use it to prove Goldbachs conjecture.

I already gave you guys the method, solving it should be easy.

There was a sorrow in the classroom as the students grabbed their heart and looked at each other with a painful expression.

Professor Enochs thesis was too difficult. Although they liked Professor Enoch, every homework assignment was extremely time-consuming.

Professor Enoch happily packed his stuff and was about to go to his office.

However, he saw a Caucasian man and the head of mathematics standing in front of the classroom door.

Professor Enoch, this is a gentleman from America. He wants to talk to you about Riemanns conjecture, said the black man. He patted Professor Enochs shoulder and smiled before he quietly said, Put on a good performance.

Of course, he wanted Professor Enoch to win the one million dollar prize that was attached to Riemanns hypothesis.

For a small country like Nigeria, this money was huge.

Before this, no one believed that this number theory professor solved Riemanns conjecture, especially after the Daily Mail interview.

Now that this American reporter came here, maybe it meant that the Clay Institute had accepted his research?

In Nigeria, British people and American people were all considered Caucasians. The latter was slightly higher status, especially after they elected a black president.

If the Clay Institute had really accepted Professor Enochs thesis, then he would undoubtedly get an opportunity to migrate to America.

Not only in Nigeria, but the entire continent of Africa had this migration mentality, especially for those who were educated. They wanted to get out of Africa, and into a first world country.

When Professor Enoch saw the American man, he was stunned. He then asked, You are?

Let me introduce myself. Im a reporter from the Washington Times. You can call me Larter, said Larter. He squeezed out an unnatural smile and reached out his hand as he asked, I want to talk to you about Riemanns conjecture. When are you free?

Larter did not want to be here at all. He could not believe that after he landed at the airport, he was blackmailed $70, 000 Naira Although it was only a few hundred USD, he was still pissed off.

He swore that this would his last business trip here.

Professor Enoch looked at Larter and said, We can talk about it in my office.

Professor Enochs office was very chaotic, and he was clearly not an organized person. Socks were sitting on top of textbooks, dust was everywhere, and there were even spider webs.

Larter squinted and when he found a place to stand, he cleared his throat and said, The thing is, we found out that in 2015, you sent a letter to the Clay Institute claiming to solve Riemanns conjecture. However, according to the Daily Mails interview, Clay Institute didnt respond to your thesis. After we learned about your situation, we immediately followed up on this matter

Professor Enoch sat in his chair and looked at Larter suspiciously. Enoch did not believe that this white man could help him win the million dollars. He asked, You can read my thesis on arXiv, so why did you have to come all the way to Nigeria?

Larter said sincerely, To help you.

Help me? said Professor Enoch. He rubbed his nose and asked, Why dont you just give me the money instead?

Its not about the money. Arent you angry! said Larter as he stared at Professor Enoch. He then said sternly, I listened to your lecture just now. I think you are a very excellent mathematician. However, because of your skin color, some people ignored your work. It is clear that the Russians, Chinese, and French, are recognized by the academic community. However, you were excluded!

Professor Enoch had a weird expression.

He could not believe that a white man was saying these things.

However, this reporters words did make him angry.

The reporter was right. He submitted his thesis on arXiv, and it was categorized into General Mathematics.

Larter stared at his eyes and said, I only have one question. Can you prove Goldbachs conjecture under the pretense that Riemanns conjecture is proved?

Of course, said Professor Enoch without any hesitation. He then added, This is easy.

Larter sneezed and said, Okay, Ill sort out your Visa and flights. Ill also pay for your expenses

Wait! said Professor Enoch as he stopped Larter. He then asked, I dont understand, what are you doing?

Larter, Well arrange a report for you at Princeton, to report on Riemanns conjecture. You ll use the function or whatever to prove Goldbachs conjecture.

Of course, Larter could not book Lecture Hall 1. However, he could book the Princeton Hotel next to it. He only had to pay for it for a few days. In fact, many academic conferences were hosted in hotels.

When Larter conveyed his ideas to his Korean boss, his boss quickly approved the expense.

The only thing Sun Myung Moon cared about was attacking China.

Wait a minute, I still dont understand. You want me to report at Princeton? said Professor Enoch. He had a twinkle in his eye.

Thesis submission was one thing, but reporting on stage was another. In short, Enoch was not prepared.

Larter smirked and said, Yes.

Professor Enoch wanted to refuse, but he could not say it out loud.

This person is a devil

He thought for a long time. He realized that he would not lose anything. Teaching in Nigeria was not a promising career, so he should take this opportunity.

Enoch cleared his throat and said, I need time to prepare

Larter asked, How long?

Enoch said, Three months.

Too long, said Larter as he shook his head. He then said, Time wont wait for you. You can fill in the report details later. Listen, I dont need you to convince Princeton professors. I only need you to convince some black rights organizations and their sponsors.

Okay, how long do I have? asked Enoch as he scratched his head. He said, Give me a time range.

Larter said, Three days at most.

Enoch said, This is impossible!

Enoch needed time to mark his students homework assignments.

Three days was way too short.

Larter said, Ill give you $10,000 USD.

Without any hesitation, Enoch agreed, Deal!